5 Hemp CBD Benefits of Our Bundles

Benefits of Hemp CBD Bundles

At Hemp Bombs, we are excited to offer a diverse line of premium CBD products. We’re experts at infusing a potent serving of our premium CBD into various forms, including CBD Oil, CBD Oil Gummies, CBD CapsulesCBD Pain Freeze and more. Some of our customers have favorite products which have captured their full devotion. However, many of our customers simply can’t decide between our various CBD selections. That’s why we created our premium Hemp CBD Bundles.

All our bundles feature a variety of our premium CBD products to meet all lifestyles, and even those of your furry friends. Whether you need a spa day, love a sweet treat or need extra support, we've created a CBD Bundle that you'll love.

CBD Best-Seller Sample Bundle – Try sample sizes of all the Hemp Bombs fan favorites in one convenient package, including an 8-Count High Potency CBD Gummies, 5-Count Original CBD Capsules, 1oz CBD Pain Freeze and 300mg Peppermint CBD Oil.

High Potency CBD Bundle - Find extra support with this high potency bundle featuring our most potent and concentrated products: 100-Count High Potency CBD Gummies, 60-Count High Potency CBD Capsules, 1000mg CBD Pain Freeze and a 5000mg Peppermint CBD Oil.

CBD Gummies Sample Pack - Find which gummy variety best meets your needs with this sample pack. With an 8-count of our Original, High Potency and Sleep CBD Gummies, you're sure to find the right option for you. Click here for more information: What do CBD Gummies do?

There are many benefits that come with bundling Hemp Bombs award-winning CBD products. Our bundles contain a diversity of products that each contain our signature CBD extract. Here are our top five reasons why we recommend our CBD Bundles:

Determine which product is right for you.

It’s important to understand that while often highly effective, CBD products affect everyone differently. For example, a product may make one person feel very relaxed and restful, but it may make someone else feel energized and lively. Our Hemp CBD Bundles allow you to try different forms of CBD products, so you can best determine which one is best for your specific needs.

Aside from figuring out which product makes you feel best, it’s also essential to find a product that you enjoy taking. Some people prefer to chew on our tasty gummies, but if you prefer liquids, you may favor our oils. If you’re not sure which form of CBD is best to integrate best with your daily life, our Bundles can help you decide. You may even find that you enjoy multiple forms of CBD and you like to switch up your daily routine, or use different products depending on how you feel.

You can save money.

We price our Hemp CBD Bundles with cost savings in mind. We slash our bundle prices, so you can buy multiple products at a discounted rate. Some of our bundles are reduced by more than 20%, better than some of our special sales days. This is all in addition to the regular sales promotions and discount programs we offer.

We have a Hemp CBD bundle for every level of experience.

Hemp Bombs premium CBD Bundles are a popular choice for individuals with different levels of CBD experience.  Whether you take CBD regularly, or you are completely new to our products, we have a bundle for virtually everyone. Here are our Bundle recommendations based on experience:

Best-Seller Sample Bundle – If you’re new to CBD, our Best-Seller Sample Bundle is the perfect choice. You can try small quantities of our most popular products, including our best-selling CBD gummies. Affordably priced, you can feel how different CBD products make you feel with our sample CBD Bundle.

High Potency Bundle – For experienced CBD customers with high intake needs, we recommend our High Potency CBD Bundle. This selection features our largest quantity, highest potency CBD items. We include our signature 5000mg CBD Oil, which is one of the highest potency oils available on the market. With the products in this Hemp CBD Bundle, a little goes a long way and you can experience powerful relief.

Every bundle comes with peace of mind.

Each purchase at Hemp Bombs comes with a commitment to quality and excellent customer service. We take a hands-on approach to crafting our premium CBD products in our 100,000-square-foot manufacturing space. Through current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), we create safe, compliant products that adhere to state and federal regulations. You can feel confident knowing that each product has been verified both in-house and through an ISO-certified, third-party laboratory. We even publish the results on our site to establish transparency and trust.

It’s a good way to stock up.

We always stress that CBD is most effective for improving wellness when taken consistently and daily. If you order in small quantities, this may mean you need to stock up quite frequently. However, if you choose a Hemp CBD Bundle, you can order many products at once. Whether you want multiple samples or full-sized