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Welcome to the Hemp Bombs blog, a place where you can learn how to achieve maximum results with Hemp Bombs products. Articles topics include food and drink CBD recipes, wellness tips, surprising benefits of CBD and much more.

a researcher works with bottles of hemp bombs cbd oil with text that says, "are cbd oils legal?"

Are CBD Oils Legal?

Are CBD Oils legal? With so much conflicting information out there, it can be hard to find the right answer ...
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hemp bombs cbd salve for arthritis

CBD Salve for Arthritis

If you live with the pain of arthritis every day, you may find yourself cycling through numerous treatments trying to ...
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cbd tincture side effects

CBD Tincture Side Effects

More people are turning to the natural health industry for supplements that produce results without the negative consequences – and ...
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cbd oil benefits list

CBD Oil Benefits List

The CBD market is projected to hit $20 billion in the coming years due to its natural healing properties in ...
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cbd for anxiety and depression

CBD For Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression disorders affect 2 to 6 percent of people worldwide, and finding a sensible and effective treatment for ...
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photo with 600mg cbd oil from hemp bombs, says "what is cbd oil good for"

What Is CBD Oil Good For? Find a CBD Dosage Chart Here

Cannabidiol is everywhere – from your friend’s medicine cabinet to your chiropractor’s waiting room, CBD has created worth billions of ...
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a man with a bandaged hand takes cbd pills for pain from hemp bombs

CBD Pills For Pain | How Hemp Bombs Capsules Can Help

When shopping for medication to relieve you of pain, it is critical to understand the origin of the product, how ...
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Various zodiac signs on a blue background, along with the Hemp Bombs logo

Want To Purchase CBD Oil? This Is The Product For You, According to Astrology

At Hemp Bombs, we are all about helping you find the perfect CBD products. We’re exploring which CBD products may ...
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man decides between bottle of hemp bombs vape oil and hemp bombs cbd oil, wondering whether they can be used interchangeably

Can CBD Oil & CBD Vape Oil Be Used Interchangeably?

Vaping, inhaling, ingesting — there’s no “right” way to take CBD, which is why Hemp Bombs offers a variety of ...
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Hemp Bombs edible products, including CBD Gummies, CBD Relaxation Syrup and CBD Oil

7 Surprising Benefits Of CBD Edibles

Our different preferences keep life exciting – after all, things would be pretty boring if we all agreed. While some ...
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spoon full of cbd oil with text that says, "cbd oil vs. hemp oil"

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil: What’s The Difference?

CBD Oil is everywhere these days – from your local coffee shop to your doctor’s office lobby, you’ve probably seen ...
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image of various Hemp Bombs CBD products and how they can help college students looking for a reasonably priced CBD product

6 Problems College Students Face & How CBD Can Help

College students face stress at staggering rates – according to the American Psychological Association, 61 percent of college students who ...
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man vaping and man ripping up cigarettes

Can CBD Vape Oil Help Me Quit Cigarettes?

CBD Vape Oil may just be the remedy that can help kick your nicotine desire. If you’re craving a cigarette, you’re not ...
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coffee and cbd oil, cbd oil latte recipes

This Is Why CBD Oil Lattes Are So Popular Right Now

It’s safe to say many of us rely on caffeine to make it through a long day. Whether you’re drinking ...
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cbd beard oil floating beard oil bottles

Take Your Beard To The Next Level With CBD Beard Oil

Your beard is your pride and joy, and it can take months to get it into proper shape. Patience is ...
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hemp bombs capsules woman with chronic pain

How CBD Capsules Can Help Chronic Pain Sufferers

Aching backs, never-ending migraines, painful joints: If you’re one of the 25 million Americans who suffers from chronic pain, you’ve ...
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woman with glasses at computer can i take cbd at work?

Can I Take CBD At Work?

Once you discover the potential benefits of CBD, you’ll want to use it around the clock. It’s been called a ...
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smart phone with hemp bombs website 7 things to know when shopping for cbd oil

Seven Things To Know When Shopping For Hemp Oil

Buying Hemp products has never been easier. With the click of a mouse, you can research Hemp Oil, decide what ...
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scientist doing science things, decarboxylation & CBD science

Decarboxylation and CBD

Decarboxylation and CBD At Hemp Bombs, we are committed to bringing readers the most helpful and informative content possible. This ...
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cbd pain freeze

Five Tips for Applying Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze

What is CBD Pain Freeze? Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze is a premium CBD topical infused with the soothing qualities ...
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cbd oil for skin care

CBD Oil & Skin Care

Pop quiz – What’s the largest organ of the human body? It’s sort of a trick question, and you may ...
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hemp bombs high potency cbd including gummies, oil, pain gel, capsules, pen and stress ball

Five Benefits of Hemp Bombs Bundles

At Hemp Bombs, we are excited to offer a diverse line of premium CBD products. We’re experts at infusing a ...
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hand holding cbd oil with fake stamped across

Six Tips to Help Avoid Fake CBD Oil

The CBD industry is experiencing tremendous growth, and unfortunately, it’s common to find fake or knock-off versions of CBD oils ...
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woman tossing and turning in bed

CBD Oil and Insomnia

Trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that about 30 to 35 percent of Americans suffer from insomnia, defined by ...
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woman with cognitive haze

CBD Oil & Anxiety

For some who struggle with anxiety, finding relief can be a huge challenge. It is often difficult to find balance ...
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black and white image of woman holding her head in her hands

CBD Oil & Pain Management

When it comes to pain management, there is often a choice between prescription pain killers, which are addictive and bring ...
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cbd e-liquid various flavors bottles

How to Personalize Your CBD Vape Oil

Hemp Bombs is an industry-leading brand of premium CBD products, including CBD vape oils. Our CBD E-liquids are a popular ...
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fit man and woman standing back to back

Five Ways CBD Oil Can Help Athletes

If you’re an athlete, you understand that physical health is a top priority. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is quickly emerging as ...
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What are CBD Gummies

What Are CBD Gummies? Hemp Bombs Best-Selling CBD Gummy Bears

Our CBD Gummies combine the therapeutic benefits of our premium CBD oil with the delicious taste of fun, fruity, bite-sized ...
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Lab technician analyzing urine sample. High key, white background

Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Those who may be subject to drug testing frequently ask, “Will taking Hemp Bombs’ CBD products cause me to fail ...
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Studio shot of a beautiful young woman applying moisturizer onto her face against a blue background with copy space.

Can CBD Be Used for Skin Care?

Can CBD be Used for Skin Care?  Many people are being turned on to the benefits of CBD. Some examples ...
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Innovative Ways to Enjoy CBD Syrup

Innovative Ways to Enjoy CBD Syrup

You can now make your meals more interesting with Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup! CBD can be consumed in a variety ...
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4 Potential Benefits of CBD Pain Freeze

4 Potential Benefits of CBD Pain Freeze

Our CBD Pain Rub is a calming solution to your pains, cramps, and joints and muscle issues. An adequate dose ...
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Begginers Guide to CBD Pain Freeze

Beginner’s Guide to CBD Pain Freeze

Interested in learning more about CBD Pain Freeze? Well, you found the right page! CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, has ...
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Guide to CBD Vaping

Beginner’s Guide To CBD Vaping

  So, you’re interested in CBD Vaping but have no idea where to start? Allow us to help you! Hemp ...
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apple and diabetic insulin syringe for blood sugar

CBD and Diabetes: Learn More About The Benefits

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar levels become too high. Blood sugar (glucose) ...
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Portrait of beautiful young woman with clean face. Beautiful woman face close up studio.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil for Skin Treatments

CBD oil isn’t just for the inside of your body. It can also be used for your skin. People all ...
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Beginner's Guide to CBD Oil

Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oil

So, you’re Interested in CBD oil but have no idea where to start? Allow us to help you! Hemp Bombs ...
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Beginner's Guide to CBD Capsules

Beginner’s Guide to CBD Capsules

Hemp Bombs CBD capsules are available in several offerings including: 5-count CBD Capsules, 15-count CBD Capsules, 30-count CBD Capsules, 60-count CBD ...
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6 Benefits of CBD Capsules

6 Benefits of CBD Capsules

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules benefits come from the way CBD interacts with your body’s natural processes. Our digestible capsules are ...
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CBD Capsules User Manual

CBD Capsules User Manual

While you may have heard of “CBD,” perhaps you are looking for more information or doing due diligence before you ...
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person slumped over the bed | had a little to much to drink last night? Try CBD!

Had a Little Too Much to Drink Last Night? Try CBD!

Yep, the title is correct! First, let’s address your current predicament. The word “hangover” can make you giggle or quiver ...
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Graphic says "Benefits of CBD Gummies" in bold text next to a bottle of Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies. Multiple gummies are positioned next to the bottle.

CBD Gummies Effects | Benefits of CBD Gummies | Best CBD Edibles

There’s no right way to take CBD – but depending on your daily habits, you may end up preferring one ...
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CBD Gummies 101

Beginner’s Guide to CBD Gummies

We’re pretty sure that you are reading this right now because you are curious about CBD Gummies and have no ...
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Woman rolling her mat after a yoga class

CBD Oil Can Improve Your Yoga

Yoga is a mind and body practice. There are various styles of yoga that combine relaxation, breathing techniques and postures ...
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best of the best in colorful text on white background

What Makes Hemp Bombs E-Liquids Different?

With the release of Hemp Bombs’ new e-liquids, it’s fitting to talk about what makes Hemp Bombs products different from ...
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Hemp plants | 3 cbd must know facts

3 CBD Must Know Facts

CBD FOR MIND & BODY WELLNESS CBD (cannabidiol) is getting so much attention, yet many people are unaware of its ...
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Help ease stress with cbd - present wrapped image

Ease the Holiday Stress with CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural element of cannabis that may help relieve stress-related symptoms. Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), another element of ...
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What is this stuff... CBD Vape?

What is CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil refers to the liquid concentrated form of Cannabidiol, which is heated or “vaporized” through E-Cigarettes, Vape Pens, ...
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Sub Ohming - young girl blowing vape smoke purple background

Sub Ohming and Cloud Chasing

What is Sub Ohming/Cloud Chasing? The last couple posts we have made about vaping have been aimed at consumers just ...
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doctor pointing metabolism

How is CBD Metabolized?

How is CBD Metabolized? For even the most well-informed students of CBD, metabolism is a somewhat elusive concept. While there ...
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Intro to Vaping

Intro to Vaping

Vaping is now less of a smoking alternative and more of an independent major industry. Now a saturated market, consumers ...
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man vaping smoke

VG and PG | CBD Vape Oil | VG/PG Ratio

What Are VG and PG and What’s the Best Ratio? If you’re just getting into the world of CBD, you ...
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Healthy Cocktail Image

Make a Healthy CBD Cocktail

5 Ingredients to Make Your CBD Syrup Cocktail Healthier Hemp Bombs’ CBD Syrup is a healthful option for consumers that ...
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Young woman drinking energy drink outdoors in a park.

Is CBD the New Gatorade?

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Lebron James; These are just a few of the names that have endorsed Gatorade and ...
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Opioid crisis - bottle of pills spilled

Is CBD the Solution to the Opioid Crisis?

Is CBD the Solution to the Opioid Crisis? There’s a quiet crisis that not many people are talking about. In ...
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Facts and myths written on a chalk board - myths crossed out

CBD Myths and Misconceptions

Let’s be honest, there’s a ton of misinformation when it comes to the CBD industry. On all sides – governmental, ...
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female dosing medical drops in a spoon

How Much CBD Should I Take?

We’re sorry, but the only answer to this question is a roundabout one. Without full endorsement at a Federal level, ...
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Chemical formula of Cannabidiol graphic

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent chemical compound in Hemp behind THC. Unlike its sister chemical however, it ...
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Smiling girl in outdoor lake setting

CBD Benefits

Ironically, one of the most viral, influential advertisements for CBD to date came from an impromptu UFC post-fight interview. Then, ...
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CO2 ecology graphic

What is CO2 Extraction

As we have mentioned in some out our other posts, the growth and extraction of CBD are critical to the ...
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Decision making

What to Look for When Buying CBD

  CBD (Cannabidiol) has exploded within recent years. As market forecasts predict, this isn’t going to slow down anytime soon ...
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