Overcoming Flying Anxiety

CBD for Flying Anxiety

Picture yourself 30,000 feet in the air, looking down at the clouds and daydreaming about your destination. For most people, it’s a nice thought, but if you deal with aerophobia, it’s a nightmare. Aerophobia, also called flying anxiety and fear of flying, affects millions of people and can make it impossible to travel by plane. Plenty of people feel uncomfortable while flying, but those with aerophobia will feel something more intense than nervousness. If you have aerophobia, flying with CBD Oil may be a way to feel better and travel without panicking and start your journey to overcoming flying anxiety.

While flying isn’t a daily necessity unless you work in the aviation industry or travel for business, being afraid to fly can seriously disrupt life. You may be willing to give up tropical vacations, but what will you do if a family emergency is happening across the country or a dear friend is having a destination wedding? Traveling by car is usually an option, but Hemp Bombs wants to help you live your fullest life. Allow us to offer some solutions.

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

While therapy may seem like an extreme step, it can be quite helpful in identifying the root cause of flight anxiety and providing practical solutions for fear. Like most forms of anxiety, your fear of flying will likely not be eased by looking at statistics about the rarity of plane crashes. Anxiety isn’t rational, but you can teach your mind to combat the irrationality.

2. Natural Supplements

Some people recommend downing a few glasses of wine before a flight, but this usually isn’t supported by medical professionals for several reasons. First, alcohol may interact with any other anti-anxiety supplements or medications you choose. Secondly, alcohol dehydrates your body, and staying hydrated in-flight helps make the experience more pleasant for you physically.

Lastly, too much alcohol can lead to an overactive bladder, and no one with flying anxiety wants to walk to the bathroom multiple times during a flight. Instead, try natural supplements and botanicals like chamomile and lavender. You can also take Hemp Bombs CBD Oil to calm down before a flight. It won’t cause you to feel “high,” and instead you’ll feel relaxation wash over you. Flying with CBD Oil is convenient and lets you feel in control.

3. Try A Flight Simulator

Pilots-in-training often use flight simulators, but you don’t have to fly a plane to take advantage of a simulation. These simulators are extraordinarily lifelike, which can help you prepare for your time in the air. Most importantly, you can stop if you feel overwhelmed – an option that isn’t afforded to you on an actual flight. You can even do it through Google Earth – all you need is a joystick.  Additionally, you can take a one-time class at a flight school.

4. Learn Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breath in – deep breath out. It may seem basic, but deep breathing is one of the easiest ways to calm down when feeling the effects of your flying anxiety. Spending even a minute a day practicing breathing exercises can help loosen tense muscles and relax tightness in the chest and stomach. Once you learn proper deep breathing techniques, you can ward off moments