Do you perform your own manufacturing? 

Yes, Hemp Bombs performs the manufacturing of all our products in-house. In-house manufacturing gives is a few natural advantages, including:

  • Quick product turnaround and shipment 
  • Distributors don't have to over order - just request product as you need it 

What kind of margins can I expect to make on Hemp Bombs products? 

Hemp Bombs pricing is structured so that both distributors and stores can make high margins off of Hemp Bombs products. 

How do you help distributors build their territory? 

Hemp Bombs has a large network of businesses contacts including store owners, convenience stores, and smoke shops that we provide to our distributors. 

We also protect territories from over-saturation, so distributors will have plenty of opportunity to sell product. 

What kind of support do your provide distributors? 

Distributors can expect to work closely with with dedicated account managers. 

We also offer display kits, marketing materials, and other add-ons to help encourage store owners to purchase product. 

What can distributors expect for shipping? 

We offer our distributors all free shipping as a courtesy. 

Does Hemp Bombs have a pricing policy for its distributors? 

Yes, in order to protect the value of the product, Hemp Bombs has a strict pricing policy for both distributors and stores. 

We do this so we prevent a "race to the bottom" for pricing, which protects margins for our distributors and stores. 

Do you have a product guarantee of any kind? 

Yes, all Hemp Bombs products are fully guaranteed. If you don't like our product, we'll take it back. 

Are your products lab tested? 

Yes, all Hemp Bombs products are independently and professionally lab tested. We these reports in our wholesale section so distributors can easily access them. 

How do I get started as a distributor? 

If you are interested in working with Hemp Bombs as a distributor, fill out the form in our distributors section and one of our account managers will respond to you quickly.