CBD Pet Shampoo

Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Shampoo for Pets

Hemp Bombs® sister brand, Perfect Paws Hemp™ for pets, is our CBD brand dedicated to supporting your furry friend’s overall wellness. Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Shampoo for pets is a hydrating formula that gently cleanses and moisturizes your pet’s coat. If your companion struggles with excessive shedding, itchy skin, redness or allergies, our pet shampoo contains 250 milligrams of CBD and pet-friendly ingredients to help soothe irritations and provide your companion with more comfort. Our 2-in-1 CBD Shampoo and Conditioner not only provides a luscious and shiny looking coat, but it is also finished with a tropical scent to leave your pet smelling fresh and fragrant.

CBD Shampoo For Pets FAQ

What is 2-in-1 CBD Shampoo & Conditioner for pets?

Perfect Paws Hemp 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner with CBD is a topical product that you can use to cleanse and hydrate your companion’s coat and skin. We craft our shampoo with pet-friendly ingredients and 250 milligrams of premium CBD to soothe irritations that may be bothering your furry friend. Our CBD Pet Shampoo is tropically scented to leave your pet smelling fresh long after bath time.

What are the benefits of Shampoo and Conditioner with CBD?

Your furry friend may benefit from our 2-in-1 pet shampoo and conditioner if they deal with sensitivities to allergens, itchy skin or excessive shedding. Our blend of premium ingredients and CBD naturally soothes and moisturizes your pet’s skin to reduce redness, limit shedding and promote a healthier and luscious-looking coat.

How do I use CBD Shampoo and Conditioner for pets?

Wet your furry friend with warm water and apply our 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner to their coat. Thoroughly lather all areas of your pet’s skin and then carefully rinse off. We recommend bathing your pet every 2 to 4 months or as often as needed for relief from irritated or smelly skin.

Is CBD Shampoo for pets safe for my furry friend?

Yes, Perfect Paws Hemp pet shampoo and conditioner with CBD is non-toxic and safe to add to your pet’s grooming routine. We formulate our CBD Shampoo at our in-house facility with pet-friendly ingredients to ensure your furry friend receives a product beneficial to their health. We verify our ingredients’ potency and quality with an ISO-certified third-party lab to give you the utmost confidence in our products. We publish the results online for you to view.