Premium CBD Topicals

Hemp Bombs CBD Topicals are formulated with soothing botanicals and pure CBD to deliver the therapeutic benefits to targeted areas. When applied topically, CBD provides more direct results where and when you need it the most. The anti-inflammatory and stimulating effects of CBD are beneficial in our Pain Freeze for sore joints and muscles, Beard Grooming products to promote beard growth, Pleasure Gel for intimacy and Tattoo Cream for after-ink care.

CBD Topicals Pain Relief Rub

CBD Pain Freeze provides fast relief to sore and tired muscles and joints. Equipped with a potent dose of CBD, our pain rub may reduce discomfort related to arthritis, post-workout soreness and more.

CBD Topicals Beard Products

Groom your beard with our premium CBD Beard products featuring a blend of natural and nourishing oils. CBD Topicals like Beard Oil and Balm may stimulate beard growth and reduce inflammation and beard itch for bearded buddies.

CBD Topicals Tattoo Cream

Keep your new ink looking vibrant or revive your old tattoos with our CBD Tattoo Ointment. The soothing combination of oils, botanicals and CBD may encourage healing and decrease inflammation and peeling.

CBD Topicals Pleasure Gel

The thick, water-based formula of Hemp Bombs CBD Pleasure Gel allows you to spice things up in the bedroom. CBD decreases pain and friction to increase endurance and pleasure for both parties.