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All of Hemp Bombs’ CBD E-Liquids and CBD E-Liquid Additives contain a potent dose of pure CBD oil. CBD is becoming a mainstream option for individuals who do not want to rely on harmful prescriptions and favor natural treatments. Our customers report that CBD vape oil helps relieve stress and anxiety, reduce pain and promote a good night’s sleep. Our CBD E-Liquids are available in delicious flavors and they produce big clouds for a relaxing experience. We also make it easy for you to personalize your CBD vape experience.  Derived from premium-grade, organic Hemp, our CBD vape products are highly potent for maximum health benefits.

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health. Among current studies, as many as 45% of people are unsure whether or not vaping is really an improvement on cigarettes. Vaping is unequivocally the healthier option. In Hemp Bombs CBD Vapes, there is a healthy dose of CBD in ever serving. Our products do not contain nicotine or other harmful chemicals. Buying Hemp Bombs products involves you in the growing CBD industry and a vibrant community of vapers who look out for each other’s general health.

Blow huge smoke with Hemp Bombs Premium CBD E-Liquid

Supplement facts:
Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from premium Hemp
Vegetable Glycerine
Propylene Glycol


Current CBD Vape Oil flavors:
Arctic Spearmint Blast, Crisp Honeydew Melon, Crushed Pineapple Paradise, Glazed Chocolate Donut, Roasted Colombian Coffee, Farm Fresh Strawberry Milk, Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, Sweet Mango Seduction, Vanilla Cupcake Swirl, Exotic Watermelon Kush, Whipped Marshmallow Dream, Wild Blueberry Jam


Best Tasting E-Liquid Flavors


CBD Vape Oil captures the natural medicinal benefits of CBD extract in a premium e-liquid. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a prevalent compound in Cannabis plants. It can be derived from either Marijuana or Hemp. At Hemp Bombs, we extract our CBD from premium-grade, organic-certified Hemp grown with sustainable methods in the United States. CBD is known for its therapeutic properties that can help improve multiple areas of health. Unlike its sister chemical, THC, CBD does not get you high and it has no psychoactive properties. However, CBD can help you relax into a state of calm and tranquility while promoting your overall health. Our CBD Vape Oil is highly safe, federally legal and not linked with any harsh side effects or overdose cases. It will also not cause a failed drug test.

We offer many options for our CBD Vape Oil, so you can customize your own CBD regimen. Whether you are completely new to vaping or you already have an established vape routine, we have products for virtually all experience levels with CBD Vape. Hemp Bombs Premium CBD Vape Oil is available in 12 scrumptious flavors and we also sell additives which are unflavored. Our VG/PG formula is specifically designed to produce voluminous yet relaxing clouds.  You can choose your preferred potency level, with options ranging from 75mg/16.5ml to 4000mg/120ml. Our CBD Vape Oil features very few ingredients so the benefits of pure, natural CBD can truly shine.


CBD Vape Oil absorbs quickly through your lungs for an immediate rush of health benefits. Our customers commonly report feeling both mentally and physically relaxed within just minutes of vaping our premium CBD. Known for its anti-anxiety properties, CBD Vape Oil can help calm stress and subdue panic attacks. The benefits of CBD Vape Oil reach far beyond just a sense of true relaxation. Because CBD interacts with the natural cannabinoid receptors in your body, it is known to help regulate various processes in your body including immune responses, pain sensation, mood, sleep cycle and more. CBD can help treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Chronic pain – including pain from arthritis, muscle injury and post-surgical complications
  • Insomnia – promotes regulated sleep for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Inflammation – for relief from redness, swelling, itching and pain
  • Skin conditions – including relief from acne, eczema and psoriasis
CBD Vape Oil vs. Cigarette Smoking

Top 10 Vape is Better than Smoking

Is CBD Vape Oil Better than Smoking Cigarettes?

You may have seen videos where vapers offer to trade vape pens and e-liquids for what they call “stinkies” or “cancer sticks,” otherwise known as cigarettes. While vaping still may be a “fringe” activity - 3 - 4% of adults do it - the general public is starting to embrace vaping as an alternative to cigarette smoking. From a Hemp Bombs perspective, we will also take the angle of “vaping CBD,” and talk about how CBD can make vaping an even better choice for smokers looking to quit their habit.

The Downsides of Smoking

As of 2013, around 20% of adult Americans can be identified as smokers according to the American Heart Association. Behind these numbers is the multibillion dollar tobacco industry who wants to keep smokers smoking. These are some of the side effects of this phenomenon.

Lung Damage

The American Lung Association estimates there are 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When cigarettes are lit, about 4,000 new chemicals are produced, many of which are carcinogens. When you smoke and come into contact with these chemicals, you risk damaging tissues in your mouth, lungs, and esophagus. With smoking, you also put yourself at higher risk for health problems like emphysema and cancer.


As well as your lungs, smoking puts your heart on high alert. Smoking increases your blood pressure, makes it more likely that you will develop blood clots, and decreases lung capacity. Smokers are likelier to contract cardiovascular diseases, experience stroke, and be at greater risk for heart attack.


As IndoorSmokers so comically puts it, “If the tobacco industry is going to kills us, they should be courteous enough to do it for free.” Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While the average cost of cigarette pack is north of five dollars, a year of smoking can set you back at least $2,000. This isn’t even counting the damage done to cars, homes, and the price of medical bills associated with smoking.

Where Does CBD Vape Come In?

It’s pretty well-established that smoking isn’t good for you. Just as people have turned to nicotine patches in the past to curb their smoking habits, vaping is now the popular alternative. It’s not a myth, either. Here are some reasons why there should be support behind CBD vape as a smoking substitute.

It’s Healthier

Up to 95% healthier that is. In a review conducted by Public Health England, the conclusion was e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

No Nicotine in CBD E liquid

While nicotine is only one of many chemicals in cigarettes including carbon monoxide and tar, it is perhaps the most addictive. Many falsely believe that nicotine is the culprit behind the dangers of smoking. Nicotine is simply the chemical that keeps you “hooked” to the more troublesome chemicals like cigarette carcinogens.

Hemp Bombs’ CBD E Liquid doesn’t contain any nicotine, avoiding the same addictive effect. Although you might enjoy the flavor, you’re not going to experience “cravings” for our products.


As a smoker, you are a part of a collective. It’s just usually you’re a part of the collective on the unfortunate end of health statistics. The vaping community is a vibrant group that with a variety of devices, cbd vape juices, and publications. It’s within this community that vaping personalities like “Flavachaser” trade in vape starter kits for packs of cigarettes with strangers. It’s this community that largely refers to cigarettes as “stinkies” or “cancer sticks.” Many vapers are also former smokers, and help encourage current smokers to make the transition.

The content produced by this community is massive. Several websites are dedicated to CBD Vape Reviews as are many YouTube channels. These channels publish informational videos on everything from souping up mods, the latest CBD E Juices, and CBD Vape Oil effects.

Financial Burden

According to NerdWallet, a trusted financial website, disposable e-cigarettes cost around $1,387 per year compared to cigarettes which cost over $2,000. This represents a significant savings over the course of year. Rechargeable devices may require a more expensive initial outlay but it would take up to over 200 new cartridges to be as expensive as a smoking habit.