What You Need To Know About the FDA CBD Hearing

FDA CBD Regulation Hearing May 2019

Every day, more information is being discovered about the potential of Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD. Until now, the compound has gone unregulated by the FDA, leaving the market open to almost anyone, which has led to CBD industry growth. The lack of FDA regulation potentially makes CBD dangerous or ineffective depending on the company selling it. However, Friday, May 31, 2019, the FDA took historic strides by hosting their first-ever public hearing regarding CBD leading into Hemp History Week, June 3-9.

We’re giving you a run-down about what you need to know as the FDA works toward regulating and creating standards for CBD:

The FDA CBD hearing took the testimony of over 100 people including manufacturers, retailers, farmers and researchers in order to get more insight about future regulation standards and the therapeutic findings associated with CBD. Although no regulation standards were decided at this hearing, the FDA made their goals clear when it comes to regulation.


There's Still A Lot of Confusion About CBD

Amongst the testimonials, there were several people denouncing Marijuana and THC. However, CBD is neither of these things, making education about the compound more important than ever. Getting clear and accurate information to the public is one goal of the FDA, especially as restrictions are put into place.


There's A Need to Root Out the Bad Companies

Without guidelines in place, the CBD industry has opened up to anyone wanting to sell products which can lead to low-quality, harmful products on the market. Stricter guidelines will  snuff out companies selling “snake oil” products and those who do not meet the advertised CBD concentrations. Until then, make sure you know what to look for when buying CBD Oil so that you are shopping with a trustworthy brand.


The FDA's Biggest Concern Are Side Effects

During Friday’s hearing, FDA officials were majorly concerned with the side effects associated with this compound, often asking speakers to elaborate on potential adverse reactions. More research is needed to determine the interactions between CBD and other prescribed medications.


Scientific Evidence Trumps Anecdotal Claims and Success Stories

While several testimonials included heartwarming stories about the effectiveness of CBD, FDA officials were more interested in scientific studies and concrete findings on Friday.


The Main Goal is Safety

The FDA released a notice about the hearing where they laid out their goals for regulation. One constant theme was the need for safety in manufacturing and processing. Right now, there is a free-for-all when it comes to cultivating Hemp Oil Gummies, CBD Oil and other CBD products. While trustworthy brands already implement safe, clean practices, others cut corners. Standard guidelines will ensure quality and consistency when it comes to CBD. Accurate testing will support safe products for all, every time.

While CBD and Hemp are federally legal in the United States, there is still more to be done regarding CBD legality when adding the compound to food, beverages and dietary supplements. The FDA CBD hearing was undoubtedly the first step in making the CBD industry more legitimate and safer for all to use and enjoy. Read more to learn about the current legality of CBD.

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