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Take your sex life to the next level with Hemp Bombs After Hours CBD Pleasure Gel. The powerful health and wellness properties of CBD can have surprising effects in the bedroom. Potential benefits may include: increased performance, improved endurance, more intense stimulation and more. This thick formula, long-lasting gel is formulated with 100mg of premium and potent CBD for maximum pleasure for both you and your partner. Hemp Bombs CBD is derived from superior-grade Industrial Hemp.

Product Info
• 100mg premium CBD
• No Drip
• Thicker Formula
Tested by Independent Labs

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Supplement facts:
2oz of premium CBD Pleasure Gel
100mg of high-quality CBD
Other ingredients: Purified Water, Propanediol, Citric Acid, Hyroxyethylcellulose, Hydroxypropyl, Methylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Xantham Gum

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a beneficial compound derived from Hemp or Marijuana plants. CBD has a growing reputation for its potential to help promote calm and relaxation, positive well-being and more. Unlike THC, CBD will not cause a “high” as it does not have psychoactive properties. It may, however, help encourage a state of calm and boost overall wellness. Hemp Bombs CBD is derived from premium-grade Industrial Hemp grown with sustainable methods.

What is After Hours CBD Pleasure Gel?

Hemp Bombs After Hours CBD Pleasure Gel is a premium intimate pleasure gel that features 100mg of high-quality CBD for an enhanced sexual experience. CBD is known for its health and wellness benefits, as well as its potential ability to help relax the body and mind, making it a perfect complement to our premium 100mg pleasure gel. Potential benefits of CBD Pleasure Gel include:

  • Maximum performance
  • Lasting longer
  • Improved sense of intimacy
  • Intense stimulation and climax
  • Decreased friction
  • Reduced performance stress

How do I use After Hours CBD Pleasure Gel?

To use After Hours CBD 100mg Pleasure Gel, simply dispense your desired amount into your hand. Spread the gel on your fingertips and apply to intimate areas. CBD Pleasure Gel may be applied to skin, toys and condoms.

Why Hemp Bombs?

Hemp Bombs is a leading brand in the CBD industry. Our diverse product line includes CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Beard Oil, CBD Vape Oil and more. Our products are superior in quality, as we only source our CBD from the best Hemp available and we maintain quality control with in-house manufacturing. All Hemp Bombs products are tested with a third-party lab, to give you complete trust in our premium products. We also have an excellent customer service team with knowledgeable and helpful representatives. Try Hemp Bombs products and experience the potential difference our premium CBD can have on your life.

20 reviews for CBD Pleasure Gel

  1. Sarah

    This product has helped me have increased pleasure during sex. I’m amazed at all the wonderful benefits of CBD!!! Thank you for this great product! But please work at improving the dispenser.

  2. Mariela P


  3. Tracey H.

    The cbd sex gel arrived quickly and we liked it.

  4. Maureen L.

    Nice and slippery! I like it!

  5. Kelly R.

    Kinda sticky, but not complaining.

  6. joseph s

    I’ve always been happy with your products so i made an order for the sex gel. not sure what to expect.

  7. Chris G

    Hemp oil helps in reducing both pain and spasticity significantly for patients suffering from Multiple scelorsis.

  8. Charles M.

    I wanted to use it a few times before doing a review. Here is my experience. It is a little stickier than most other sex gels. Not bad, just slightly different from what I’m used to. It doesn’t have any annoying smell to it. And that’s good. Not sure I like the way it’s dispensed though, with a sprayer, but it works. I didn’t really feel anything different as far as the cbd goes, but I wasn’t sure what to expect with that either. There you go.

  9. Johnny P.

    Good product was a little weirded out with the idea, but I judged too soon. Me and my girl like it.

  10. Carolyn K

    The lube is great me and my partner had an amazing time

  11. Henry D

    I love it, but it kinda gave a bad taste in my girls mouth. Sill going to keep buying it tho. Thanks Hempbombs.

  12. Eric W

    Wow!! I was shocked how amazing this product worked for me. I have tried many but never liked them because they were to sticky, this is not at all. I will be buying this more. Thank you Hemp Bombs.

  13. Kelly F

    I have to say i was a little thrown off with the thought of cbd and lube mixture but this is literally the best for me, since i am going through pre-menopausal.

  14. Yvette J.

    I used it for massage and it did the job. An added benefit?

  15. Francine P.

    Love it. We will order more soon. Probably the 3 pack. Thanks.

  16. Louis S.

    It’s a little bit thicker than I’m used to, but works fairly good.

  17. Stacy T

    Bought one bottle to try out b/c I love just about every Hemp Bombs product you guys make. Expecting good things from it.

  18. meredith d

    This CBD sex lube really works for decreasing friction for both of us. Nice tingly feeling to it too.

  19. Charles U.

    Works great! And not too thin.

  20. Brandon M.

    Can’t imagine what cbd will do for my sex life but as an avid user of cbd, I’m curious and willing to find out. Placed my order.

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