Holiday Gifts for Pets

Holiday CBD Gifts for Pets

Your furry friends are an important part of the family, so we know you’ll be putting a few things under the tree with their name on it. Let your best buddy unwrap relaxation and wellness this year with one of our holiday pet gifts. Just like how our CBD Gummies, CBD Oil and other premium CBD products offer a wealth of benefits to humans, the calming properties of CBD may reduce stress your pet experiences from travel, visitors, fireworks and more this holiday season.

Holiday Pet Bundle

Give your pet a gift that will benefit their overall wellness with our Holiday Pet Bundle. We offer a number of special holiday CBD bundles, and our holiday CBD Bundle for pets gives you enough product to make it through the entire holiday season at a price point you'll love.


What's in the Holiday Pet CBD Bundle?

  • (1) One 250 mg bottle of Pet CBD Oil - Chicken flavor
  • (2) Two packages of CBD Dog Chews (8 treats each)
  • 490 mg of premium CBD per Pet Bundle

Pet CBD Bundle

Retail Value: $59.97

On Sale: $49.99

Likely, your pet enjoys the holidays, which is understandable considering you’re home more, there’s delicious smells filling the house and possibly a new chew toy or two under the tree. However, there are also many hazards during the holidays and some situations that may make your pet uncomfortable like out-of-town visitors, long road trips and New Year’s Eve fireworks. Keep your pet safe and calm this holiday season with these tips and tricks from Hemp Bombs.

Planning Out Your Day:

1 hour before the gathering - Release your pet's energy with play time. This tires your pet out enough to keep them calm throughout the day and gives you some bonding time before you begin hosting.

30 minutes before guests arrive - Give your pet a serving of CBD Pet Oil about 30 minutes before guests arrives to keep them calm.

1 hour before the NYE Fireworks - Treat your good boy or girl with a CBD Dog Chew or sprinkle Pet CBD Oil onto a dry dog treat - this will help when the show begins and your guests get rowdy.

During the firework show - Put a CBD treat or other snack into a puzzle or food dispensing toy to keep your furry friend occupied.


Holiday Hazards for Pets

Holiday Decorations – Your curious pet may find himself a little too close to the tree, and send the whole thing tumbling down on himself. Set up a Christmas tree fence and keep alcohol and other party supplies out of reach.

Dehydration – During the swing of things, it’s easy to forget to refill your pet’s water bowl. Set alarms to check on your pupper throughout the day.

Fireworks – The explosions and chaos amid the New Year fireworks can make your pet extremely frightened. Keep your furry friend indoors and create a safe space with calming music for him or her.

Getting Lost – Remind your guests to close gates and doors behind them and keep your pet’s ID tag or microchip up to date.