At Hemp Bombs, we aim to be as transparent as possible with current and potential customer base. Whether it is a willingness to show lab tests of our products or other insights into our business, we prioritize openness with our brand. While we do control manufacturing and production in-house, we rely on European-raised Hemp for our CBD. Some of our customers ask why we choose European Hemp. Here is our explanation.


2014 is significant not necessarily for European Industrial Hemp, but for U.S. Hemp production. In 2014, after decades banning farmers from growing Hemp in the United States, the Federal Farm Bill passed. This allowed small-scale Hemp farming to begin in states like Tennessee and Kentucky. Since then, other legislation has been introduced at state levels permitting Hemp growth, while waiting on permission from the DEA.

At Hemp Bombs, we make a point of the Federal Farm Bill to show just how young of an industry Hemp farming is in the United States. However, Europe has a much longer history of growing legal Hemp and recognizing its therapeutic value. So rather than getting our Hemp from undeveloped farms or more clandestine methods, we chose to import Hemp from Europe where there has been years of practice, research, and oversight in the industry. Working with European Hemp gives us greater confidence about the product we present to our consumers. `

It’s Eco-Friendly

While Hemp has a relatively low environmental load, the farming practices for its cultivation Europe are highly regulated and eco-friendly. Hemp by itself requires low maintenance – it doesn’t need coats of chemicals and pesticides, it is weather-resistant, and it encourages agro-biodiversity. It’s also naturally resistant to pests and can outcompete weeds to grow in tight spaces. In Europe, these natural traits of are backed with careful growing practices to produce plants without traces of contaminants. What results is a product for the consumer that leaves little environmental footprint behind.

The Marketplace

One of the greatest benefits of legal and open European Hemp farming is that it becomes and open marketplace for consumers and producers. And what happens in a free market? The quality of the products improves while the price is driven down. Take a look at the countries that grow hemp. Europe predominates the Hemp growing market, while domestic Hemp is still in the “research phase.” This means, in the tight geographical area of Europe, you’ve got most of the world’s Hemp producers competing against one another. By virtue of this, we import high quality Hemp at lower prices which in turns means more affordable products for our customers. Importing European Hemp is the most efficient way to create CBD products.

A Healthy Future

As pointed out, Hemp is not only fully legal in many places in Europe but fully endorsed as well. Continuing research, new growing practices, and greater investment will continue to be poured into European Hemp production. In places like the United States, Hemp farming is still up in the air, lightyears behind successful European farms.

As you can see, the outlook for European Hemp production is very promising. This photo, put together by the European Industrial Hemp Association, shows a 32% increase in European Hemp cultivation in 2016, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, consumption of CBD products from Hemp are expected to grow by 700% in 5 years time.

In the past few years, CBD has emerged as a trusted alternative medicine with polypharmacological (many) therapeutic benefits. From a business standpoint, all of the data suggest the CBD market will continue to grow. But what is important from Hemp Bombs perspective, is that European Hemp production will continue to scale with demand.

CBD Products for the Long Run

While there’s instability in U.S. Hemp farming, Hemp Bombs has developed relationships with leading European producers. These relationships have allowed us to access high quality Hemp at prices that can be made affordable for the consumer. Hemp Bombs products sourced from European Hemp can be found in our shop.