Does CBD Oil Expire?

Does CBD Oil Expire? CBD Oil Shelf Life

So, you recently started cleaning out your medicine cabinet to prepare for the new year, and you discovered a bottle of CBD Oil. You’re probably asking yourself: “Is it safe to use?” “Does CBD Oil expire, anyway?” The short answer is yes. CBD Oil can go bad, but that doesn’t mean you should throw that bottle out right away! Continue reading to learn how to find the expiry date for your CBD products and discover tips on extending the CBD Oil shelf life.

When Does CBD Oil Expire?

There’s no single answer to the question “does CBD Oil expire,” as the shelf life can vary based on when the product was manufactured, the manufacturer’s processes and how you handle the product once you receive it. Generally speaking, most CBD Oils last for about 14 to 24 months.

Hemp Bombs Pro-Tip: You can find the month of expiration on the back or bottom of all our CBD products. And Hemp Bombs CBD Oil lasts for two years from the date of manufacturing.

Manufacturing factors that influence the CBD Oil shelf life include:

Extraction Method

The most trusted methods (and those that produce the longest-lasting extracts) are CO2 and ethanol extraction. Your prospective CBD company should make it clear which process they use.

The Carrier Oils

Found on the ingredients panel, the carrier oils in your product can impact how long your CBD Oil lasts, as they will typically expire before the CBD itself. MCT Oil is a popular carrier oil used in Hemp Bombs products for its long shelf life. When formulated and stored correctly, other oils like grape seed, olive and coconut oil can also have a two-year shelf life.

Type of Bottle

When CBD Oil is exposed to light, it begins to break down, so most companies will store their tinctures in dark amber glass bottles to prevent this from happening. The tint helps to reduce exposure and maintain the freshness of your product for longer. For longer-lasting results, stay away from CBD Oils stored in clear bottles.


Not only does Hemp Bombs employ these practices to ensure the safest and most effective products, but we also conduct in-house stability testing to verify that our products can withstand the test of time. Every batch of CBD Oil is stored in an industrial-sized stability chamber which mimics the conditions of two or more years of shelf life. This process confirms that your oil will be just as potent at the time of production as it is when it arrives at your home – and beyond – whether it comes from the store or straight from our warehouse.

Can I Use Expired CBD Oil?

You may also be wondering “does CBD Oil go bad?” As in, does it spoil, turn rancid or cause sickness when used after the expiration date? In some cases, yes — and you may not know it. If you’re unsure, treat it the same as other products and use your senses of sight, smell and taste to determine whether it is no longer good for use. Cloudy, sour-smelling and -tasting oil is a clear indication of expiration. It is best to just throw out CBD Oil after its expiration date and purchase a new bottle.

Keep in mind, after the recorded CBD Oil shelf life passes, the product begins to break down or evaporate and lose its potency along with its effectiveness. Therefore, you may not get your desired results from taking an old product.

How to Maximize CBD Oil Shelf Life

While CBD products do come with an expiration date, this is not an exact number and can change drastically based on how you care for your product once you receive it. So, if you want to make sure your CBD lasts long enough for you to reap all of its benefits, here are six tips for proper care.

• Store it in a cool, dry, dark space

As mentioned before, light – both artificial and natural – can begin to degrade CBD’s properties, making it less effective over time. You should keep your tincture in a cool, dry and dark space, such as a medicine cabinet or drawer.

• Keep the bottle upright and fully closed

Of course, if your product spills then it’s not going to last, so reduce this risk by storing it in an upright position. You will want to keep the bottle fully closed not only for this reason, but also because exposure to oxygen can break down CBD’s effectiveness.

• Don’t place your oil near heat sources

CBD will also begin to evaporate at high temperatures, which means you should keep your products away from heat sources like the radiator, oven, stove or windowsill. Likewise, do not leave your product in the car, as this will greatly reduce the CBD Oil shelf life. All our tincture bottles are small enough to slip into your purse, bag and even your pocket to keep it out of the sun and heat.

• Keep the dropper clean

Take extra care to keep your oil dropper disinfected, especially if you take your product sublingually. If saliva gets on your dropper, then there’s a chance you are transferring not only bacteria into your bottle but also the enzymes that begin breaking down substances like food, drink and yes, CBD Oil.

• Use it regularly

Make sure your CBD Oil doesn’t go bad by using it regularly. Each tincture bottle contains 60 servings, so if you use it daily, you will certainly need to refill your product well before the two-year mark.

Do you use your CBD Oil like clockwork and need your refills delivered on a schedule? Opt for a CBD Oil subscription and get a new bottle shipped to you automatically every 1, 2 or 3 months at a discounted rate. LEARN MORE >>

• Choose a high-quality brand

Your CBD product is only as good as the company that makes it. So, be sure to do your research on the processes that go into formulating your CBD Oil before you purchase it.

With Hemp Bombs, there’s no guessing about our CBD Oil shelf life or the processes used to make it. We outline our industry-leading CBD manufacturing process at every turn. We formulate our CBD Edibles, like our CBD Oil and CBD Gummies, and all our other premium CBD products in-house to ensure they remain fresh and effective for as long as possible, so you can experience total comfort, relief and relaxation – even if you don’t use your products every day.


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