What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many compounds found in Hemp plants, known collectively as cannabinoids. CBD is one of the most commonly found and studied cannabinoids.  It is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid, meaning it does not cause the euphoria associated with certain strains of cannabis. Researchers have reported benefits such as pain relief, reduced anxiety, nausea reduction and anti-inflammatory properties.

Are Hemp Bombs products legal to buy, sell and possess in my state?

Hemp Bombs contain 99% pure CBD isolate with 0% THC. We routinely have all Hemp Bombs products analyzed by an independent lab to verify our products contain absolutely no THC. Hemp Bombs are legal in all 50 states and are not covered under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

What are some potential benefits of using Hemp Bombs products?

Hemp Bombs were specifically formulated to provide consumers with a quality CBD product at an affordable price. Additionally, we developed a natural blend of compounds that complement the effects of CBD. Hemp Bombs benefits may include: reduced anxiety, increased sense of relaxation, reduction of aches and pains, mood enhancement and deeper, more restful sleep.

Where do you get your CBD?

Hemp Bombs products contain CBD sourced from organic, high-quality Industrial Hemp cultivated on environmentally conscious and sustainable farmlands.

Where can I learn more about your CBD sourcing?

For more information on this topic, we encourage you to visit our "About Our CBD" page by clicking here.

What makes Hemp Bombs unique?

Hemp Bombs is a unique brand for many reasons, starting with the quality of materials we use. Our Industrial Hemp is of the highest quality and allows us to be very precise in our extraction process, yielding pure CBD. Then, we perform manufacturing, fulfillment, and other testing in-house which gives us total quality control. This contributes to a variety of benefits, including stress relief, relaxation, and better sleep quality, all without the draining side effects of drugs or alcohol.

What are Hemp Bombs Capsules?

Hemp Bombs Capsules offers CBD-related health benefits in an easy-to-digest capsule form. The capsules are ideally suited for home or office storage.  CBD is sometimes called a  “miracle product,” having been connected with a multiplicity of therapeutic health benefits. Mainly, these benefits are derived from Hemp, which Hemp Bombs manages from seed to sale. Hemp Bombs handpicks the finest Industrial Hemp to produce our CBD extract. There, a team of experts provide scrupulous quality control services to present the best product to consumers. CBD is a non-psychoactive drug separate from THC. Users will not fail drug tests and may enjoy positive health benefits from a consistent intake. If you would like to sample the range of wellness benefits of CBD, try Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules today.

Can I use Hemp Bombs e-liquids orally?

Yes, Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquids are manufactured with food-grade ingredients and are safe to consume. However, while the E-Liquids are safe to consume orally, we do not suggest this. The E-Liquids are intended to be used with vaporizing devices under the safest conditions.

How long does it take to feel the effects? 

CBD works differently from person-to-person. As with standard medications, certain metabolic factors will affect how you react to CBD like weight, and age. Also, individuals turn to CBD to help with a number of symptoms, so there is no blanket response on how CBD will affect each person. The best advice is to use CBD on a consistent basis to see best results.

Can I give Hemp Bombs to children? 

Hemp Bombs does not in any way sanction the provision of our CBD products to children. They are meant for adults 18 and older.

Can I give Hemp Bombs to my pets? 

Hemp Bombs recently launched CBD Oil specifically designed for pets. Available in chicken or beef flavors, our CBD Oil for Pets offers an array of benefits for the furry members of your family. We recommend speaking with your family veterinarian before offering CBD oil to your pet. To confirm the correct dose, please review our Pet CBD Oil Dosing Chart.

I tried to place an online order and it failed. Why?

There are a few reasons why your order failed at checkout. It is most likely one of reasons below.

  1. Your card was declined by the merchant processor. Often, this means that your credit card company prevented the transaction. This is a typically a protective measure by your bank or credit card company to prevent fraudulent transactions. In order to approve the order, please contact your credit card company and inform them that this transaction is valid. They will then release the hold on this order.
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What forms of payment do you accept online? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club and JCB. This means that  other credit card companies will not be successful in our payment gateway.

Will Hemp Bombs make me fail a drug test?

Because Hemp Bombs products are manufactured from CBD Isolate and do not contain THC, Hemp Bombs will not test positive for any drug tests testing for THC. We publish our current third-party lab tests here:

Are Hemp Bombs Products Full Spectrum?

No, all Hemp Bombs products are sourced from CBD Isolate. While "Full Spectrum" can refer to the garden variety of Cannabinoids in Industrial Hemp, most times it refers to the presence of THC as well as CBD.  Because Hemp Bombs wants to be legally compliant in all 50 states, we cannot sell "Full Spectrum" products.

Are your products vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and/or organic?

We cannot confirm any of our products are completely vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and/or organic. Our CBD itself is sourced from organic, premium-grade Industrial Hemp grown without fertilizers or pesticides; however, we cannot guarantee the other ingredients in our products are 100 percent organic. Some of our products, including our CBD Gummies and CBD Capsules, contain gelatin derived from animal-based ingredients, meaning they are not vegan.  If you are looking for a highly pure, limited-ingredient product, we highly recommend our CBD Oil. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil only contains Hemp Oil, grape seed oil, MCT oil and peppermint or watermelon flavoring.

How long does it take to receive my order?

For domestic orders with standard shipping, please allow 5 - 10 business days for your order to be delivered. For international orders, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your order to be delivered. All orders will receive tracking information in their confirmation emails. Please use your tracking info to stay on top of the status of your order and read our full shipping policy here.

I saw a coupon after I placed my order. Can you refund the difference?

We encourage all of our fans to follow our social media pages and subscribe to our newsletter. This will always give you the best chance to be current with our latest coupons. We do not offer refunds to customers after they have made a purchase. However, if a customer contacts customer service, we can apply discounts to future purchases.

I am an international customer but I don't see my country in the countries drop-down menu during checkout.

If we don't currently ship to your country, please contact us at 800-589-9098 to speak with us about adding your country to our shipping list. Please be advised that we cannot ship to the UK at this time.

Why am I being charged an international fee on my purchase?

Because we have an international customer base, we also have an international merchant in the UK. Some credit card companies levy an international fee onto transactions with an international merchant. This is part of the reason we give such competitive coupons, to help offset these kinds of fees.