Top Seven Supervillains Who Should Have Used CBD

CBD for Top 7 Supervillains

Yearning for world domination and destruction can get pretty stressful – especially when you rarely accomplish the feat. These futile attempts are the typical reality for supervillains, the antagonists you love to hate. We often overlook bad guys and girls - sure, their motives are problematic, but they have feelings too, even if they’re evil feelings. Life’s rough for those who oversee anarchy with nothing to show for it, and it can take its toll on the body and mind.

In the spirit of the 2020 Oscars and “Joker” receiving the most nominations (11), we decided to compile a list of our top seven supervillains who should have used CBD products.



1.) Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom, aka Doctor Doom, is one of the oldest and most recognizable Marvel villains of all time. Dr. Doom was born in the fictional European city of Latveria and lost both of his parents at a young age. He would eventually be brought to the United States, where he would attend college. Here he would meet his rival classmate and nemesis, the future leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic). Clad from head to toe in titanium armor and his green-hooded cape, Doctor Doom harnesses the power of magic, superhuman strength and genius intellect.

For a supervillain of this stature, Doctor Doom is going to need a 4-Pack of our CBD Lollipops. Each delicious Lolly Bomb contains 25 milligrams of premium CBD. When your work is as hectic as Doctor Doom's, CBD Lollipops are a sweet and enjoyable way to de-stress.


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2.) The Joker

Arguably the most notorious villain of all time, the Joker has been the master of mayhem for decades. He’s one villain, however, who doesn’t have a precise origin story. Completely devoid of superpowers, the Joker relies on his penchant for madness and lack of agenda to wreak havoc.

With that being said, it might take a little extra to chill the Joker out. Hemp Bombs’ CBD Sleep Gummies are exactly what the clown of chaos needs to achieve much-needed relaxation and help drifting off to slumber. Our premium CBD Gummies for Sleep feature CBD with the sleep aid melatonin to help the Joker get a good night's rest, at least until Batman arrives.


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3.) Darth Vader

He was supposed to bring balance to the force; instead, he brought us agony and remorse. Anakin Skywalker, once deemed The Chosen One, aka Mr. Midi-chlorian, would be thoroughly trained in the Jedi arts after being rescued as a slave on Tatooine. Torn between his faith in the Jedi and the looming nightmare of losing his wife, Padmé, Skywalker ultimately fell to the dark side. Swayed by the influence of Emperor Palpatine (Lord Sidious), Anakin would become the ill-famed villain, Darth Vader, and lead the galaxy’s deadliest army, the Galactic Empire.

We all know how Vader ended up in his daunting black suit of armor, and we’re assuming he could use a product to relieve his skin irritations. That’s why we’re hooking Darth up with a lifetime supply of our premium CBD Pain Freeze. The cooling sensations of our CBD Pain Rub enhance the properties of CBD and menthol to offer long-lasting relief from nagging discomforts. Ruling the galaxy can be taxing, so why not rule it in total comfort?



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4.) Thanos

Some say he’s an omnipotent being, others cower in fear at his cosmic capabilities – he is Thanos, the Mad Titan. Thanos is a fearmongering god who believes it is his divine right to bring balance to the world through force and fear. His lust to wield the Infinity Gauntlet led him down a path of annihilation towards one goal: conquer the universe.

How would we even approach the hulking purple menace that is Thanos? We have a proposition for the Mad Titan, and it involves him obtaining his long rest with the help of premium CBD. Given his size and strength, Thanos would be able to acquire his much-desired equilibrium with the help of our High Potency CBD Capsules. Each high potency capsule holds 30mg of premium CBD along with other botanicals to encourage total relaxation and balance.

Our only word of advice to him…buy these CBD Capsules in bulk.


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5.) Lex Luthor

One of the DC Universe's longest-standing supervillains, Lex Luthor is an evil genius with a hallowed backstory. Don’t tell Lex that money isn’t a superpower. The bald-headed billionaire has cemented his reputation as Superman’s greatest archenemy, battling toe-to-toe with him over the decades. Luthor’s mantra, “the ends always justify the means,” has crafted his ideals and genius-level intellect into a villain of legendary status.

For a man that runs his own company, LexCorp, and is constantly looking for new ways to pester Superman, Luthor is going to need a reliable and trusted Hemp Bombs product to reach his sense of peace. Well Lex, look no further than our 5000mg CBD Oil. One of the most potent CBD products available, our 5000mg CBD Oil is just the relief Lex needs to soothe his Superman-sized headaches. We’re assuming he likes his options too. Good thing our CBD Oils come in six delicious flavors: Peppermint, Orange Creamsicle, Acai Berry, Chocolate Mint, Watermelon and Natural Hemp.


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6.) Loki

Loki, Prince of Asgard, rightful heir to Jotunheim and the God of Mischief, thrives as the master of lies and manipulation. Born unto the Frost Giants, Loki was abandoned due to his stunted stature and later raised by King Odin, the ruler of Asgard. Here, Loki would live in the shadows of his half-brother, Thor. Jealous of Odin and Thor’s relationship, Loki turned to a life of mischief using his powers of magic, telepathy and sorcery for evil.

For a deceitful villain such as Loki, we’re making sure he gets our best-selling CBD Hemp Gummies. Each chewy gummy contains 15mg of premium CBD. We’ll even supply him with a 60-Count, enough gummies to entice potential friends.


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7.) Catwoman

Selina Kyle, better known by her supervillainess alias Catwoman, is one of the most iconic nemeses of Batman in the DC Universe. Walking the fine line between villain and antiheroine, the vigilante queen of cats is solely motivated by self-interest. Losing both parents at a young age forced Selina to learn how to fend for herself in the crime-stricken streets of Gotham City. Catwoman would go on to run with Gotham’s most corrupt while also playing Batman’s greatest enigma.

We know that the infamous cat burglar had her fair share of feline friends in her spare time, and we’ve got the purrrfect product for them – Pet CBD Oil. Specially designed for furry friends, our CBD Pet Oil delivers a potent serving of premium CBD to promote overall wellness. With the help of our Pet CBD Oil, Catwoman won’t have to worry about her cats’ separation anxiety while she’s off gallivanting throughout Gotham.

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Did we leave your favorite supervillain off the list? Comment below and tell us which supervillain we missed and what CBD product they would use. Hemp Bombs offers a wide variety of premium CBD products for every aspect of your life. Remember, you don't need superpowers to feel great. Try Hemp Bombs today to obtain total relaxation.


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