High Potency CBD Gummies 60-Count

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For a limited time, buy our 60-count High Potency CBD Gummies and we will send you a bottle of 70 gummies instead – for no additional fee!

Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD Gummies are more potent than our traditional CBD Gummies, each containing 25mg of premium CBD. Our High Potency CBD Gummies follow the same strict manufacturing and sourcing guidelines. Our products are tested both internally and by third parties for quality and consistency purposes.

Product Info
• 60 count of CBD Gummies
• 25mg of CBD per gummy
• 1500mg of CBD total
Tested by Independent Labs




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High Potency CBD Gummies 60-Count

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1-2 gummies
Gummies Per Container: 60

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD),
Proprietary Blend: L-Theanine, Scutellaria, Passiflora & Melatonin

Other Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Citric Acid,
Calcium Lactate, Silicon Dioxide, Natural & Artificial Flavors

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound that is derived from Cannabis, or Hemp. To be legally compliant, our CBD is sourced from Industrial Hemp. CBD is effective because of a bodily system called the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. The ECS contains cell receptors that respond to the compounds found in Cannabis, and it’s responsible for inflammation control, pain relief, sleep regulation and more. Because of the way our bodies respond to Cannabis, CBD is often incredibly effective in making you feel good and providing relaxation.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, Hemp Bombs CBD is derived from Industrial Hemp and it contains no more than 0.3% THC, making it federally legal.

How Much CBD should I Take?

Our 60-count high-potency CBD Gummies have 25mg of Cannabidiol per gummy. We recommend 1-2 gummies per serving unless otherwise directed. Factors like age, gender, and weight will all be important to CBD’s metabolism within your body. It is best to speak with your physician about intake guidelines, especially if you are on other medications.

Does CBD Get Me High?

No, our High-Potency CBD Gummies 60-count do not produce a “high” or cause psychoactive effects, which is all thanks to the low levels of THC present in Hemp-derived CBD. While Marijuana contains a high amount of THC, Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent THC. You may feel calmer or more relaxed after taking CBD.

Why Hemp Bombs?

Hemp Bombs is a customer favorite within the CBD industry. While many companies try to take advantage of customer ignorance, Hemp Bombs tries to educate its customer base so they can make informed buying decisions. We truly use premium choice ingredients and control all of our product manufacturing. Many CBD companies operate as “private label” or “contract manufacturers” and do not even operate from a brick and mortar base. As well as the success of our products, we have full teams of highly trained professionals at the customer’s disposal.

79 reviews for High Potency CBD Gummies 60-Count

  1. karen smith

    i want to thank EDWIN in customer service, he was wonderful to me today, i was having trouble entering my order.he walked me thru the steps that i did wrong, we laughed and he took his time with my process. .kudos to EDWIN!!! now about the high potency gummies. this is the best cbd for pain, sleeping, and to relax. i used to use the 5mg gummies.!!!!!. again, thank you EDWIN and HEMPBOMBS

  2. Frank Marshall

    How is a botle of 60count 25mg per gummies for of 1500mg per bottle 140$!!!!? get the 5 pack of 125mg gummoes for a total of 625mg total per pack for 10.71 with tax.. So 4 packs of what I get would be 1700mg total for roughly 43$ but yet if “you buy in bulk here u get 1500mg worth for 140$?! It’s legit too it’s not anything fake it’s.from a convenient store but it’s a legit. I’m just worried because I haven’t found him deal like this anywhere else so am I going to have to try and buy his many packages through them as possible as soon as possible??? I can’t afford.these insane prices especially for strictly CBD
    ..not that it’s still not great but you get what i mean

    • kathy.p

      I am so sorry Fred. We sell to wholesalers and distributors who in turn sell to local businesses. They do not have to match our online prices. However, when you buy from anywhere other than us, you do not get a 30 day money back guarantee. You get that guarantee with us. And of course, not to mention the variety of products that you can purchase from our site.

  3. Ed A

    Regarding not working. You can build up a tolerance to any medication. Takes more for the same feeling. Learn to taper your intake.

  4. Leah

    Not impressed by customer service… which is a shame because I love the product. I tried using the holiday discount code at 11pm EST when the code expired at 12am EST. I kept getting a message saying the code was expired even though it wasn’t, so I emailed customer service about the issue and they wouldn’t honor the code because I supposedly ordered at 12am… even though I placed my order at 11pm EST. Make sure if you use a code you use it well before it is supposed to expire.

    • kathy.p

      Hi Leah! I researched your order and see that your order was approved at 12:17am. We receive your order as soon as it is approved and that was the time it was approved. I dont know if it was the time difference between KY and Fl or not, but either way, your email could have been handled much better. I am so sorry for that! I see that Heather gave you a 15% coupon that you can use twice and does not expire. I am going to send you a coupon through your email that is much better. I see that this is your first time ordering with us. I sure hope that this will make it better and you will give us another shot.

  5. David

    I don’t know what’s changed in the capsules formula and I’m not trying to say hemp bombs are lying but I have to strongly agree that “Something is not the same” there are numerous people who have noticed the same thing. Not just the few who reviewed on this site but many other sites have people saying the same thing. They worked for my panic attacks just fine until SOMETHING CHANGED. Maybe you guys are unaware if it, like maybe you started ordering your ingrediencies from other suppliers that don’t have quality product. I can guarantee that you must have saw a major decrease in sales this year once people started noticing they are no longer working the same. Idk but I DO know one thing… I miss whatever hemp bombs capsules use to have in them. Due to the possibility of your company being unaware of any change in formula I ask that you please do some investigating to find out what is obviously not the same as it was a year ago. Every time you say “Our formula hasn’t changed” without even looking into it, your customers lose a little more trust. We the consumers know how the product works for us and know what to expect which is why we keep buying it. When what we expect is suddenly not the same as what we’re getting, change in said product is highly suspected and plausible.

    This not meant to be a lash out. I just want the hemp bombs capsules I was taking a year ago. The ones I loved so much that about a year ago I ended up ordering a big bottle of to only be disappointed when they didn’t work like the ones I bought at the gas station. I ended up buying the last of what was at the gas station and they kept working as they should so “tolerance causing diminished effects” theory is already out. (No one has mentioned that but I figured I would get that one out of the way anyway) I ended up thinking maybe it was something different in the promo packs that stores get to resell but when they got their next shipment at the gas station I was again disappointed when I tried them. The thing that worked for me was no longer being made is pretty much how I took it.

    • KathyProffitt

      Hi David,
      I take them every day myself. I really havent noticed a difference in my experience with them. However, I would feel the same as you if I did notice a difference. So I am going to delve into this and see if I can find some answers for you. I will make sure that your review keeps popping up in my feed so that I will hold myself accountable to follow up with you. Chat with you soon…Kathy P.

    • KathyProffitt

      January 2, 2020

      Hi David,
      I have not forgotten you. I just wanted to let you know that so far all the answers that I have received is that the formula has not changed. I brought up the point that you had about suppliers or vendors that we use for our natural ingredients, and did we change any of those. However, since this is New Years week, we are a ghost ship around here and the people that I need to speak to took the holidays to be with their families.
      We should be back to business as normal on Monday, so I do not expect to get the answer until then. I am so sorry for the delay.
      I will keep you informed.

      Kathy P

    • KathyProffitt

      Hi David! I have forwarded your review to someone who can help me get the exact answer for you. Thanks for your patience!

    • kathy.p

      ‘Thank you for reaching out. We continue to produce premium hemp-derived CBD products, including Hemp Bombs’ capsules. To stay ahead of all local, state, and federal regulations, we have enhanced our packaging and labeling to include all ingredients used in our products. Additionally, we publish all of our independent third-party lab results for our products, which gives our valued customers like you, additional knowledge and transparency of the potency and ingredients in our products. Thank you for reaching out and thank you for being a great customer!’

  6. KathyProffitt

    Hi Mike,
    I am so very sorry that you were not contacted in the first place and that your calls or emails were not responded to. We will not have capsules until sometime in January, so we were calling or emailing all the customers who ordered capsules. We did not get in touch with very many of them, but we left messages and emails and are getting answers daily to our attempts. You can get a refund or you can exchange them for something else. I want to let you know that if you go to our website, you can put your email address down for an alert email when the capsules become available. We will give you a much better deal on them also at that time.
    Please accept my apology for all the mess. We love our customers and we will always make sure to correct issues and make things right.
    I also want to thank you for your service.. Happy Holidays

  7. Danielle

    I loved these products until they changed the formula and added melatonin. They claim to have not changed the formula but I am holding two smaller packages of them in my hands now and the ingredients list is completely different, purchased in Hawaii and Idaho.

    • KathyProffitt

      Dear Danielle:

      “Thank you for reaching out with your question. The amount of b-phenyl-y-aminobutyric acid has
      not increased in our gummies. The label has changed to ensure that it is compliant with the
      evolving regulations for CBD. We changed the packaging to include the scientific name of
      Gaba. The scientific name or term for Gaba is b-phenyl-y-aminobutyric acid. So if you have a
      product with the old label, it will say Gaba, and if you have a bottle with the new label it will
      list the whole scientific term for Gaba which is b-phenyl-y-aminobutyric acid.

      Thank you so much for bringing that up Danielle. I am sure that there are others that have
      noticed and you have given us a chance to address it. I would love to give you a coupon for your
      next online purchase. If you call 800-589-9098 you will reach customer service. Please tell
      them that Kathy has given you a coupon for an online purchase. I will let them know to expect
      your call.
      Thanks again Danielle!”

  8. blkcobra18

    great product great taste to bad shipping isnt as great as it use to be, waited 10 ten days to recieve it then made another order again to see if it was a fluke nope it was longer this time, hate to see the third time,,not finding out

    • KathyProffitt

      I am so sorry!! Please call our customer service dept and let them know what happened and how you feel. Our delivery time is 5-10 “business” days. If you had to wait longer than that,
      We would love the chance to make it right. Please tell them that you got a response from Kathy and if they need to, they can call me. They will look at your orders and evaluate your
      delivery times. Thank you for letting us know how you feel. It gives us an opportunity to make our company even better by working on the issues that we get from our customers.

  9. Alison

    I was amazed by the original High Potency Gummy Bears and recently ordered what I thought was another bottle of the same product. Unfortunately, Hemp Bombs has changed the formula and I do not like this new product. The first high potency gummies, in the shape of bears, contained a formula of L-Theanine, Passion Flower, Scullcap and Magnolia. The new formula has melatonin added to it and I bought this without realizing that the formula had been changed. First off, Hemp Bombs needs to have the exact dosage of these substances on the label and on their web site. Also, there are contraindications with each of these substances, things they do not interact well with and that also needs to be on the web site and label. Melatonin is a hormone and should not be taken regularly, on a daily basis and should only be a certain dose. It is irresponsible to not let consumers know these substances have possible side affects. I do not like the way the new product makes me feel and have spent a $150 for a product I did not know the new ingredients of. I am disappointed to say the least.

    • KathyProffitt

      Hi Alison,
      I am so sorry that we did not make it clear on the website! We have not changed our formula. The amount of melatonin in the gummies is such a miniscule amount, that it is unmeasureable. With the CBD world growing every day, we have employed a Vice President of Compliance who has informed us that even though it is unmeasureable, we still have to disclose it.
      However, we used to purchase gummies in the raw and infuse them with the CBD. We are now making our own gummies and infusing them with the same CBD formula that we have always used. The gummies taste different to me, but I can assure you that the formula for the actual CBD infused on the gummies is the same as it has always been.
      If you bought your gummies from us online, we have a 30 day guarantee and you can get a refund or exchange.
      Please call our customer service department at 800-589-9098.

  10. Nick

    I have really bad anxiety and I usually drink everyday. I started taking the gummies everyday and I do not drink everyday anymore. I don’t feel the need to drink to feel relaxed. I can take these gummies instead. I highly recommend to anyone with anxiety

  11. Elizabeth A

    I LOVED how you made my life a difference! I have mild cerebral palsy, suffers with fibromyalgia, and sleep problems. I tried the sampler of the gummies, I chose the high potency and it really helped me so much! Thank you and God made the plant to help people feel better. I recently bought the 60 count bottle of high potency gummies, can’t wait to get more soon!

  12. egarza_02

    Wow this product have change my entire life for the better..Relax energy,mood,sleep and well being.Thanks Hemp Bombs.

  13. Richard R

    This Product Rocks! Period. No more pain in the knees. I can tell one is weak, but the extreme pain is gone. The orthopedic doctor had told me to take up to 6 aleve’s a day and I did for a year. That was doing a number on my body and thinned my blood. Less than 1 week on the 25 mg gummies and I take zero aleve’s now. Also had chronic sinus my whole life. Went from taking 2 zyrtec D’s a day to None. Heart rate is lower. It is a miracle for me. Sleep very well at night. Thank you. I am 65 years old and a vietnam era veteran and continue to work a 40 hour office job and saltwater charters on the weekend.

  14. JENNY B.

    I was turned on to these delicious products in high potency. My neighbor and I bartered for some food I brought her when she was sick, (my idea). I am hooked! Although my husband think they are too expensive, THEY ARE FOR ME, the one that never gets enough sleep. I will reorder as soon as my new credit card arrived.

  15. Butch M

    Been taking the gummies for 5 months and they help my arthritis done away with the meds and there side affects, told a number of my friends and they take them now and love them.

  16. Lauren

    The BEST edible, THC-free, CBD product out there! I take two an hour before bedtime and fall asleep easily. Better than any other pill I was taking to fall asleep!

  17. dlt4ever99

    I have type II diabetes and have been taking these gummies for about a year now. In that time my blood sugar has dropped at least 40 points and my A1C has gone down from about 8 to 6.5 which for anyone who is familiar with these numbers knows that is amazing. I have been able to cut my medication in half and still achieve good results. It’s no doubt the CBD works on glucose levels in the body in addition to helping with sleep and overall well being. Thanks Hemp Bombs for keeping the product honest and real!

  18. Eric

    I use these for sleep. My Dad bought a 60 count and I am ordering more. I work the midnight shift on weekends and I can even sleep several hours in the middle of the day when I take these. I don’t even need to try the sleep gummies. Plus I get more of the healing quality of CBD. 25mg vs. 15mg + meletonin. Don’t even need meletonin with these potent boys.

  19. Brett Y.


  20. syujihonda

    It’s so potent I felt like I was stoned and drunk but without discomfort in the stomach. I don’t recommend this dose if you drive or have to function well physically. This high potent gummy will make you want to just lay on bed or sofa. I’ll cut those pieces in half because it’s too potent for me. Maybe vaping is the way to go, but hemp bombs gummies taste better than ordinary gummies without CBD. lol.

  21. Tanya H

    I was very Hesitant But my niece believes in your products so I ordered the High Strength Gummies and took one in the morning and one at night. They were Surprisingly tasty with a slight after taste. I am very pleased with the results they also curved my appetite so maybe they’ll help me loose weight. I definitely recommend this product.

  22. cchemphill48

    This is from a couple who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. This is the only product that helps us sleep through the night. You guys are the greatest! Keep it up!

  23. steph229_sale

    These gummies are amazing. I suffer from an anxiety disorder, depression, and scoliosis that causes near constant muscle tension and spasms in my back, shoulders and neck. I tried the sample pack of these gummies and only a few minutes after taking one, I am noticeably calmer, my mind slows down, and my muscles feel a lot more relaxed. I have tried a few other CBD products that didn’t really do much, but these are definitely helping me and I will continue to use them.

  24. hinesfamily722

    Have Fibromyalgia and take a full spectrum CBD oil during the day25mg. For sleep I take one 25mg gummie and sleep all night. Wake up feeling rested. I’m 69 years old and love these. They are expensive but the coupons help alot.

  25. Kristin M.

    I wish I didn’t like these so much. It’s not good fore my bank account. lol 🙁 But I gotta have my gummies. 🙂

  26. Amy H.

    I absolutely love the higher dose gummies. I purchased them to help with anxiety and they work! I was skeptical but they do indeed produce a calming effect.

  27. Marc T

    I had to retire early (at age 61) — seven years ago — after becoming disabled with severe degenerative disc disease. Then, just nine months ago, I became newly diagnosed as also suffering from fibromyalgia. (If you don’t know, fibromyalgia exacerbates pain arising from real, physical trauma — like back pain — as well as being characterized by the advent of “whole body” neuropathic pain. Which pain can last a lifetime.)

    By the end of September, 2018, I found myself completely incapacitated by my worsening fibromyalgia and diseased lumbar spine, so much so I could barely walk.

    Well, as you’ll have guessed, I am writing to report that I have experienced a miraculous recovery — THANKS TO HEMP BOMBS !!! I AM PAIN FREE !!! !!! !!! (Well, almost. The symptoms of my fibromyalgia have vanished altogether. My back pain has now dimished to such an extent that I feel capable of going out to look for work again!) Seven years of debilitating pain: GONE after taking exactly two 25mg doses of HEMP BOMBS CBD HP capsules !!! (I am now into my fourth day of recovery from my pain, and I am continuing to take one HEMP BOMB CBD HP 25mg capsule twice daily.

    This is not a placebo effect: I simply have no more headaches, no cervicle crepitus, no muscular aches and pains. Even the function of my very arthritic hands has improved. And I have stopped taking my ibuprofen for the first time in years.

    HEMP BOMBS aren’t cheap — But how does one put a price on pain relief such as that which I’ve enjoyed?

    TRY IT!


    (PS: Before I finish this review, I want to use a little more space to give especial thanks to HEMP BOMBS’s customer service personnel. Two days into my first bottle of HEMP BOMBS CBD HP capsules, I immediately went online and bought two more bottles! But I made an error and bought instead the HEMP BOMBS CBD HP Gummies rather than my preferred CBD HP capsules. So, get this, I called HEMP BOMBS one minute after they opened — at 9:01am USA Eastern Time — and got a real live service support specialist, Kathy Proffitt, on the second ring of my phone !!! Immediately upon hearing about my mistake, Kathy called her shipping department, successfully had my already boxed order swapped out for the product I really wanted, and then sent me an email saying my mistake had been resolved. PLUS, Kathy personally called me back to tell me everything was okay. ALL OF THIS — the shipping dept. repackaging, the emailed announcement of resolution, and Kathy’s phone call to me — HAPPENED WITHIN FIVE MINUTES OF MY INITIAL CALL !!! Kudos indeed. These people are great. Thanks again, Marc)

  28. Harold W.

    Made another order for the high potency gummies and used a 20% off code they gave me in an email.
    That def helps make it more affordable for me.

  29. Chris Hall

    These Gummies are great for moderate generalized anxiety! I ordered the 15 mg the first time and recently ordered and have been taking the 25 mg. I take one in the very early morning when I get up and one in mid to late afternoon and this keeps me relaxed all day and evening. I used to take prescribed Xanax for anxiety and no longer have to take that since discovering these Gummies.

  30. Karen Davis

    I LOVE these gummies. They are great for helping keep me calm and wonderful for sound sleep.

  31. Deni GB

    I started with the 10mg gummies found at my dispensary. Then I found the website!! Imagine my excitement finding 15mg gummies! And the ability to purchase in a large bottle instead of a little package! Alas I found myself taking two of the 15mg gummies so decided to try the HP 25mg. They are perfect for me. They let me sleep, calm my nerves, help with fibromyalgia pain and just get me through the day (and night). Love them! And love Hempbombs! Excellent customer service!!

  32. Tim P

    I am giving this 3 stars because I love your guys products. But I am convinced that the 15 mg gummies work better than the high potency ones.

  33. Val A

    Its so hard to keep buying these because they are so good that I eat more than I should. Dang they’re good! They seem to be not quite as sweet as the 15mg ones.

  34. jacompton12

    Great product. I noticed almost immediately that my chronic pain was less. The higher dose per gummy really worked! A customer for life.

  35. Lorena K.

    Love this product!

  36. Kelly B

    These gummies are amazing!! They are great for anxiety, insomnia, headaches. I will be ordering again once I have no more. I love these gummies & I’m so glad I took a chance buying a 5 pack one day. Customer for life!! Thank you Hemp Bombs!!

  37. Dayne

    My first purchase was this large high potency bottle of gummies. I got them after seeing smaller packages at a local record store. These things are great! They helped me get over my driving anxiety and now I use them to cope with general anxiety, depression and to get a good night sleep. They have also helped when I had body aches, or a headache.

  38. Elizabeth H.

    5 Stars isn’t enough for how awesome this product is! This is like medicine to me and is so effective!!! I’m a customer for life and am very confident in the product to recommend friends and family. I love the potent gummies, as I have been able to keep no complex migraines in remission. A true miracle, and is far more effective than anticonvulsants!

  39. Daisy A.

    My first Hemp Bombs product was the five pack of gummies. Almost immeditely after taking the first gummy, I felt a difference in my anxiety. I took them for four more days and I could feel my mind start to really level out. I came back to the website to order more and saw a high potency version. Since I am really happy with the effects and want even more, I decided to go with this product. I’m glad I did. I’m on my second bottle now and I take these gummies religiously each day. I feel like a whole new person as far as my anxiety goes. I don’t get worked up when i have to talk to people or when I have a lot on my plate at work. I’m forever thankful for Hemp Bombs. if you’re considering the gummies, trust me the high potency really makes a difference.

  40. justabout_all

    I tried the 15mg gummies after dealing with doctors and specialist regarding stomach issues that they still have not figured out, I’ve been on multiple types of medications for anxiety/stress and sleeping disorder normal sleep would be 15 minutes and up for 3 days. I checked online for natural ways of addressing the issue with no luck, It ended with same results as usual. I ended up trying the gummies the first time i took two i was out cold in 20 minutes and slept 6 hours that was on a empty stomach, i thought that it was just a fluke so after a few days of no sleep I figured based on my tolerance and a full meal in I would take the remaining 3 I went to bed and slept 8.5 hrs and did not get up once i knew my girlfriend had gotten home because she turns on the lights when she gets home normally this would have me up and out of bed until my next crash out day but I was aware and alert but so relaxed I just went back to sleep in seconds. The best part is I have no side effect no worries of being hooked on anything because its a natural product that works. I have been using this product for 2 months now and have control of my sleeping schedule. I only wished i knew about it sooner would have saved me thousands of dollars between doctors/specialist and harsh side effect of rx medication. I would like to thank hemp bomb for the rest that I am now getting. Also thank you Kathy for your time and professionalism over the phone and educating me more on the products offered. I don’t say this much but you have a customer as long as your in business.

    P.S. To anyone stuck in the box think outside of it and educate yourself I use to be the type that said If a doctor didn’t give it to me than no thanks I informed my doctor of the results i got and he said if it works keep doing it.

  41. Harold M.

    I’m in my late seventies with numerous back surgeries and chronic back pain. Well I am amazed, for after just a few days, I’m almost
    pain free by taking two 25 mg jellcaps daily. But the interesting part is that hemp bombs have helped me to concentrate and focus.

  42. Melanie T

    Good bye melatonin, you never worked for me anyway. Hello my beautimous little bears! I love you!

  43. Troy G.

    This is a solid cbd product. The feeling is subtle for me, but I am a heavy cbd user. My GF really likes them tho.

  44. Lee T.

    Excellent quality! These high potency Gummies are much better than your others.

  45. Fred C

    Just stumbled on to your stronger gummies. 25mg of cbd per gummie? I am IN!

  46. PJ

    I’m liking these higher potency gummies. Make me feel really relaxed.

  47. Sylvia D.

    My oldest daughter turned me on to the Hemp Bombs gummies a couple months ago when she was over for a birthday party.
    She gave me a handful of the gummies and ate 2 right then.
    In a few minutes I was feeling really relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the party.
    I went online and bought a bottle for myself and another for my daughter.
    Just now I placed another order for 3 bottles that I’m giving as Christmas gifts.

  48. Helen B.

    Got these on special today and saved some dough. Good deal on cbd gummies.

  49. Judas F.

    Great price! I just placed an order for these at 15% off.

  50. KC

    Yes! Just got these on sale for $119. Thanks Hemp Bombs.

  51. LETY L

    Bought regular strength Gummies first go round and they seemed to have helped somewhat alleviate some of my wife’s Rheumatoid arthritis pain and helped her sleep a bit more comfortably. The Relaxation Syrup (2 cap fulls) taken together with 1 Gummy did her in for the night. Bad thing is once awoken, pain all over again! She has to be alert at work so hesitates to take any Hemp Bombs products during her shift. We are working her up to it though.

  52. Judah

    There’s a noticeable difference between these and the regular potency. The extra 10mg per gummy is worth it!

  53. Benny S.

    Just ordered another bottle of these. My wife is blowing through them. She is sleeping better than ever though so I am all for it.

  54. Kinsley

    Gave out these high potency gummies at my girlfriend’s birthday party and they were a huge hit!
    I’m sure some of them will be buying your gummies now.

  55. Latrice W.

    I switched from the 30 count to the 60 count high potency and thought it was a good move. I’ll give it some time to see how this works out.

  56. Maria G.

    Oh boy! My extra strength Gummies are awesome. Thanks!

  57. Judy A.

    My gummies arrived today and I jumped right in on them. These are terrific and I feel great!

  58. Monica C.

    I’m really glad you started offering these in the higher strength. They’re my favorite Hemp Bombs item.

  59. Yoli J

    Bought the high potency gummies the day they came out, along with watermelon flavored vape. I like them both a lot.

  60. Andrew P

    These are just what I needed. Thanks.

  61. Patty K

    Love these super potency gummies! Do you have a subscription program? I couldn’t find it. If not you should.

  62. Mike H

    I was steered to these higher potency gummies by the customer service person and I thought ,,yeah, right, anything to get more money! But I tried them and I am only taking one instead of two so the bottle lasts me longer. So, I take back all the rotten things I was saying about you trying to get me for more money! Haha!



  64. Valerie S

    Great addition to your product line! The new Gummies are fantastic.

  65. Darrell K

    Got off my pain meds thanks to these, couldn’t be a happier camper.

  66. Gino P

    Just wanna say your customer service dept. is really excellent and friendly.
    And not just good for a cbd company, for ANY company.
    I had an issue ordering and it was taken care of super quick.
    I even learned some things about cbd I didn’t know.
    Hemp Bombs is doing it right. Cool looking logo too.

  67. Charlotte D

    Hey I ordered these new stronger Gummy bears based on the 5 star reviews and they deliver. Very tasty and they work.

  68. Tish F

    Our bottle of the high potency gummies arrived yesterday. Thanks for the fast shipping! We tried them immediately and noticed the difference. Feeling great over here.

  69. Janet O.

    These little gummies are so delicious. Feel very relaxed on them. Not too much, just right. I’ll be buying more.

  70. Leslie A

    Are these the same exact Gummies with just more CBD? I ask because these taste sweeter than the old ones. I like them a lot.

  71. Brad W.

    Ok maybe it’s just me or I need to eat more than one at a time but I don’t feel high with these. NOTHING like smoking a joint.

  72. Jess D

    Great cbd product! Delicious and easy to chew. Will be buying more of these for sure.

  73. Gina R.

    I like that I can chew these and not have to worry about failing a random drug test at work.

  74. Laura W.

    In my opinion, I get more out of these high potency gummies than lower ones. I only take one at a time now. Used to take 2 to 3.

  75. Jimmy T.

    I was one of the people asking for stronger gummies. And you guys did it. I love ’em and don’t mind paying a little more.

  76. Janice H.

    I’ve been a long time hemp bombs gummie lover for a long time. I just bought the higher potency gummies and can’t wait to try them out since I usually chew up 3-4 at a time. Woo Hoo.

  77. Liam N

    I order a lot of various Hemp Bombs products all the time. I always add Gummies to the order. My wife LOVES them.

  78. Stacy V.

    We love your other Gummies and just bought these high potency gummies. Both me and my best friend both purchased a bottle. Curious to feel the difference.

  79. joseph h.

    So glad you guys came up with a higher dose Gummy. Can’t wait until my bottle comes in!

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