Why Distributors Work with Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a high quality product that turns satisfied customers into repeat business. Hemp Bombs has a nationwide presence and continues to grow its brand every day. As a distributor, collaborating with Hemp Bombs means:

In-house Manufacturing

Unlike many other vitamin, supplement, and CBD companies, Hemp Bombs performs full manufacturing in-house. Many other companies rely on “co-packers” for their product manufacturing. That makes these companies less responsive and less able to meet customer needs.

At Hemp Bombs, we don’t have to wait for anyone to fulfill customer orders. Our full in-house manufacturing team is ready to provide our distributor orders with quick turnaround. Because we control our manufacturing, distributors don’t have to “overorder” for fear that they will run out of product. Our in-house manufacturing team allows distributors to order as-needed.

Building Your Territory

Hemp Bombs regularly provides local leads from store owners, gas stations, and other retailers to our network of distributors. We often receive inquiries from retailers across the nation from our website. We are serious about building a customer base for our distributors and forward many of our leads to them based on location.

We Adapt

We understand the changing market conditions and needs of the consumer and we aren’t afraid to make adjustments for the benefit of our partners. We regularly update our packaging, presentation, marketing materials, and even our product line to create a better experience for our customers.

Distributor Support

Hemp Bombs has strong relationships with its distributors, with full in-house teams dedicated to customer service, product marketing, and product shipment and fulfillment. Do not hesitate to contact 1-800-589-9098 by phone or sales@hempbombs.com through email. We take every measure possible for our distributors and store owners to sell our product and generate revenue. We have eye-catching displays and instruction materials for every shipment, and are easily accessible for any questions or concerns you may have.

Free Shipping

Every Hemp Bombs distributor order will be shipped for free as a courtesy. If orders are placed before noon, we usually provide same-day shipping from our facilities. Quick shipping is an added benefit we can provide due to our in-house manufacturing.

Guaranteed Product

We are so confident in the quality and customer demand for our products that we guarantee them. That means, if distributors take a chance on our products and they fail to meet their expectations, we will take our products back. Distributors can avoid risk by working with Hemp Bombs.

Fully Lab Tested

While we conduct our own lab testing, we also have independent labs review the products that we sell. All of our CBD Gummies, CBD Oil and other premium CBD products are examined and provided certificates of approval. Hemp Bombs provides the consumer with high quality products verified by multiple parties.

If you have any questions or are interested in working with Hemp Bombs, we encourage you to visit the distributors page.

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