CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Oil for Pets

Find the perfect CBD Oil for all your furry friends with Hemp Bombs® Pet CBD Oils. We’ve crafted these human-grade tinctures with minimal ingredients, so you can feel confident giving your pet a high-quality and natural product. Available in two CBD concentrations of 250mg and 1000mg, our CBD Oils meet the needs of dog and cat breeds of all sizes. Our CBD Oils for Pets also come in savory, pet-friendly flavors that your companion will love, including beef and chicken. Each tincture comes with a convenient graduated dropper for easy measuring and administration. Plus, these drops can be easily mixed or added to your furry friend’s food and drink. Our best CBD Oil tincture for dogs and cats offers all-encompassing comfort and calmness in anxiety-inducing and stressful situations, like travel, gatherings and separation. Just like with our CBD Oil, CBD Gummies and other premium CBD products for humans, browse our Pet CBD Oils and see for yourself how CBD can positively impact your furry friend’s overall wellness each day.




What is Pet CBD Oil?

CBD Oil for Dogs is a human-grade tincture formulated with minimal ingredients to deliver comfort and calmness to your best buddy. We offer our Pet CBD Oils in three concentrations and two delicious flavors to meet the needs of pets of all sizes and breeds.

What does CBD Oil do for pets?

Due to the ECS, CBD Oil provides many of the same benefits for your mammalian pets as it does for you. CBD Oil for pets may relieve stress related to travel, separation, vet visits, grooming and more, while also supporting the overall health and wellness of your best buddy.

How long does it take for Pet CBD Oil to work?

CBD Oil for pets should take effect within an hour of taking it. However, if you do not notice relief, then you may need to administer a higher serving size of CBD.

Why use CBD Oil for pets?

Your pets can experience stress and discomfort just like you. CBD Oil provides them relief in a more natural way than typical pet medications for stress and anxiety.

How to give CBD Oil to pets?

CBD Oil can be given straight from the dropper, sprinkled on a dry treat, added to homemade pet treats or mixed with food or water. Other pet CBD products like shampoo and paw butter provide benefits for your pet’s exterior like decreased irritation and itching.

Is Pet CBD Oil legal?

Yes, because every Hemp Bombs product is manufactured in our own facility and thoroughly lab-tested to ensure a THC level of less than 0.3%, the legal limit. This means all of our CBD products for both humans and animals are federally legal.

CBD Oil For Dogs – our dosage chart