Five Benefits of Hemp CBD Bundles

Benefits of Hemp CBD Bundles

At Hemp Bombs, we are excited to offer a diverse line of premium CBD products. We’re experts at infusing a potent serving of our premium CBD into various forms, including oils, vape oils, gummies, capsules, syrups, topicals and more. Some of our customers have favorite products which have captured their full devotion. However, many of our customers simply can’t decide between our various CBD selections. That’s why we created our premium Hemp CBD Bundles.

Our four bundles each feature a variety of our premium CBD products to please the indecisive and CBD fanatics alike. We currently offer the following bundles –

Sample CBD BundleSmall sizes of our signature CBD products. Includes five-count CBD Gummies, five-count CBD Capsules, 1 oz CBD Pain Freeze, and 75mg CBD E-Liquid in Exotic Watermelon Kush flavor.

Edibles CBD BundleA collection of our four edible CBD products. Includes 100mg CBD Syrup, 15-count CBD Capsules, 15-count CBD Gummies and 300mg CBD Oil.

Premium CBD BundleA selection of some of our best sellers. Includes 15-count CBD Capsules, 300mg CBD Oil, 15-count CBD Gummies, 300mg CBD E-Liquid in Exotic Watermelon Kush Flavor, 4 oz CBD Pain Freeze, 75mg Max Chill Shot, 100mg CBD Syrup.

High Potency CBD BundleThe highest potency products we offer. Includes 60-count High Potency CBD Gummies, 4000mg CBD Oil, 200mg CBD Pain Freeze and 60-count High Potency CBD Capsules.

There are many benefits that come with bundling Hemp Bombs CBD products. Our bundles contain a diversity of products that each contain our signature CBD extract. Here are our top five reasons why we recommend our CBD Bundles:

Determine which product is right for you.

It’s important to understand that while often highly effective, CBD products affects everyone differently. For example, a product may make one person feel very relaxed and restful, but it may make someone else feel energized and lively. Our Hemp CBD Bundles allow you to try different forms of CBD products, so you can best determine which one is best for your specific needs.

Aside from figuring out which product makes you feel best, it’s also essential to find a product that you enjoy taking. Some people prefer to chew on our tasty gummies, and other would rather vape our delicious e-liquids to achieve the health benefits of CBD. If you prefer liquids, you may favor our syrups or chill shots. If you’re not sure which form of CBD is best to integrate best with your daily life, our Bundles can help you decide. You may even find that you enjoy multiple forms of CBD and you like to switch up your daily routine, or use different products depending on how you feel.

You can save money.

We price our Hemp CBD Bundles with cost savings in mind. We slash our Bundle prices, so you can buy multiple products at lower prices for the individual items. Here is the breakdown of cost savings for our four bundles:

Sample Bundle – $59.96 value for $49.99 = 17 percent savings
Edibles Bundle – $139.96 value for $99.99 = 29 percent savings
Premium Bundle – $254.99 value for $199.99 = 22 percent savings
High Potency Bundle – $620.00 value for $499.99 = 19 percent savings

We have a Hemp CBD bundle for every level of experience.

Hemp Bombs premium CBD Bundles are a popular choice for individuals with different levels of CBD experience.  Whether you take CBD regularly, or you are completely new to our products, we have a Bundle for virtually everyone. Here are our Bundle recommendations based on experience:

Sample Bundle – If you’re new to CBD, our Sample Hemp CBD Bundle is the perfect choice. You can try small quantities of our most popular products, including our best-selling CBD gummies. Affordably priced, you can feel how different CBD products make you feel with our Sample Bundle.

Edibles Bundle – Our Edibles Bundle is a good option for those who are new to CBD and/or for individuals who do not like vape or topical products. This Bundle features our four popular edible products totaling 850mg of our premium CBD extract. Our Edibles products are highly versatile and easy to incorporate into daily life.

Premium Bundle – If you have a no-nonsense approach to your health and you are interested in really expanding your CBD experience, try our Premium Bundle. This bundle features seven full-size CBD products so you can truly feel the benefits of each form of CBD. We also recommend our Premium CBD Bundle to those who appreciate variety and like to switch up their routine.

High Potency Bundle – For experienced CBD customers with high intake needs, we recommend our High Potency CBD Bundle. This selection features our largest quantity, highest potency CBD items. We include our signature 4000mg CBD Oil, which is one of the highest potency oils available on the market. With the products in this Hemp CBD Bundle, a little goes a long way and you can experience powerful relief.

Every bundle comes with freebies.

Each purchase at Hemp Bombs comes with a commitment to quality and excellent customer service. However, when you purchase a Hemp CBD Bundle, you also get a FREE pen. Sleek and reliable, our pens feature the stylish Hemp Bombs logo. We also include a FREE signature stress ball. We know our premium CBD products can help you feel relaxed and less stressed but having a squishy stress ball to play with helps too. True to our brand, our Hemp Bombs stress ball is shaped like a bomb.

It’s a good way to stock up.

We always stress that CBD is most effective for improving health when taken consistently and daily. If you order in small quantities, this may mean you need to stock up quite frequently. However, if you choose a Hemp CBD Bundle, you can order many products at once. Whether you want multiple samples or full-sized items, purchasing a CBD Bundle is a smart choice for stocking up on CBD. Our High Potency Bundle features a whopping total of 7200mg of CBD. Even for individuals who prefer a higher potency, this Bundle should last a very long time.

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