CBD Oil for Skin Care

CBD Oil for Skin Care

Ever thought of using CBD Oil for skin care? Pop quiz – What’s the largest organ of the human body? It’s sort of a trick question. You may be surprised to learn the answer is your skin. It’s your skin’s job to protect the inside of you from potentially harmful external sources and warn you from potential danger. Your skin also comprises a large part of your physical appearance, which is why we also commonly associate it with beauty and self-confidence. If you’re suffering from a skin issue, you may feel self-conscious about how you look, and you could possibly be at risk for more wide-ranging medical problems. For those looking for relief from common skin issues, CBD Oil may be a possible solution.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a prevalent compound found in Cannabis plants. It’s different from its sister compound, THC, as it has no psychoactive properties (it won’t get you “high.”). The CBD compound is a cannabinoid, and other forms of cannabinoids are found naturally in your body. CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Pain Freeze and other CBD products interact with the cannabinoid receptors in your body to help positively promote your natural systems and improve your everyday life.

CBD Oil for Skin Care

CBD Oil can be used as part of your skin care routine to potentially reduce inflammation, acne and other skin conditions.

CBD Oil Skin Care Products

There are lots of CBD Oil skin care products out there. Look for a quality product sourced from sustainable Industrial Hemp grown in the USA. The product should have great customer reviews and engage in third-party lab testing to verify its contents. Look for CBD skin care products that have trusted, premium ingredients.

What Are CBD Oil Benefits for Skin Care?

CBD may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help our bodies including our skin.

“Collectively, our data introduce the phytocannabinoid CBD as a potent 'universal' anti-acne agent, possessing a unique 'triple anti-acne' profile.” This quote comes from this scientific article. This study also states that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties and an absence of significant side effects.

There are many CBD benefits for the mind and body. While studies are limited, more and more studies are being conducted every day.

How to Add Hemp CBD Oil to Skin Care Products

You can add CBD Oil extracted from Hemp to your skin care products. We can’t offer you specific amounts to add as we aren’t dermatologists, but you can try very small amounts and go from there or, better yet, speak directly with your dermatologist or doctor before trying CBD skin care products.

Where Can I Get CBD Oil to Make My Own Skin Care Products?

Buy premium CBD Oil at Hemp Bombs! You can combine CBD Oil with trusted, premium ingredients including coconut oil and essential oils, like tea tree oil. Be sure to speak with your dermatologist before trying CBD Oil on your skin, and only test a small area first to ensure you don’t have a reaction. Read Hemp Bombs blog about DIY CBD Skin Care for some great CBD skin care recipes.

What Percent Of CBD Oil Is Beneficial for Skin Care?

This varies depending on what you are using the skin care for. A CBD pain cream like CBD Pain Freeze will be a much higher concentration than a basic skin care lotion. Hemp Bombs CBD cream comes in 400mg CBD Pain Relief Rub and 1000mg CBD Pain Relief Rub.

While CBD Oil may potentially help you transform your skin, it’s important to keep in mind that the quality of your oil can make a big difference. Look for a product that maintains transparency about its potency level and sourcing. It’s also essential to make sure your CBD Oil brand tests its products with a third-party lab. You may also want to research reviews and testimonials about a CBD Oil for skin care before using it.