4th of July Pet Safety

Pet Fireworks Safety for the Fourth of July

It's pretty common that pets and fireworks don't mix, but premium CBD may be able to help! When you’re gearing up for your Fourth of July celebration, don’t forget about Fido. Fireworks, separation anxiety and new faces can all send your furry friend into a tizzy. Although your pup can’t mentally or physically prepare for Independence Day, a few adjustments on your part can keep him calm and safe.

Why Is My Pup Freaking Out?

Many pets experience anxiety during the Fourth of July – in fact the 4th through the 6th are the busiest days for animal shelters and hospitals. Some Independence Day staples can stress your best buddy out:


Naturally, pets and fireworks don't mix. The loud booming of fireworks and physical trembling of the floors can increase your pet’s stress and anxiety. Your pet won’t understand fireworks and can become very uncertain which makes him feel out of control.


Inviting people over can be fun for you and even more fun for outgoing puppies. However, if your pet gets shy around new faces, then a party full of strangers may increase his fear and send him hiding – or even worse, out the door.

Being Left Alone

If you’re taking the party elsewhere for the night, your pet may already feel lonely and exhibit severe signs of separation anxiety like chewing, house-soiling or escape attempts. These emotions can intensify with the sounds of Fourth of July celebrations outside.


How Can I Help My Pup?

The Fourth of July doesn’t have to be frightening for your furry one. We are giving you our best tips on helping your pet thrive this holiday:

  1. Have playtime before your events – Help your pet release his pent-up energy by having rigorous playtime before your guests arrive. This will help mellow your buddy out and potentially keep him relaxed during stressful events – he’ll be too tired to become excitable.
  2. Take him potty before dark – You’ll want to take your pet out to potty before the fireworks begin. This lowers the chances of him running away and allows you to keep him inside through the night. The later it gets the more likely that people will start setting off fireworks – even if it’s still light out.
  3. Create a safe, quiet space – Give your pet an area where he can get away during the festivities. A room with as few windows as possible and soothing music to drown out the sounds of distant fireworks should work perfectly. Fill the room with his favorite toys, blankets and other comfort items to help him stay calm.
  4. Keep CBD treats on hand – Not only do CBD Dog Treats help redirect your pet’s attention away from stressful events, but the addition of CBD also naturally eases his anxiety and promotes relaxation. Let your friends give him CBD treats for dogs to help build trust between your pup and these new faces. And if they don't like treats, try our CBD Oil for pets.
  5. Give your pet comfort – More than anything, your presence and comfort can help keep your pet calm this holiday. Take a little time away from the party to give your good boy some TLC and help him feel at ease with his surroundings.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Be prepared for anything to happen this holiday and take precautions for your pet’s safety.

  • Keep him away from the BBQ – Your curious companion may wander a little to close to the barbecue which could lead to potential burns and injuries. Store food and alcohol out of reach to protect your pet.
  • Update his ID collar – Make sure your pet’s ID tag contains current information. Due to the flight response and stress, the highest number of lost dogs occurs on the Fourth of July weekend, so it’s important that your pet can be returned to his loving home in the case he breaks loose.


Tips for Pet Safety on the Fourth of July


Staying alert and putting yourself in your pup’s shoes are the most important things you can do this Independence Day. Always use your instinct to keep your pet safe and happy. Hemp Bombs proudly offers a line of premium CBD products for the entire family, including CBD Gummies, CBD Oil and other human CBD products, plus our line of CBD for Pets, that can help everyone stay calm and relaxed.

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