4th of July Dog Anxiety

CBD Pet Oil for dog anxiety

With July 4th (Independence Day) or other holidays, it's important to consider how your dog will feel about holiday celebrations. We may enjoy loud parties and explosive fireworks, but these festivities can cause a great deal of anxiety for dogs. It’s common for pet owners to seek a simple and beneficial solution for easing their dogs’ anxiety, and luckily, CBD may be at least part of the answer.

First, it’s important to understand why your dog may become anxious on the Fourth of July. Common factors include:

Dog anxiety CBD Oil

Think about fireworks from your dog’s perspective. If you heard a series of unexplained loud explosions late at night – wouldn’t you be anxious too? The booming sounds and feelings of vibrations can make dogs feel severely anxious or fearful. The confusion and anxiety caused by fireworks can be quite traumatic, and it’s common for dogs to respond by trying to flee. That’s why July 4th is the most common day of the year for dogs to escape their yard or home.


You are your dog’s world, and he or she will often turn to you for comfort and reassurance. If you choose to spend the holiday away from home, your pup’s anxiety may be elevated during the commotion of loud fireworks and neighborhood activities. The anxiety of fireworks can also worsen the effects of separation anxiety in dogs, a common condition defined by stress and anxious behaviors in the absence of the owner.

Holiday Gatherings Dog Anxiety CBD Oil

Maybe instead of going out for Independence Day, you decide to stay home and invite friends over to celebrate. Some dogs may love having visitors and more attention, but other dogs may shy away from the idea of new people in their space. If you know your dog experiences anxiety around new people or party settings, a Fourth of July house party may trigger stress and anxious behaviors.