Best CBD for Holiday Stress

best cbd for holiday stress

The holidays are right around the corner — and while a lot of your celebrations may look different this year, stress is still at an all-time high. Learning how to handle stressful situations, like planning, shopping, cooking and even conversing with your family, can make your holidays a bit easier this year. More than ever, people are turning to the popular compound, CBD, as one of many coping strategies for stress. The best CBD for stress has natural calming properties that help to relieve anxiety and calm nerves in a natural way, while promoting comfort and relaxation.


Plus, incorporating the best CBD for stress offers peace of mind for these five holiday situations… and you’ll be glad you have it handy when the time comes.


If you’re traveling this year, then you may be feeling more anxiety than usual. Thankfully, CBD is approved by the TSA to take in your carry-on bag, so you can keep one of our convenient CBD Edibles handy, like our 8-Count Original or High Potency CBD Gummies go-packs, to stay Zen while flying.

Even if you’re planning a road trip, and the mapping and packing has you worn out, a bit of the best CBD for relaxation can keep you cool and collected until you hit the road.

Plus, if your furry friends are coming along for the ride but feel nervous on the road or in the air, they can have CBD, too! Our Pet CBD Oils can alleviate anxiety in multiple situations, especially travel.

Remember to wear your mask and keep disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer nearby to clean high-touch areas and help you feel a bit more at ease about traveling during the pandemic.


Awkward Family Gatherings

It seems that all holiday celebrations include distant relatives asking who you’re dating, what your career plans entail and when you’ll get started on having kids. Just the thought of family functions—and even worse, the awkward conversations—can be enough to spike your stress and anxiety.

Taking the best CBD Oil for stress about an hour before your event will allow you to walk into the room with ease. You can even offer some to your high-strung family members to help them stay chill and in the present. CBD Oil recipes are a tasty way to bring the calming properties of CBD to your family holiday party, gathering, etc. (just keep them out of reach of children).


Catching Up on Sleep

Socially distanced shopping adventures, late-night food prep and wrapping sessions after the kids have gone to bed can all throw your sleep schedule out of whack. Not to mention, stress can heavily impact both your quality and quantity of sleep, leaving you tired and irritable.

Although you may have to cope with a few less hours of rest each night, make sure the shuteye you do get is high quality with products like CBD Gummies for Sleep. These sweet chews are the best CBD for stress and sleep, as they offer 15mg of CBD and 5mg of the sleep aid melatonin to help you get a refreshing slumber. The calming properties of CBD help put your mind at ease before bed and the melatonin works with the body to help you stay asleep longer and wake up ready to take on the day.

Read our blog, “10 Ways to Sleep Better at Night,” for other helpful tips for getting more restful sleep each night.


Stressful End-of-Year Deadlines

Because of company holidays, some of the work weeks are shorter during this time of the year. However, the projects, budgets and assignments are more important than ever. And with less time to complete them, you have no time to waste on stressing.