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I have pain due to several surgeries on my knee and neuropathy that developed last year. I started using CBD Gummies first. I took one on a Saturday morning and slept for 6 hours with my family going about their lives & I woke up around 10:30 and got ready for bed and slept thru the night. I woke up refreshed. I am using the oil under my tongue every day so I can walk with little or no pain. Great stuff!!!! - Lisa Helm


The Pain Freeze took away the calf pain I get after long runs. I run marathons and my legs get thrashed while training. Normally they hurt for 1-2 days after those 20+ mile runs. I am seeing that not only is there less pain, but the pain doesn’t last nearly as long. Your CBD works. - Theodore Y 


I suffer from pain and fatigue. A friend gave me a 5 pack of the high potency capsules to try and I took them over the weekend. I started with one capsule and then went to two. I just bought a 60 count bottle. I have less pain, sleep at night, and I think more clearly. I am a fan! - Dotty Scudder