30-Count CBD Gummies

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Hemp Bombs’ Gummies feature a CBD blend crafted into 30 delicious servings with robust wellness benefits. If you are on the move and looking for an effortless way to introduce essential ingredients into your diet, Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies are the perfect option. Each CBD gummy contains 15 mg of CBD. These wellness benefits are attributed to the CBD-rich Industrial Hemp the gummies are sourced from. The Hemp is nurtured from plant to product with an eco-forward methodology and minimal human footprint. CBD is a standalone organic property and does not mimic the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD possesses the therapeutic benefits connected with THC without disorienting psychological elements.

Product Info
• 30 count of CBD Gummies
• 15mg of CBD per gummy
• 450mg of CBD total
Tested by Independent Labs
• Non-THC, No failed drug test


Hemp Bombs has proprietary rights to its CBD gummy formula, meticulously crafting CBD products for the consumer market. Experience the multitude of benefits of Hemp Bombs gummies today.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1-2 CBD Gummies Daily
Servings Per Container: 15-30

Certified Pure Cannabidiol (CBD),
L-Theanine, Scutellaria, Passiflora

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Citric Acid,
Calcium Lactate, Silicon Dioxide, Natural & Artificial Flavors

What Is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound derived from either Hemp or Marijuana. While both plants are members of the Cannabis family, they differ in structure. Marijuana can produce psychoactive effects, but you cannot get “high” from Hemp.

At Hemp Bombs, we source our 30-Count CBD Gummies from organic, superior-grade Industrial Hemp grown using sustainable methods. CBD is effective because of a bodily system called the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. The ECS contains cell receptors that respond to the compounds found in Cannabis, and it’s responsible for inflammation control, pain relief, sleep regulation and more.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

Because of the way our bodies respond to Cannabis, CBD is often incredibly effective when it comes to treating chronic pain, inflammation, mood problems, boosting the immune system and more. Many of our customers say they’ve experienced life-changing results from Hemp Bombs products, whether it’s reduced pain, increased mood or overall wellness.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes.   Hemp Bombs CBD is derived from Industrial Hemp and it contains no traces of THC, making it federally legal.

Does CBD Get Me High?

No, CBD does not produce a “high” or cause psychoactive effects, which is all thanks to the low levels of THC present in Hemp-derived CBD. While Marijuana contains a high amount of THC, Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent THC. Hemp Bombs CBD contains no THC at all.  You may feel calmer or more peaceful after taking CBD, but it will not lead to impairment.

How Many Gummies Should I Take?

Because CBD affects everyone differently, we recommend taking one or two gummies and seeing how you feel. We advise you to try CBD for the first time before bed – it can sometimes make people feel a bit sleepy due to its relaxing effects. Once you know how 30-Count CBD Gummies make you feel, you may gradually increase your daily dose as needed.

Can I Give Gummies To Children?

Hemp Bombs products are intended for adults 18 and older.

Can I Give Gummies To Pets?

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly CBD option, we recommend our CBD Pet Oil, which is formulated with your furry friend in mind.

Do CBD Gummies Work?

Hemp Bombs 30-Count CBD Gummies are known to have a relaxing effect on both mind and body, and they’re a fun way to get a potent dosage of CBD. As we mentioned, CBD affects everyone differently, so you may feel sleepy after chewing a gummy – but our customers find them very effective.

Why Hemp Bombs?

Hemp Bombs is a leading CBD brand because of our commitment to quality and customer service. We have a support team ready to answer any questions you may have about CBD products, and every step of the manufacturing process is completed in-house by our experienced production team.


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57 reviews for 30-Count CBD Gummies

  1. Ruthanne

    I suffer from arthritis in my spine and spinal stenosis and some anxiety nothing I tried worked for me and I tried these Hemp Bomb gummies and it changed my life for the better it helped me to relax and sleep better relaxed the muscles and relieved pain and just improved my over all well being thank you so much Hemp Bombs I strongly recommend Hemp Bombs products

  2. deb.b

    Just wonderful I’ve tried these and the 25mgm one’s both do everything they claim really helps with my chronic pain illnesses and other health problems, love hemp bombs

  3. Stephanie

    I bought these from a store near my home. If you’re looking for CBD gummies look no where else! There are it I promise. I’ve tried different brands that were more expensive and none compare to these. These are high quality and the effects kick in quickly. I will never buy another brand again!

  4. James D.

    Very good product, will rebuy.

  5. Trisha T.

    Just wanted to say… I LOVE your packaging. It really stands out from the other brands.

  6. Jake K

    First time buyer of Hemp Bombs gummies here! I have mild cerebral palsy, and the 30 count at 15 mg potency does its job at relieving my muscle and back stiffness. The gummies may take a little time to kick in, but the sensation lasted for about 6 hours after taking two gummies, and I went straight to sleep last night. Highly recommend these for their effectiveness and price.

  7. L Johnston

    I have tried other brands and these gummies work! When I take one at night for chronic low back pain, I don’t wake up in pain. I need more!

  8. Gerald T.

    Love hemp bombs!

  9. Jen Repenshek

    The gummies work! Out of all the CBD products I have used, they really are the bomb! Get rid of the artificial dyes and flavors, PLEASE! You will have a customer for life. #hempbombslove

  10. heroinejeans

    Im a chronic pain patient and my husband has pain problems of his own. He loves these gummies! He gets pain reduction, anxiety relief and overall mood elevation. He takes them when he gets home from a stressful day at work. I take them when my anxiety/panic gets out of hand they make me relaxed and a little drowsy too but not groggy. I’m so glad we found these gummies they are a game changer.

  11. STWOChic

    Rats, they have sugar. I’m on the Keto diet… very sad. ? Stevia, please…? Or monk fruit? Thanks.

  12. Lila S

    I can’t get enough of these gummies! They taste great and i can finally get a good night of sleep. Thanks Hempbombs!

  13. xariisky

    These are the best CBD gummies I’ve found yet. I’ve tried several different brands and none of them are as good as HempBombs. I’ll eat one gummy in the middle of my work day and it completely mellows me out when other wise I would be stressed like crazy. It’s definitely helped with my sleep also, if I eat one before bed I know I’ll have a sound night without waking 5 times.

  14. Andrew P.

    The company is fantastic and delivery is always on time or faster.

  15. Christopher W.

    These gummies are the bomb! I was sent a sample with some E-Liquid I bought and these last so much longer and much more effective than vaping but I love vaping too. I’m trying the HP gummies next so I can feel gooood all day long! Keep bombing Hempbombs!

  16. Stefanie A.

    Between the cbd oil and the gummies, one of them always works for my anxiety. I LOVE eating the gummies for my sweet tooth.

  17. Gregg P.

    I like to pop a couple of your gummies after a hard day at work when I’m all stressed out. Makes me feel more subdued and less anxious.

  18. Nate T

    Would love cbd gummies in a sour-apple flavor!

  19. Yolanda G

    Just saw you guys have a high potency of these. Made a purchase for them.

  20. Yvette O.

    Best CBD gummies I’ve ever had. They taste great and relax me.

  21. Rachel

    Such fast shipping 🙂 love the flavor, deffinately makes me feel relaxed! Less anxious.

  22. Joshua G.

    My girlfriend and I have been using Hemp Bombs products for some time as well as delving into the world of CBD a lot in general.
    I must say out of all the gummies/edibles we have tried so far the Hemp Bombs gummies are by far our favorite and most effective.
    They have such a great taste (Tart to sweet) and a great texture, you can also feel the effects pretty quickly!
    We mostly use these as sleep aids and to de-stress after a work day or at the end of the week and love them!
    Hemp Bombs is our go to for CBD products and their customer service and support is one of the most friendliest I’ve encountered.
    Highly recommend these and the other great products here at Hemp Bombs!
    Thanks so much for creating these products!

  23. Janice D.

    I eat these every day before bed. Helps me relax and sleep.

  24. Anna D.

    Damn! I hate that I Ioooooooove these so much. Hemp Bombs taking all my money.

  25. Delilah C

    Hey, just wanted to write a review and tell you that I am loving the Hemp Bombs Gummies.
    A friend gave me some of hers and I liked the way they made me feel.
    I was apprehensive about them and thought they were a joke, but to my surprise they work!
    So here’s 5 stars and I don;t just give those out lightly.
    To anyone reading this and has doubts, don’t. I think you’ll be surprised too.

  26. Will J.

    This 30 count gummy bottle works for me. I take one every night before bed. One bottle per month.

  27. Trevor L.

    These help with my mood and anxiety. CBD works.

  28. Gregg L.

    This has made my aches and pain diminish considerably. Easy on the stomach.

  29. Samson R.

    I have been taking two gummies an hour or so before bedtime and it gives me a calming effect that helps me relax and fall sleep easily.
    I want to try the stronger ones tho.

  30. Celine T.

    Big shout out to your Customer Service dept. I had made a mistake on my address when I ordered and had to call in and change it before it shipped. They have real live friendly people answering the phone WITHOUT AN ANNOYING QUEUE SYSTEM. I got it taken care of right away and they shipped it the same day. I couldn’t believe it but I got it in 3 days. Thanks Hemp Bombs!

  31. Dennis M

    These are so great. And shipping was extremely fast.

  32. Wendy A

    I’m excited for these to come in. Just placed my first order with you guys. Hoping for some anxiety relief from them.

  33. David G

    I got these really fast and started in on them immediately. Gave me a great relaxed feeling. Mellowed me out.

  34. Frank M

    Very fast shipping. Got them sooner than tracking told me. Always a nice thing.

  35. Jimmy H

    The 30-count price point has worked out good for me, but I just ordered the high potency version to try out. Might wind up being a better option.

  36. Samuel Gillen

    I take 2 gummies per night to help sleep and relax. They work amazing!!!!

  37. kneadngrlf

    I have only used this product for about 2 weeks but since using it, I have had much less daily anxiety and no panic attacks or flashbacks from non-military PTSD. I have been able to get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. I am thankful for this product that was recommended to me by a gentleman at a health food store near me. I have already repurchased and recommended to others.

  38. Eden H

    I bought Hemp Bombs hoping it would help my husband with his PTSD. He said they tasted better than other company’s CBD gummies we have tried but did nothing. I was really disappointed.

  39. Kenny V

    Awesome product and great price!

  40. Salvadore D

    I eat a few of these and vape the watermelon kush. Love this stuff

  41. Vance F.

    After I figured out how many I needed to take to feel the desired effect, I am happy with these.

  42. Javier P

    They are too sweet and was sub-therapeutic.

  43. Shellie D

    I love that these gummies are gluten free!!

  44. Camille D

    I enjoy munching a few of these before going into my yoga class; really helps me relax and get the full benefit..

  45. Jackson

    Shipping was super quick, they were easy to chew up and digest and they actually relieved the pain in my shoulders with no side effects to speak of.
    I will purchase again.

  46. Grace D

    Believe or not, these took away a bad head ache on two different occasions. Didn’t think they could but the second time proved it.

  47. Hugh L

    Dissappointed. Thought these would get me high. Got no use for them.

  48. Penny

    I try to buy American every chance I get. My husband is a vet and we are very patriotic. we found your Gummies while doing a search for cbd gummies. Our order arrived super quick and we both really like them.

  49. Rusty F

    I went ahead and bought these after trying the small packet of 5. Going through them pretty fast. Might try the 60 count bottle after these are gone.

  50. Dedra

    Great alternative for winding down after a hard day.

  51. Lorraine V.

    I’m addicted to these little gummie bears. It’s getting to be an expensive craving but I love them. Is there any way you guys can make bigger and more potent pieces?

  52. Tammy D.

    Good product. I wish there was more flavors. They just all taste the same to me. But they do work.

  53. Nelson G

    I’m eating these at night after dinner, as a sleep aid. Do I need to brush my teeth after chewing them up because they have sugar?

  54. Bradley

    Great product! Great price!

  55. Reese

    I pop two at a time and it takes about 20 minutes for me to feel it. Taste isn’t bad either.

  56. Jackie N.

    Love these. They work.

  57. tom b

    I love this product! The gummies are so convenient and they work!

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