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Venture into any convenience store today and you’ll likely notice that they’ve become major locations for CBD retail. But, if you went up to someone five years ago and asked them what CBD was, they probably wouldn’t have an answer for you. Before the CBD craze began and this natural compound exploded in popularity, Hemp Bombs® was at the forefront of this new industry providing quality and affordable CBD products. Now, Hemp Bombs is recognized as the No. 1-selling CBD retailer in the convenience store space — and we have the data to prove it.

Hemp Bombs' Mission

Founded in 2016, Hemp Bombs positioned ourselves as your everyday CBD retailer. We recognized the potential benefits CBD had to offer, and we made it our mission to make the highest-quality products that were easily accessible and affordable. We set out to be different than all the other CBD brands by manufacturing and formulating our products in-house with the best CBD ingredients and committing fully to compliance and consistency. Over the years, we established long-lasting relationships with major retail and distributor partners to give you unparalleled access to our premium CBD products. Today, you can find Hemp Bombs in over 25,000 retail locations nationwide, including prominent c-stores such as Speedway, Circle K, Maverik, Rutter’s and more.

What Does The Data Say?

As a nationally recognized brand, we rely on accurate and factual data to understand if we are succeeding in the retail segment. We forged a partnership with SPINS, a leading wellness-focused data technology company that specializes in natural products. SPINS has given us access to unmatched point-of-sale data from central retail locations and convenience stores. Not only has this data allowed us to understand how we can better serve our customers, but it also has shown us where we are performing the best in the convenience sector.

Here are some the of key highlights SPINS’ data has shown us:

  • Hemp Bombs has been the No. 1-selling CBD brand in convenience stores for 37 consecutive months…and counting!
  • We hold 64% of the market share for CBD in the c-store sector
  • In 2020, Hemp Bombs sold 1.9 million units of CBD products
  • 737,000 more Hemp Bombs units were sold than ALL other competitors combined
  • Hemp Bombs had seven out of the top 10 best-selling products and 12 out of the top 20 products
  • The top 20 CBD products represent 84% of all CBD sales across all convenience stores
  • In 2020, Hemp Bombs gained 5% market share while our closest competitor lost 6% of market share
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies were the No. 1 overall product for c-store CBD products and 70% of all gummies sold in brick-and-mortar locations were sold in convenience stores

Why Is CBD Retail Data Important to Me?

Whether you purchase Hemp Bombs CBD online or in-store, we want you to know that you’re not merely selecting just another CBD product. And through our partnership with SPINS, the data confirms that a lot of CBD user like you are choosing us as the go-to CBD brand.

We recognized that 2020 was a challenging year for many of us, so we focused on giving you more. We completely revamped many customer-favorite products — including our CBD Gummies, CBD Oil and CBD Pain Freeze — to provide you with more options, more flavors, and more CBD for ultimately more value than ever before. With some of the lowest prices available, we allow everyone to feel the relief CBD has to offer.

This year, we are shifting our message to “CBD Done Right.” We want to continue to give you the utmost confidence in the products you love while providing unrivaled transparency. We proudly partner with experienced American farmers to source our CBD from U.S-grown Industrial Hemp. Additionally, not many companies, let alone CBD companies, can say they formulate, manufacture and lab test all of their products in-house. And there are many other reasons to choose Hemp Bombs as your premier CBD brand — from our potent formulations to our industry awards and recognition. We want you to know all the ways we are setting ourselves apart in the CBD industry as the top CBD manufacturer around.

When we say we’re your No. 1-trusted CBD retailer today and moving into the future, we mean it — and the numbers don’t lie.

If you're interested in how to become a CBD Oil retailer yourself, click the link to learn more!


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