CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

Using Hemp plants for clothing, skin care products, and construction materials is not a new phenomenon. In recent years, Hemp has been growing more popular for its purported healing properties, especially because of a natural compound found in the plant. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound found in both Hemp and Marijuana plants. When used in its highest-quality form, people can experience the benefits of CBD without getting “high.” CBD Tincture is the simplest form of CBD and can provide long-lasting benefits when taken regularly. More people are turning to this “miracle compound” because of the role it may play in mental and physical health. From oils to gummies to capsules, CBD is revolutionizing the natural supplement industry.

What Is CBD Tincture?

Hemp Bombs CBD Tincture, also known as CBD Oil or Hemp Oil, is a combination of CBD, MCT Oil, and grapeseed oil. It is taken sublingually, or under the tongue. The tissues in that area make for easy absorption straight into the bloodstream. At Hemp Bombs, we use superior-grade Industrial Hemp to provide you with a quality product. Our extraction process creates extremely high-quality CBD. From this, we produce CBD Tincture free of harmful additives. All our CBD is tested by a third-party lab and the results are published so our customers know that they are getting the best product.

As the popularity of CBD Tincture grows, so do its uses and products. How we take CBD Tincture is evolving, and people are becoming more creative with how they get their daily serving. Recipes for CBD Tincture beverages, like lattes and cocktails, are popping up everywhere and making it easier to integrate this supplement into daily life.

Is CBD Tincture Intoxicating?

CBD Tincture will not cause you to feel intoxicated. The active ingredient in Marijuana that causes the “high” feeling is THC. While THC is also present in both Hemp and Marijuana plants, it is possible to extract CBD without also extracting THC. That's why Hemp Bombs is able to provide a federally legal product that contains less than 0.3% THC.

Benefits of CBD Tincture

The benefits of CBD can be tied to its interaction with the Endocannabinoid System. or ECS. The ECS regulates many bodily functions like sleep, pain, brain function, appetite and more. The body naturally produces endocannabinoids which interact with receptors located in the brain, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and GI tract. Although CBD does not bind directly with ECS cell receptors, it can aid in the reduction of negative issues and promote overall wellness.

There are several benefits associated with CBD usage, and that number will continue to grow as more studies are completed. For now, CBD continues to aid those looking for an increased quality of life and improved overall well-being.

Putting CBD Tincture to Best Use

Everyone responds to CBD differently, so it may take some time to determine the right amount to take. Hemp Bombs carries CBD Tincture in a range of potencies and flavors to better fit your needs. Fifteen to 30 milligrams of CBD Tincture daily is a starting recommendation; however, you can adjust your intake for maximum benefits. For best results, hold the CBD Tincture under the tongue for at least 15 seconds; this gives the product time to absorb properly. Regular use can have permanent healing benefits and promote health improvements across the board even in conjunction with a pre-existing daily regimen. If you have questions about how CBD Tincture fits into your current regimen, consult with your doctor to determine the right course of action. Our CBD Oil is just one way to get a daily amount of CBD, but there are products for every lifestyle, like CBD Gummies, CBD Topicals and more. Read more for help choosing the right product for you.


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