CBD Clinical Study Results

CBD Clinical Study Results

Hemp Bombs® recently supported a CBD clinical study regarding the safety and efficacy of the daily use of CBD. The medical research company ValidCare conducted the study to help the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determine the appropriate regulatory path(s) for Hemp-derived CBD products. To help facilitate finding qualifying participants for the study, we invited our incredible community of loyal Hemp Bombs premium CBD users to apply to this first-of-its-kind CBD clinical study. The response was overwhelming, and we appreciate all those who volunteered to monitor their use of Hemp Bombs and Nature’s Script™ (our sister company) CBD products for a minimum of 60 days. From our entire team, thank you to those who applied for the CBD clinical study, and an extra special thank you to those who diligently participated.

What The Study Says

After seven months of clinical investigation, ValidCare reported to the FDA that the preliminary findings show no evidence of liver disease in the more than 800 participants in this CBD clinical study. The study also showed no increase in the prevalence of elevated liver function tests when compared to a population with a similar incidence of medical conditions.

“Our primary endpoint in this study is to observe potential liver effects in adults ingesting oral forms of hemp derived CBD for a minimum of 60 days. What we observed to date is no clinical evidence of liver disease in any participants,” said co- investigator Jeff Lombardo PharmD, BCOP.

The study’s investigators found that almost 70% of study participants reported having a medical condition, as well as taking medications for those conditions, but did not report an increase in adverse events when using CBD daily. ValidCare’s investigators called the findings “validating and reassuring.”

“The safety, efficacy and quality of our products is our No. 1 priority,” said Margaret Richardson, Chief Compliance and Legal Officer for Global Widget (Hemp Bombs’ parent company). “As the FDA readies its guidance for the CBD industry and Hemp-derived CBD products, it is imperative that science-based data such as this be presented so the administration can issue proper regulatory guidance in the months ahead.”

Again, thank you to all those who applied or participated in the CBD Clinical Study. This is a monumental step forward for the entire CBD industry as the U.S. and countries around the world work toward better understanding and regulating CBD. We at Hemp Bombs are proud to be part of this momentous push toward safer, higher-quality and federally regulated CBD products. Read our press release on these incredible findings and see what ValidCare has to say about this CBD Clinical Study. And check out our exclusive interview with ValidCare CEO, Patrick McCarthy, as part of the CBD University Podcast.

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