How to Survive Black Friday with CBD


CBD for Black Friday Guide

The biggest shopping day of the year is fast approaching – Black Friday. And whether you’ll be waiting in a never-ending line for that new flat screen, camping out to grab the newly released game, fighting through crowds to complete your holiday shopping or struggling to find parking in a packed mall, it can get extremely uncomfortable. Hemp Bombs’ Black Friday Survival Guide features the CBD products and tips you’ll need to help you emerge victorious and relaxed this year.

1. Have a Plan

Know what you want to buy, and where you’ll find it ahead of time. Be aware that certain items will go on sale at different times of the night, regardless of the time the store opens, and you don't want to keep backtracking for your purchases. Forming a plan will help save time and energy and allow you to get the most out of your shopping day. When it comes to popular or big-ticket items, determine which stores you should visit first to ensure you get the things you need before the sale is up, or worse – it’s sold out.

HB Product suggestion: CBD Sleep Gummies

Don’t let post-turkey drowsiness stop you from making the most of the Black Friday deals. Get some solid sleep the night before your big shopping adventure with our CBD Sleep Gummies with melatonin. Wake up refreshed and ready to shop!

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Hopping from store to store or mall to mall will get tiring. Wear shoes that will get you through the day (or night) that won’t come off easily during the madness. Close-toed shoes will prevent toes from being crushed during the rush, and make scurrying around much quicker and easier.

HB Product suggestion: Pain Freeze

Avoid painful flare-ups and aches from constant walking, reaching and twisting throughout the chaos. Small and compact, our 1 oz. container of pain freeze is perfect to carry on-the-go.

3. Rest and Recharge for Round 2

Black Friday infamously starts earlier and earlier each year. If you’ll be going out on Thanksgiving night and again Friday morning, you’ll need to maximize your sleep to keep you going. Taking a nap after Thanksgiving dinner can give you the energy you'll need to make it through Thursday night. Because you've formed a plan, you'll likely know your wake-up time for your second round of shopping on Friday. Be sure to get to bed at a reasonable time after you return home, so you'll wake up energized.

HB Product suggestion: CBD Gummies

If you can’t seem to unwind after all the shopping excitement, CBD gummies may help. The calming effect of our original, high-potency and sleep varieties helps you relax into a restful slumber. With added melatonin, our sleep gummies help you achieve a greater night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed, ready to shop till you drop.

4. Stick to Online Shopping

Avoid the lines and the stress of trying to buy your entire shopping list in one night by taking advantage of online shopping. Generally, the deals are equally as beneficial online and removes you from the stress of overcrowded stores and picked-through shelves.

HB Product suggestion: Hemp Bombs Nation Apparel

Staying in means staying comfortable and our Hemp Bombs apparel fits the bill. Cozy up on the couch in your favorite Hemp Bombs clothing with your laptop and a warm fall drink and shop to your heart’s content.

Holiday shopping can be taxing; escape the holiday stress with CBD from Hemp Bombs. Stay comfortable and relaxed this season with any of our CBD products. Need help finding the perfect gift for a loved one? Shop our wide range of the best CBD for holiday stress, including long-lasting CBD Capsules, versatile CBD Oils and more to complete your Holiday gift list.

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