When to Give My Dog CBD Treats

CBD Dog Treats
Just like you, your furry friend can experience anxiety in certain instances. Luckily, you can anticipate these nerve-racking situations for your pet and potentially avoid the worries altogether. CBD has calming properties that benefit dogs and humans alike. Giving your best buddy CBD before they start to worry may help keep them calm the entire time. Here are seven situations where you may want to keep CBD for Pets handy:


1. Vet Visits

Chances are, your pet instinctively knows when he’s going to the vet. Even more likely is that he doesn’t want any part of the poking and prodding that awaits him. Give your pup a CBD Dog Treat 30 minutes before heading to your appointment to keep him calm during the visit.


2. Grooming

Whether you choose to do your grooming routine at home or opt for professional services, your pup won’t know difference. If your pet freaks out during grooming, it could potentially be hazardous for him and other people involved. Help your pet stay relaxed during nail clipping, teeth brushing and fur trimming by giving him CBD beforehand.


3. Traveling

You want to take the whole gang on your vacations, but your four-legged friends may be uncomfortable with flights or long car rides. Motion sickness, as well as being confined in a carrier for hours, can spike your dog’s anxiety. Our calming treats allow your pet to rest and wake up peacefully at your destination.


4. Learning New Tricks

Training, especially with a young or hyper dog, can prove fairly difficult for new pet parents. Help your best buddy focus on the task at hand and learn new tricks with CBD dog treats.


5. Older Dogs

The issues that can accompany aging like pain, personality changes and more can cause your dog to become more anxious, aggressive and less mobile. CBD dog treats may reduce his stress and boost his overall well-being.


6. Leaving for Work

Summer is over, which likely means you’ll be away from home more often with work, extracurriculars and holiday travels. If your pup experiences separation anxiety while you’re away, you may want to invest in calming products like CBD dog chews. Giving these treats to your pet about 30 minutes before you leave should make your departure easier. Additionally, hiding another treat in a puzzle toy will keep him calm all day long.


7. Holiday Gatherings

The smell of delicious food, strange faces and holiday fireworks may rile up your pup or potentially make him nervous. Make the holiday go smoothly with CBD dog treats that relax your furry friend so that he can enjoy his time without worry or disruption.

Regardless of when you give your pet CBD, feel confident that your pup will experience natural calmness and relaxation just like our CBD Gummies, CBD Oil and other premium CBD products provide for humans. Chronic stress can cause digestive issues in animals just like humans, so keep your best buddy healthy with CBD for pets that soothes him.


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