CBD Oil & Pain Management

When it comes to pain management, there is often a choice between prescription pain killers, which are addictive and bring harsh side effects, and natural solutions that may not deliver effective relief. CBD oil provides the best of both worlds. As a plant-based supplement, CBD oil is a natural solution that offers powerful relief from bodily pain without addictive properties or harmful side effects. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is quickly gaining popularity as a “miracle product” by proving effective results for sufferers of arthritis, muscle aches, chronic pain and post-surgical complications. Many people who take CBD oil elect to stop using their prescription medications completely, but we don't suggest this without first talking to your doctor.

So how does it work? CBD is a prevalent compound in Cannabis plants that is known for its therapeutic qualities. CBD is different from its sister chemical THC because it does not have psychoactive properties, and therefore will not produce a “high.” CBD oil works as a complement to the body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for regulating functions in your body like sleep, mood, temperature, pain sensation and more. Working with the ECS, CBD oil relieves pain with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to calm the sense of pain in the body. When you take CBD, you may also feel your body relax into a state of calm.

Hemp Bombs’ premium CBD Oil contains no THC and it is derived from Industrial Hemp, making it federally legal and safe to take before a drug test. We source our CBD oil from organic-certified, superior quality Hemp to deliver a pure and potent dose of health benefits.

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