Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil?

Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil

You ran out of your CBD Oil, but your furry friend’s bottle is right there on the counter. You don’t want to wait for your order to arrive. You scratch your head and wonder, “Can humans take pet CBD Oil?”

Let us help you understand the differences between pet and human CBD Oil and whether or not it is safe to consume pet CBD Oil. We will also explain the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil.

What Is CBD Oil for Pets?

Hemp Bombs® CBD Oil for pets is specially formulated for cats and dogs with tongue-wagging, drool-dripping flavors like chicken and beef. These CBD Oil formulations are high quality, human-grade tinctures that are made in America. Pet CBD Oil is made the same as the human product, but with special flavors that pets enjoy.

Just like with us humans, CBD Oil can provide benefits to our beloved pets, like anxiety and stress relief, overall wellness, relaxation and comfort. CBD Oil for pets is a natural alternative to traditional pet medications for anxiety which can cause unwanted side effects.

Cats and dogs have an Endocannabinoid System just like humans do. CBD (Cannabidiol) interacts with cannabinoid receptors within the ECS to promote body and mind wellness and balance. CBD Oil for pets is a great way to help boost your pet’s ECS.

Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil?

Can I take my pet’s CBD Oil?! Yes, if your pet uses Hemp Bombs CBD Oil for pets, you can definitely borrow a dose or two. This premium product is human grade, so it is completely safe for pets and humans alike. If you are into meat or fish flavors, go for it. I think I’ll stick with the orange creamsicle or chocolate mint, thank you very much. Also, if you actually put the dropper in your pet’s mouth when you give them their CBD, you may want to think twice about sharing. We all know how cats and dogs clean themselves, and how they tend to be most aggressive with the bacteria-ridden areas of their bodies.

How much CBD Oil should I take? Consider your typical dose with your usual product and then consider the difference in concentration between that and your furry friend’s CBD product. You should try to take the same amount of CBD you usually do by adjusting the amount needed at that product’s concentration.

You want to get back to using CBD Oil, but your bottle is a couple years old. Should you use it or should you opt for the cat’s CBD Oil? Does CBD Oil expire? Yes it does. CBD Oil can last up to about two years before the carrier oils may become less than fresh. If you happen to be a Hemp Bombs CBD Oil user, you are in luck, we list the expiration date on the bottom or back of all our products. If not, check for the smell or look of your CBD oil to be “off.” If you are unsure, your best bet is to get a fresh bottle.

Is Hemp Oil the Same as CBD Oil?

CBD is traditionally derived from Hemp and CBD Oil is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Hemp Oil. This isn’t entirely untrue since CBD does come from Hemp, but what most people consider Hemp oil is Hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is a culinary oil that is often used in the kitchen as well for skin care and other purposes. It comes from pressing Hemp seeds. CBD is extracted from the leaves, flowers and stalks of Hemp plants. So, you can see where the confusion lies. But Hemp seed oil and CBD Oil are very different products with different make ups and properties. For more information about CBD Hemp Oil read, “What is CBD Hemp Oil?”.

So, can humans take pet CBD Oil for cats and dogs? Yes, humans can take human-grade pet CBD Oil. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil for pets is premium, human grade CBD Oil formulated especially for pets, but it’s safe for humans too. If your pet’s CBD has already been used, and the dropper has been in contact with your pet’s food or mouth you may want to consider waiting for your own CBD Oil to arrive in the mail. And, next time, be ready with back up when you run out of your CBD Oil, and you won’t have to borrow the cat or dog’s.


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