Best Ways to Take CBD

Best Ways to Take CBD Edibles, Oils, Topicals and More

When you decide to take CBD, you might be looking for greater comfort, better sleep, more energy or a number of other outcomes. But the key to achieving your desired results is finding the best way to take CBD for your lifestyle. Thankfully, CBD can be infused into just about any everyday product from lollipops and gummies to bath bombs and lotion; however, some of these options may not address your specific concerns. When you know what to look for, it’s easy to narrow down the right product for you.

Here are a few of the best ways to take CBD and achieve your wellness goals.

The Best Ways to Take CBD for Long-Lasting Effects

Many CBD users deal with ongoing discomfort or need extra assistance to make it through the day with a calm and positive outlook. That’s where CBD edibles and sublinguals come in. These products are taken orally and have the potential to bring relief for hours at a time.

CBD Edibles for Relaxation

CBD Oil for Everyday Use

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CBD Edibles

Edibles offer a tasty and fun way to receive CBD’s plethora of benefits. A delicious CBD treat is also one of the easiest and best ways to take CBD for the first time. However, because CBD edibles must be absorbed through the digestive tract, it can take longer to feel the effects (usually about an hour). However, once they are digested, you may experience comfort and relaxation for up to four to six hours.

Many edibles, like CBD Gummies and Lollipops, provide a pre-measured dose of CBD to make it easier to track your CBD intake. However, other products give you the ability to create your own customized serving size. From CBD Edibles Gummies to chocolates and lollipops, there are several edibles that you can incorporate in your routine. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, CBD edibles like capsules give you a pre-measured oral dose of CBD without the added flavor. For additional information about CBD Gummies, click here: What do CBD Gummies do?


CBD Oils

One of the simplest and most versatile CBD products available on the market, CBD Oils offer full customization for daily support and general wellness. Taken sublingually, or under the tongue, CBD is absorbed more quickly (in about 30 minutes) than when taken in edible form but delivers the same long-lasting comfort for up to two to four hours.

After placing your desired serving under the tongue, you should hold it there for at least a minute to allow for proper absorption. The sublingual glands under the tongue grant a direct route to the blood stream, which means results within minutes. Essentially, CBD Oil is not only one of the best ways to take CBD for long lasting effects but also for immediate relief. Click here to learn more about how to take CBD Oil from a dropper.

CBD Oil additionally provides the highest level of versatility, so you have the freedom to make any item into a CBD product. Add your desired serving to your favorite foods and drinks to give everyday items a wellness boost. Keep in mind that when taken this way, CBD Oil essentially becomes an edible and can take just as long to enter your blood stream and provide results.


The Best Ways to Take CBD for Physical Discomfort

While CBD can offer all-encompassing relaxation and comfort, sometimes you need targeted relief to deal with the physical discomfort life throws your way. CBD Topicals isolate the benefits where you need them most.


CBD Pain Freeze

Best ways to take cbd heat relief spray

CBD Topicals

CBD Pain Freeze

Our best-selling topical, CBD Pain Freeze, is the best way to take CBD for aches and pains of all kinds. From post-workout soreness and gardening discomfort to muscle tightness and ongoing pain, this CBD rub for pain offers targeted effects for both large and small muscle groups. Formulated with cooling menthol, this CBD pain gel provides instant alleviation for even the most stubborn pains. It penetrates deeply to help your body physically relax and restores comfort to help you feel your best. Plus, this product gives hours of contentment.  CBD Pain Freeze can be applied up to four times a day if needed.


CBD Heat Relief Spray

If you prefer to heat it up, our CBD Heat Relief Spray offers warming solace for aches, sprains and muscle pains – just spray and go. Perfect for stiff joints and tight spots, this product releases areas of tension and soothes the joints. Within 15 minutes, the spray will reach its maximum temperature to grant you the desired effects.


CBD Bath Bombs

A soak in the tub already relaxes you physically and mentally but supplementing your bath with soothing elements can enhance your experience. Hemp Bombs CBD Bath Bombs can encourage full-body coziness. With three varieties, you can customize your bath for optimal results. Choose from signature, sleepy dreams and relieve & soothe to meet your needs:

Relieve & Soothe – Designed with eucalyptus and cooling mint to revitalize sore and tired muscles, the Relieve and Soothe CBD Bath Bomb gives a tingling sensation that enhances your bath.

Signature – Crafted with charcoal and green tea, the signature blend exfoliates and cleanses the skin for rejuvenation.

Sleepy Dreams – This blend of lavender and chamomile encourages calmness and relaxation for a comforting night’s rest.

There are several unique products to address your concerns, while fitting perfectly into your lifestyle, so it can take some time to find the best ways to take CBD for you. Regardless of whether it’s your first-time taking CBD or if you want to just switch up your normal routine, Hemp Bombs offers a range of CBD products that allow you to live peacefully and comfortably.



Want to try a variety of items and find what works for you? Our CBD Bundles feature an array of Hemp Bombs products that you can mix and match to discover your perfect routine and the best ways to take CBD for you.


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