How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

May is National Pet Month, so it’s time to treat your best buddy with products that will keep him on-the-go for years to come. You love the benefits that CBD Gummies, CBD Oil and other premium human CBD products provide, and you want to share those therapeutic effects with your precious pup, but you’re asking yourself “how much CBD Oil should I give my dog?” Just like with humans, guidelines for CBD dosage for dogs are extremely variable but considering factors like age, weight and severity of issues can help you determine how often and how much CBD Oil you should give your dog.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

Hemp Bombs cannot make specific dosing recommendations. You should always speak to your vet before adding any new supplements to your pet's regimen. However, the handy Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Dosing Calculator for dogs below may help you determine how much Pet CBD Oil to give your pet.

CBD Dosage Chart


*If your pet needs more than 20 drops per serving, then it may be more helpful to buy a higher concentration. More concentrated oils help you give your pet smaller, more concise doses. It can get difficult to keep track of how many drops you’ve already given your pet, not to mention that using less oil per serving will give you more bang for your buck.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog for Anxiety?

You can use Hemp Bomb’s CBD Dosing Chart for Dogs to determine the best starting dose for your pet. You can also speak with your veterinarian for a specific recommendation for CBD dosage for dog anxiety. There are a lot of variables involved in finding the ideal serving size for your pet. Your vet will have the best recommendation for your specific pet.

How Much CBD Oil for Humans Should I Give My Dog?

Again, our CBD dosing chart for dogs can be useful if you are using human CBD Oil or another brand of CBD. The drops serving size is likely to be different, but the recommended mg will help you determine the best CBD Oil dosage for your pet. Just do the math using the product you are using to determine how to give that milligram amount to your dog.

How Often Should I Give My Pet CBD?

Our CBD Oil for Pets should be administered once per day. If your pet suffers from separation or situational anxiety, giving her a dose of CBD before you leave for the day or before she starts to feel anxious may be helpful.

Giving your buddy a daily dose of CBD can support her overall wellness. Consistency is key when it comes to CBD, so the more you use it, the more your pet’s body can balance itself out. Setting a schedule and continuing to use this product may help alleviate her issues more effectively.

How to Give a Dog CBD Oil

Pet CBD Oil can be added to a tasty biscuit or your dog’s food or water. It can also be applied directly in their mouth between the cheek and gums. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil for Pets is human grade and comes in yummy flavors like chicken and beef that your pet will love. So, giving it to your dog will most likely be a breeze. For picky pets, you can mix it with peanut butter, cheese or yogurt.

What If I Give My Dog Too Much CBD?

You don’t have to worry about giving your pet too much CBD because there are no adverse side effects associated with this natural compound. There are no reported cases of fatal effects or overdose associated with large doses of CBD in humans or animals. Don’t fret if your best buddy got into the cabinet and happened to take all the CBD - she may feel nauseous and more tired than usual but after a nap and a regular meal, she should level out.

CBD is a substance that works with your pet’s body to help her achieve homeostasis. Because her body naturally produces cannabinoids, the added effects of CBD help strengthen her bodily function. There is no right answer when determining “how much CBD Oil I should give my dog,” so it may take some trial and error to find the best CBD dosage for dog. Always consult your veterinarian when adding new products to your pup’s daily regimen. Learn more about CBD for pets in these informative blogs: Separation Anxiety in Dogs, How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for My Dog, CBD for Pet Anxiety During Travel, CBD Oil for Dog Pain and What Causes Dog Allergies?

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