CBD for Pets Bundle

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The Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Bundle for pets has everything you need to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best. Our bundle contains chicken-flavored CBD Oil for pets, CBD Dog Chews, CBD Paw Butter and CBD Shampoo & Conditioner. These products can increase your pet’s comfort, relieve stress and hydrate their skin. Make sure you pet feels their happiest and healthiest with our CBD Bundle for pets.

Product Info

• (1) Chicken-flavored 250mg CBD Pet Oil
• (1) 15-count CBD Dog Chews (225mg)
• (1) 2 oz. container of CBD Paw Butter (250mg)
• (1) 12 oz. bottle of CBD Pet Shampoo (250mg)
• 975mg of CBD total
• Less than 0.3% THC
Third-Party Lab Tested
• Made in America – Visit Our CBD Facility


CBD Bundle for Pets

Your pet can endure just as much stress and discomfort as you do. That’s why we formulated pet-friendly products that can benefit your furry friend’s wellness and happiness, naturally. Our CBD Bundle for pets features grooming products like Pet CBD Shampoo to soothe itchy, irritated skin and CBD Paw Butter to heal and repair dry, cracked paws with a moisturizing blend of oils. Treat your furry friend for a job well done with one of our CBD Dog Chews and give them the bonus of pleseant relaxation. Our Perfect Paws Pet CBD Oil is easy to administer and equipped with beneficial properties to promote overall wellness. This premium CBD Bundle provides a range of benefits for your best buddy, guaranteed to keep her tail wagging.

What is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the Industrial Hemp plant. CBD carries calming properties that enhance comfort and overall well-being. These properties have made CBD a popular addition to a variety of products beneficial to both humans and pets.

How can the CBD Bundle for pets benefit my furry friend?

CBD can benefit your companion in a variety of ways. Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Pet Oil and CBD Dog Chews promote calmness for everyday pet stressors, whether it’s a vet visit, separation or large gatherings. Our CBD Paw Butter and CBD Pet Shampoo encourage healthier coat, skin and paws while soothing irritations.

Is CBD safe for my pet?

Yes, the products in Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Bundle for pets are completely safe for your furry friends. CBD is non-psychoactive and will not cause your pet to feel “high.” Instead, CBD carries calming properties that can help your pup feel their happiest and healthiest. There are no known adverse side effects associated with CBD.

All our CBD pet products are non-toxic and crafted with pet-friendly ingredients so that you can have the utmost confidence giving them to your companion. We lab test our products in-house and through an ISO-certified third-party lab to certify each batch meets our quality and potency standards. These lab results are published online for you to view.

How much CBD should I give my pet?

CBD will affect every pet differently based on their weight, metabolism and discomfort level. With our Pet CBD Oil and CBD Dog Chews, you can refer to our comprehensive serving chart to see how much you should give to your pet based on their weight. Perfect Paws Hemp CBD grooming products can be used as often as needed to keep your pet’s coat, skin and footpads healthy and hydrated.

Why should I choose Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Bundle for pets?

Hemp Bombs® sister brand, Perfect Paws Hemp™ for pets, is our CBD brand dedicated to supporting your furry friend’s overall wellness. Just like with our CBD OilCBD Gummies and other high-quality human CBD products, we also go the extra mile to craft premium CBD pet products that we know all your four-legged friends will love. If you want to deliver the all-encompassing benefits of CBD to your furry friend, then our CBD Bundle for pets contains the perfect selection of products. We carefully craft every CBD pet product with your pup’s health and wellness in mind. Our CBD Bundle for pets delivers natural solutions for everyday discomforts. As long as we can provide you and your companion with more car rides, wet kisses and tail wags, then our mission is complete. To learn more, check out our CBD for Pets Blog!