High Potency CBD Capsules 30-Count

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Hemp Bombs 30-Count High Potency CBD Capsules offer a highly concentrated serving of CBD to make you more comfortable. This easily digestible capsule delivers long-lasting results and a daily wellness boost for your health. Take 1-2 capsules daily to start your day focused and relaxed.

Product Info
• 30 mg of CBD per capsule (750mg of CBD per bottle)
Tested by Independent Labs
• Less than 0.3% THC

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Hemp Bombs 30-Count High Potency CBD Capsules are a premium blend of Cannabidiol in an easily digestible capsule form. Our capsules provide you with a mix of premium ingredients and therapeutic benefits that may positively impact your health. Taken in the morning or at night, our CBD Capsules have the potential to promote a more positive lifestyle and boost your energy.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1-2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30 Capsules
Calcium Citrate 25mg
Magnesium Oxide 25mg
Premium Cannabidiol (CBD) 30mg
Proprietary Blend: L-Theanine, GABA
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin Capsule

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a natural compound extracted from Cannabis plants. At Hemp Bombs, we source our CBD from Industrial Hemp, a non-psychoactive Cannabis plant. CBD is sometimes called a “miracle compound” due to the way it interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The body’s ECS is made up of cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) and is positively influenced when CBD is absorbed and metabolized. Your ECS is responsible for regulating functions such as mood, pain, sleep, anxiety, and much more.

Are CBD Capsules Legal?

Yes, Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD Capsules are federally legal to sell, buy, and consume throughout the United States. Our premium CBD is sourced from Industrial Hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC – the legal limit. All our products undergo third-party lab tests to ensure they are potent and suitable for your overall health.

How Many CBD Capsules should I Take?

While CBD affects everyone differently, as Hemp Bombs we recommend taking 1-2 High Potency CBD Capsules daily to increase focus and overall wellness. Factors like age, gender, and weight will also play a role in how fast CBD metabolizes within your body.

Do CBD Capsules Get Me High?

No, Hemp Bombs 30-Count High Potency CBD Capsules will not get you high. Our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC – the active cannabinoid in marijuana responsible for intoxication. Consuming our CBD Capsules will produce a relaxing calm instead of a “high” that THC produces.

Why Hemp Bombs?

At Hemp Bombs, we provide the numerous benefits of the Hemp plant to you through superior CBD products. Our CBD is sourced from Industrial Hemp that is grown in soil free of any pesticides, chemicals, or any harmful contaminants. Besides our strict sourcing standards, we also have extensive quality control measures to ensure the quality of our products. We have third-party lab tests conducted to verify the quality of our CBD. Hemp Bombs is dedicated to bringing you one step closer to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

16 reviews for High Potency CBD Capsules 30-Count

  1. KathyProffitt

    Hello! I am so sorry! I will check into this immediately. At Hemp Bombs, we strive to maintain high quality and service standards. Although we pride ourselves in this commitment to customer satisfaction, we sometimes fall short of our expectations. We would never knowingly disappoint a valued customer! I want to try to get this straightened out for you today as we will be out for the next 5 calendar days. We will be back on Monday December 30th. I will make sure that you are taken care of! I tried to look up your order with your email and I cannot find an order. Can you call me directly at 800-589-9098 ext 1119? You should always be able to count on us for an awesome product and great service that you can depend on! I am so sorry that we missed the mark on this but I can assure you that we will get it taken care of. But I will need the correct name that it was ordered under, an email address or order number. I am waiting for your reply.

  2. Ms. PAulson

    HempBombs website is a SCAM!! I made a purchase a month ago; it was never delivered, and no response contacting them.
    RIP-OFF artists!!

    • KathyProffitt

      Ms Paulson, I have just sent a reply to your previous review. I am so sorry that you did not get a response or reply! I can assure you that I will be able to take care of your delivery issue. We want you to be able to count on us for a great product and great service. We are so sorry that we fell short of that mark! I cannot find an order under this name or email. So can you call me directly at 800-589-9098 ext 1119. My name is Kathy. I will make sure that you are taken care of! However, with it being the holidays, we are going to be out of the office until Monday December 30th. So If I do not hear from you today, please call me on Monday after Christmas. I will make sure that we get your issue straightened out!

  3. brentarnold76

    I have taken Xanax (Alprazolam) for 20+ years with unbearable side effects. Now I take two Hemp Bomb High Potency capsules and feel great. Thank you so much Hemp Bomb for this genuine product that really works!

    • KathyProffitt

      Thank YOU, Brent, for letting us know your experience. And thank you also, because so many people want to try it or maybe are on the fence, and they see your testimony and decide to try..

  4. Jan

    Please please please do you give a senior discount or coupons or anything whatsoever that can cut down the cost of your high potency capsules as I really must have them for sleep, but at 75 and on a fixed income I am finding myself unable to afford anymore

    • Kathy Proffitt

      Hi Jan!
      Yes, we do have a senior discount code. You can sign up for it on our website. Just scroll to the bottom of the home page and look for senior discount. Its really easy to do.
      Plus, we have a daily special posted on our website’s homepage as well. It changes everyday, so if the HP capsules are featured, act fast! You can also use your senior discount
      code on top of that daily special.
      Plus, join our newsletter and you will get emails regularly. When we send out a good coupon to our regular customers via email, you will be sure to get it. But, again, ACT FAST,
      because the coupons are good for only a very short time.
      I hope this helps, but you can always call our customer service line if you have any more questions or if you need help. 800-589-9098

  5. Gwen

    Its a joy to talk to your customer service people. They always find a way to help me.

  6. Henry

    I wanted to place an order so I called and they said they couldnt do it for me. but they did some kind of bill and emailed it to me and helped me get it done. thank you

  7. Jenna

    I just dont understand why cbd costs so much. My insurance doesnt cover it so it is cheaper for me to just get my pain pills. i would love to take this instead of the pain pills cause they make me feel wierd.

  8. Brenda Chandler

    I have PTSD and extreme anxiety. Thank you for the military discount.

  9. Jerry Street

    These capsules are very good. But I have to take two.

  10. Brian Vries

    I bought a 5 pack of these high potency capsules and took them home for my mom. She has bad arthritis and her fingers are knotted all up. She took one of these last night and she was almost crying after about 30 minutes. We couldnt believe that it worked so good.

  11. Donna Shipman

    I wanted you to know that I was able to get off the hydrocodone pain pills after trying your product! Love you guys!

  12. Sharon Desmond

    I am glad that you finally have the high potency capsules in a smaller quantity. Now is there any way that you can lower your prices? I love your products but I am on a fixed income and it is very hard for me to come up with the money. Maybe if you could come up with a low income or disability discount!

  13. Melissa R

    These capsules are amazing! This is the first CBD brand that actually mellows me out without giving me a headache or making me feel irritable. I’m going through menopause so this review should speak volumes about this product.

  14. Helen Gonzales

    One of your customer service people wanted me to try these higher strength capsules. I have never done so because they were just too expensive. Now that you are offering them in a smaller amount, I will be buying some, with a coupon, of course. Your coupons have made purchasing your products much less painful for me, and I fully intend to try these now!

  15. Sandy Randall

    I just saw that yall added a bottle of the strong capsules in a smaller bottle. I am going to send some to my sister in virginia now. I have always wanted her to try them. They work real good for me.

  16. Gerilyn Crawford

    Yay!! Thank you thank you thank you Hemp Bombs! I couldnt get the high potency capsules before cause I couldnt afford the bottle of 60. Now I can and I ordered them today! I cant wait to try them! I will come back and let you know how they worked for me!

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