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Hemp Bombs CBD Relaxation Syrup features an ultra-concentrated serving of our broad spectrum CBD to encourage maximum relaxation. While CBD is associated with many lifestyle benefits, including anxiety and stress relief, it is also known for its ability to promote a great night's rest. Our CBD Syrup features a premium blend of naturally calming ingredients to help you truly unwind and rest. Taken on its own or as a mixer, CBD Syrup is an optimal product for those who prefer to customize their CBD intake. Choose between concentrations of 100mg, 300mg and 1000mg and relax today.

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CBD Syrup can be taken on its own, similar to how you may take a liquid remedy. Each serving of syrup features a juicy and fruity flavor you’ll surely enjoy. Measure your customized serving and take the syrup directly from the bottle.

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CBD Syrup can be mixed into virtually any drink. Whether you like to add a wellness boost to your morning juice or unwind at night with a CBD cocktail – you’ll love the taste and calming benefits. (We hear it’s delicious in lemon-lime soda.)

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Who doesn’t love a light and refreshing smoothie? You can seamlessly incorporate the health benefits of premium CBD into your daily smoothie with Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup. Simply measure your serving and add it to the blender with your usual ingredients.

Relieve stress and anxiety

While CBD is often taken for its potential to promote overall health and wellness, it’s also commonly associated with stress and anxiety relief. Stress not only affects you mentally but it can also impact your physical health over time. Hemp-derived CBD can help you relax into a calm state and put your daily worries behind you. Premium botanicals, like scutellaria and passiflora, in our signature blend may help put your mind at ease while making you happier and healthier.

Enjoy a premium CBD blend

All Hemp Bombs products are formulated with quality and maximum efficacy in mind. Our commitment to quality begins on the sunny fields of American Hemp farms, where we source our premium-grade Industrial Hemp. Hemp Bombs CBD is free of harmful toxins and metals, and our products deliver unsurpassed CBD quality. We verify the contents of our CBD products through an independent lab, and these lab test results are available to you online.