What Sets Hemp Bombs’ CBD Wholesale Products Apart?

The CBD market is booming, and new CBD products are emerging every day. While this gives distributors a wide selection of brands and products to choose from, it’s essential to take the time to research a CBD company thoroughly before deciding to sell its products.

At Hemp Bombs, we pride ourselves in offering transparent and accurate information about our CBD products. We offer premium quality CBD in consumer-friendly products such as CBD OilCBD Gummies, CBD Capsules and more. Here are just a few reasons why we believe our products are superior to others on the market:

Our process begins with the premium-quality Hemp.

We are selective about the Hemp we use to make our products. Our CBD is sourced from farms with an established history of growing premium quality Hemp in a healthy environment. We work with farmers who are highly experienced in Hemp, and they have been able to truly optimize the process of growing product with sustainable methods. Our Hemp is free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, metals and other forms of contamination.

Historically, growing Hemp has been illegal in the United States. This is largely due to its association with marijuana, another member of the Cannabis family. Since marijuana contains potent levels of THC, the psychogenic component of Cannabis, it is still widely illegal across the United States. Sadly, by this association, the healing benefits of growing and consuming Hemp were heavily restricted by the law.

However, in 2014, the Federal Farm Bill passed, allowing small-scale Hemp farming to begin in certain locations.  The 2018 Farm Bill further loosened restrictions around Hemp farming. We fully support the cultivation of American-grown Hemp, we are proud to now integrate premium American Hemp into our CBD production. We trust our Hemp, and your customers can trust the quality of our CBD products.

Our Hemp is eco-friendly.

We understand the importance of providing sustainable products to have the highest confidence in our quality, and to support a healthier environment. Our Hemp is free of synthetic materials and toxic additives, and it is grown by farmers who practice sustainable and eco-friendly growing techniques to benefit the consumer and the planet.

We manufacture our products in-house.

While our product production begins with our premium Industrial Hemp, we manufacture our products completely in-house. This gives us a competitive advantage, as we control our own production times and quality standards. Our in-house manufacturing allows us to maintain a high level of attention to detail throughout every step of product production. Because we are so close to our products, we can offer efficient and knowledgeable customer service to you. We are an American company located in Tampa, Florida.

With the Hemp industry continuously evolving, we also make it a top priority to ensure we are meeting all current labeling standards. Our in-house product management allows us to make quick and efficient changes and remain compliant with all laws and industry requirements.

We verify our results with a third-party lab.

When choosing a top CBD company, one of the most important factors is making sure the products are verified by a third-party lab. This is a true test of quality and THC levels. We publish our lab results online to ensure our products are authentic and contain less than 0.3% THC. You can view the results of our lab tests here.

People love our products.

Thousands of consumers have tried Hemp Bombs products, and we are proud to receive a large volume of positive feedback. If you’re considering working with Hemp Bombs, we encourage you to check out our online product reviews. Our customers swear by the healing benefits of Hemp Bombs products and share their stories about how it has helped tremendously with stress relief, promoting calm and relaxation, getting a better night's rest and more. Plus, our edible products taste delicious, adding to the experience of consuming our premium CBD products.

Our products are legal everywhere in the United States.

There can be some confusion around the legality of CBD products. Determining if a product is legal or not focuses solely on the amount of THC found within the product. Our products are derived from industrial Hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC, which makes them 100% legal in the United States. It’s also legal in many other countries. Our complex manufacturing process is backed by our extensive lab testing to ensure we are producing a premium, legal CBD product.

Legal compliance is extremely importance to us, and we have never felt uncertain about our business activities. We work closely with a professional legal team, and we maintain the necessary legal documents required to operate in the CBD industry. We partner with lawyers who focus specifically on the cannabis and hemp industries.  As a service to Hemp Bombs wholesalers, professional legal consultation is always available. Read more about CBD legality.

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