High Potency CBD Products

High Potency CBD Products

What are High Potency CBD products? They’re CBD products like gummies, capsules, topicals and oils that offer more of our premium CBD. Hemp Bombs® offers some of the industry’s best High Potency CBD products containing a higher concentration of CBD to maximize your benefits. Try the long-lasting effects of all our most popular High Potency CBD products today.

Top High Potency CBD Products

High Potency CBD Gummies offer all the flavors of our traditional gummies with even more CBD. Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD Capsules contain more CBD than our original capsules for a greater concentration of CBD per serving.  For targeted relief, our premium CBD Pain Freeze comes in a high potency variety to help ease the most stubborn aches and strains. And our CBD Oil comes in High Potency quantities ranging from 1500mg-5000mg per bottle. Find High Potency CBD products for sale in your local convenience and wellness stores, or purchase High Potency CBD products online today!

High Potency CBD Products FAQ

How old do you have to be to buy High Potency CBD products?

As with all Hemp Bombs CBD products, High Potency CBD products are intended for adults 18 and older.

Where can I buy High Potency CBD products?

Hemp Bombs products can be found in more than 25,000 retail stores throughout the United States. However, the best place to buy all Hemp Bombs products is online. You can even sign up for our online newsletter to receive a 15% off coupon for your next purchase!

How do I choose a High Potency CBD product?

We recommend trying one of our original-strength products before trying our High Potency CBD products. Even if you’ve tried CBD products in the past, many Hemp Bombs CBD products contain higher amounts of potent CBD than competing products. If you’ve enjoyed our regular-strength products, try our High Potency CBD products with even more premium CBD.

Will High Potency CBD products get me high?

No, Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD products will not get you “high.” All our products contain less than 0.3% THC (the federal legal limit for Hemp-derived products), which is not enough to cause psychoactive effects in users. Those using High Potency CBD products can instead expect to feel more relaxed and peaceful after taking our products.

Are High Potency CBD products legal?

Absolutely! Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD products are federally legal to buy, sell and consume in all 50 states.