CBD sourcing from Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a brand devoted to quality, and we are extremely selective about the Hemp used to source our premium CBD Extract. While we manufacture all products in-house, we understand that superior CBD sourcing begin with the highest quality Hemp. We constantly research the best practices in the cultivation of Hemp. It's a top priority for us to stay close to the Hemp plants we use to produce the premium CBD Extract featured in all our products. As part of our strict quality standards, we only extract CBD from Hemp plants that meet the following requirements:

  • Federally Legal – You never have to question federal legality with a Hemp Bombs product because we start with Industrial Hemp plants that comply with the law. All our Hemp is tested to ensure it contains less than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight.
  • Healthy for you and the environment – Choosing Hemp that is free of pesticides and toxins is not only beneficial to you, it is also beneficial to our planet. We source our CBD Extract from Hemp grown with sustainable, environmental-friendly methods. Clean soil grows the best Hemp and keeps harmful toxins from seeping into the Earth.
  • Grown by experienced farmers – We work with American farmers who have truly optimized the process of cultivating Industrial Hemp. We look for experts who can provide 100 percent transparency about their growing methods. By partnering with farmers who have mastered growing high quantities of Hemp while maintaining the highest quality standards, we can also provide a more affordable product to you.

We’re also proud to support American Hemp farms in our CBD sourcing. Formerly, we grew our premium Hemp in European farms, however, as soil quality and farming methods became paralleled in the U.S., we were able to transition our Hemp sourcing operation to domestic Industrial Hemp farms. Since Hemp Bombs was founded, the quality and potency of our products has not changed, and we have always used the same premium-grade Hemp to source our CBD extract. It’s important to us to stay close to the Hemp we source, as it’s the only component of product production not managed in-house. From extracting our premium CBD to packaging to shipping, we maintain complete quality control of our products in our own facilities.

While producing premium CBD Gummies, CBD Oil and other high-quality CBD products is a top priority, it’s also our goal to establish complete transparency with our customers. That’s why we confirm our CBD quality standards with a third-party lab. These lab reports are publicly available to you on our website.

Quality is the driving principle behind all Hemp Bombs products. We appreciate your support in our commitment to high-quality CBD sourcing.