4 Potential Benefits of CBD Pain Freeze

CBD Pain Relief Rub Benefits

Our CBD Pain Freeze is a calming solution to your pains, cramps, and joints and muscle issues. A potent amount of CBD is consolidated with a cold therapy rub to provide individuals with long lasting relief. Our CBD Pain Relief Rub Freeze has premium CBD and is equipped with other beneficial ingredients like Camphor Oil and Aloe Vera, which improve the healing potential of the product. During the product formulation of our CBD Pain Freeze, we ensure the highest quality. We’d like our customers to benefit from the conscientious manufacturing practices and our top-quality ingredients.

Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Relief Rub Ingredients

Our ingredients consist of premium CBD, menthol USP Natural 4%, Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Terpenes.

A big question surrounding our CBD Pain Freeze is whether it causes an actual “high.” We can gladly answer no. Our CBD Rub doesn’t get you high.

It’s a non-psychoactive topical cream that contains less than 0.3% THC. There is a multitude of different uses for our CBD Pain Freeze, and we’d like to share with you 4 potential benefits below!

  • Post-Workout Soreness

    - The cooling properties help your muscles relax after a hard workout so that you can get back into the gym sooner

  • Arthritic Pain

    - Our CBD Rub can help target swollen joints and muscles to bring you more comfort. You may be able to see a visible difference in the size of inflamed joints.

  • Mild Sunburn

    - CBD may reduce the redness and pain associated with mild sunburn. The tingling sensation provides cooling relief for our customers. Enjoy the fun in the sun without worry.

  • Post-Surgical Pain

    - When combined with medication, CBD Pain Freeze may help your aching and sore muscles relax while promoting proper healing.

Whether you try out our CBD Pain Freeze to help with sore muscles and joints, or you prefer CBD Edibles Gummies, CBD Oil or any of our other premium CBD products, you trust in the potency, safety and quality of all Hemp Bombs products!

2 thoughts on “4 Potential Benefits of CBD Pain Freeze

  1. Gale Q.

    very excited to find a organic cbd product however I am concerned that one of the ingredients is methylparaben…please reconsider!

  2. 4BubbaC57

    I received this 3 days ago and began using it right away! I fell 3 weeks ago and the Ortho Doc said no break, just a very bad contusion on my hip. Ok I find that met I had a real, really bad bruise on my hip bone. The right hip has already been replaced because the hip bone crumbled like a block of blue cheese. I had been using a prescription cream and it was just barely cutting the edge of the pain. Believe me this pain is beyond any I’ve had before, I’ve had 2 back surgeries, surgically repaired broken wrist. I currently take prescription pain meds. So I know pain! The 1-10 scale we use for rating pain, you know 10 is needing to go to ER were as 1 is almost no pain at all. I had gone from an average of 6 to a 10! The prescription rubbing cream was barely working. The CBD gel was recommended by my sister an RN and approved for trial by my pain management PA. I must day 1 I wasn’t impressed by day 2 I could tell a difference. And day 3 the pain has dropped from a 10 to an 8.5. This stuff does work! I noted that the arthritis pain in my hand has calmed down just by using it to rub it in. I can say with confidence this stuff works! I have chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, just to start the list. So to find a gel that eases the pain is a major accomplishment! So believe me when I say – you want pain relief, here it is CBD gel called Hemp Bomb!

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