Sub Ohming

What is Sub Ohming/Cloud Chasing?

The last couple posts we have made about vaping have been aimed at consumers just getting into vaping. This post will be a “deep cut” intended for more experienced vapers. Today, we are exploring the act of “Sub Ohming,” or adjusting your resistance coils to under one Ohm of resistance.

Resistance is Futile

In order to appreciate the science of Sub Ohming, you have to understand the role of resistance coils in your vape device.

Resistance is the resistance and modulation of overall power (wattage) in a vaporizer due to resistance coils.

As you decrease the resistance (in Ohms) of our vaporizer, you allow the circulation of more power, heat, and strain on your battery. The reason people do this is simply to produce more intense flavor and denser, bigger clouds.

“Sub-ohming” has become the standard for what is known as “cloud chasing”, or rigging your vape device to make the biggest clouds possible.

How do I Blow Bigger Clouds?

In popular YouTube channel Rip Trippers, the outline the steps to start cloud chasing like a pro. If you watch the video, you can see how cloud chasing is a much more complex process than it may sound. Proper cloud chasing involves many nuances, including:

  • Battery Safety: Sub Ohming puts a lot of strain on your battery so you need to be careful your batteries can handle it.
  • E-Liquid: VG produces a denser vapor so VG-heavy E Liquids are the best for cloud chasing
  • Build: – Make sure your build is designed with low resistance coils.
  • RDA: – To cloud chase, it is recommended to have an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), in which you drop juice on coils and your wick every few puffs. This prevents the extreme heat of low resistance from burning the liquid or you!
  • RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are similar to RDA’s except they require the user to actually build the coils within your device. With RTA’s, you have the freedom to customize coils to your preference.
  • Sub Ohm Tanks: For the less mechanically inclined, there are also a number of pre-made Sub Ohm Tanks available that involve no customization. Some examples are the Aspire Cleito and Vaporesso NRG.

As you can see from this short selection, cloud chasing can involve many things. These are a few of the basics to get you on your way to blowing big clouds but with practice you’ll keep improving. The techniques and technologies of cloud chasing will continue to evolve. You need to evolve with them!

Sub Ohm Safety

Because you are dealing with more heat and current, you need to make sure you have the proper setup for safety purposes. A couple of things to check for safety are:

Ventilation: Stay away from mods that don’t have visible battery venting holes. You can test them by removing the batteries and blowing into the mod from the connection end.

Battery: The battery is the most important element of vape safety. Be careful to avoid batteries with any type of damage. You also want to be aware of the amperage capacity of your batteries – don’t exceed it!

When looking to get into Sub Ohming, it’s best that you purchase a regulated box mod rather than trying to configure one yourself. These tanks come built for Sub Ohming and blow more than enough clouds to be satisfied.

The most important thing you need to power your Sub Ohming session is a good e-liquid. Hemp Bombs’ CBD Vape Juice comes in a variety of flavors and has a strong VG profile that’s great for blowing big clouds. It’s the perfect juice to start Sub Ohming with.

For more information, check out our handy list of additional resources below, and click here to buy CBD Vape products today!