So ever since I had my son I've been experiencing a lot of lower back pain and aches etc and I've been living with it and dealing with it all these years along with anxiety and I've literally tried everything under the Sun to make these symptoms lessen and I have it until I found hemp bombs I also picked up the gummies along with the capsules and honestly they were just as good as the syrup does. 



Hi, welcome to my product review. Today we're going to be going over Hemp Bombs, a CBD product. They're 100% full-spectrum CBD for stress relief, extreme mood, and promotes pain relief. I'd like to start by saying that when I first started these products I was kind of skeptical and let me tell you they have completely changed my mind to the world of CBD.

The capsules have been great for me for right before bed for pain in my legs and my knees and also for my mood right before I go to bed as well. It's also been great to have a couple of these gummies first thing in the morning get my mood started in a great position. It also keeps me kind of level and you know without pain throughout most of the day. I've worked really hard I work in the shipyard so I do a lot of wear and tear on my body and it definitely has definitely helped play a part in trying to help with my recovery. Another thing they have is a super potent relaxing syrup.

It's almost like a cough syrup but it also is slightly stronger so it's a little more recommended for like right before bed but let me tell you if you got a sore neck or pain in your leg yeah right before you go to bed if you take a tablespoon of this a nice glass of water you're more likely gonna have a lot less pain first thing in the morning when you wake up or before you end up going to sleep.

They work really fast. I can't say enough good things about these products they just have changed my life as far as the way of CBD products in the way that they can be used. They also have a lot of different CBD products - they have vape juice, they have regular capsules, powder. I thoroughly recommend you guys go and check these guys out of Hemp Bombs. 



Hi everybody, my name is Sharon and I just got out of my doctor's office and I am so excited. I know I'm still sitting in my car but I just couldn't wait until I got home to make this video. I've been taking CBD for approximately four or five months and I just went in and like I said I went to the doctor.

I just had my checkup he is so happy and so proud that I have been taking the CBD. I no longer am on anxiety medication; I'm no longer depressants or I should say antidepressants; I do not need cortisone shots of my knees anymore which I was having to get once a month because I have degenerative - not degenerative - but I have no meniscus in either knees so I'm bone on bone and I don't feel it anymore. It's gone my hands I don't feel any arthritis in my hands any longer. I'm off of all pain medication.

The only thing I take if I get a headache or something like that it's all taking Ibuprofen but I just wanted to let everybody know the miracles of CBD - it works. I can tell the difference because there's been times when I stopped taking it for whatever reason I don't know and the difference in my body is unbelievable and I'm 71 years old. It has also really changed my skin. I was just one whole mass of wrinkles. I still have some wrinkles which hey you know that's history and you're gonna get them I don't care how old you are but I just wanted to let you know that the CBD is more than worth getting and it's gonna help you tremendously.

Check it out. Go online and you can find out all the different areas in your life in your body that it can change and you will be absolutely amazed as I was after I started taking it. So with that said, I just had to let everybody know because I am really excited about this so until next time. I will talk to you later. My name is Sharon and I'm sure you'll be seeing me again after my next doctor's visit. 



Hi, my name is Alicia Porras and I'm from Fresno California. As a college student with anxiety, I've looked for natural solutions to dealing with it and the best solution I found by far is Hemp Bombs. Not only has Hemp Bombs helped me but it has significantly helped my mom who deals with Fibromyalgia, meaning she has constant chronic pain. Now my mom is actually able to get a good night's rest and do things she wasn't able to do before. If you're looking for a natural solution for any form of pain or any type of solution I highly recommend Hemp Bombs. 

(Alicia Porras)


Hello, my name is Cathy Heron and I am 64 years old. I take CBD Oil from Hemp Bombs. I have no Sciatic pain; I have no knee pain; I have no shoulder pain. I also am diabetic and I have COPD. I was on oxygen for the last two years. Two months ago after taking the CBD Oil I am no longer on oxygen and my sugar level my a1c is six point seven so my diabetes is under control.

I also no longer take antidepressant or anti-anxiety medicine and that's because of the CBD Oil. It calms me down; it relaxes me; it also gives me energy. I get up in the morning and I want to do things and I am busy and very active. I love CBD. Thank you very much Hemp Bombs you have saved my life.

(Cathy Heron)


I'm Matt and I wanted to give my testimonial about the CBD Vape Juice from Hemp Bombs. It's amazing; it keeps me calm; my anxieties a lot less. I can actually get out of the house. I just puff on it a little bit it tastes great, witha lot of clouds. I've noticed an increase in me being able to leave the house, carry on conversations with people a lot more, and I'm able to interact with people a lot easier. Hemp Bombs definitely mellowed my mood out. I'm on mood stabilizers and it actually helps with the mood stabilizers. This is just my testimony of myself, my personal experience with Hemp Bombs. I would love to hear what anybody else has had. Thank you. 


16 thoughts on “CBD REVIEWS -Testimonials

  1. Belle D. Reply

    Hi! Mom here, everyone knows that its hard to raise a child you cannot watch them grow all the time because you are busy working for them. I have a son he is turning 19 this July and I am afraid that every time i talk to him he is not in his mind and he smells weed. I ask my co mom friends if why he’s acting like that, and one of my friends told me that maybe he is using marijuana because his daughter used it also. She understands why her daughter used it. So iam afraid to ask my son if he uses it and iam a little bit confused. So, upon browsing, i read this https://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com/blogs/marijuana-news/how-do-you-tell-if-a-person-is-stoned that his signs are more obvious than a normal kid. I don’t know what will I do about this. Can someone help me?

  2. April M. Reply

    I am 34 yrs old. I live with 2 chronic pain diseases, as well as 4 other conditions that cause chronic pain, on top of ptsd and other anxieties. I have been using my Crisp Honeydew Melon CBD ejuice for 1 day and i have felt better all day than i have in years. I cant wait to try other flavors and products. Thank you.

  3. cortnicravey15 Reply

    I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as a juvenile. I was averaging at best 3 hours of sleep a night(not consecutively) and spending around $200 for each of my prescriptions each month that were providing little to no relief. Last year I decided to change jobs, which meant having no insurance during that change. I was unable to afford my medications and finally decided to give CBD a try. I first tried the Hemp Bomb capsules, which ended up being a life changer for me. I was absolutely amazed with how a couple of capsules could provide so much relief. I not only slept for 6 hours STRAIGHT, but when I woke up my inflammation was the best it has been in years! Usually I wake up because of the inflammation being so severe and painful, and it takes about an hour or longer to decrease the inflammation to a point I can actually get ready for work, meaning I wake up no less than 3 hours prior to having to be there. After having 6hrs of sleep and minimal inflammation, I went into work and had more energy than I have had in years!!!! Not only that, I no longer have to get up at 4am to start getting ready! This may not seem like much to some people but after years of this, my body was exhausted and I was starting to give up. I then tried the gummies and was more than pleased with them also! My local smoke shops do not carry Hemp Bomb brand products unfortunately, so I ended up trying several different CBD brand. When I say I was more than displeased that is an understatement.

    No other CBD brand so far has met my Hemp Bomb standards. I am forever sold on Hemp Bombs! Thank you for opening my eyes and truly changing my life!!! It has changed my view so much that I spoke with the Neurologist I work for about it and have even changed his views. We now recommend Hemp Bomb CBD products to our patients that have seizures, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and all other disorders that we treat. I even had a Parkinson’s patient try this and it was mind blowing the positive affects CBD has had for him. He was not tolerating medications that are typically prescribed. Unfortunately these medications tend to increase symptoms of day & night confusion and increased hallucinations, which can be extremely scary for the elderly.

    I cannot express this enough, but Hemp Bomb products have not only changed my life but my patient’s lives! Thank you HEMP BOMBS!!!! I just ordered a bundle pack to expand my product knowledge and definitely looking forward to the CBD shot that you have available!

    • HB Admin Reply

      That’s great to hear. We’re so glad our products are working well for you!

  4. Ray Reply

    I have pain in shoulder and hands and feet. doctors meds don’t help and I also have diabetes thanks to agent Orange in Nam 67-68. can’t sleep at night do have have some thing that would help me, please know ASAP

  5. Jess S Reply

    i can’t say enough about how great the “CBD’ GUMMIES ” are.
    i have Restless Leg Syndrome and have lost many nights sleep.
    but now i found the cure, CBD GUMMIES!!!

  6. doc529 Reply

    My wife and I both suffer from arthritus with joint and muscle related pain. We vape Hemp Bomb products and have found relief from the pain associated with this condition. We have been perscribed various pharma scripts by our Doctors and have found out that the side effects associated with these medications are not worth the added stress on our bodies. The natural relief found in CBD products do not have any nasty side effects, and works much faster and lasts longer than perscription medications. We suffer less, and have much better restful sleep, and don’t have to get up at night to take medications on a schecule. Thank God for a natural pain relief, and Hemp Bombs for their products.

  7. Melissa W. Reply

    I cannot say enough of good things about the Hemp Bombs products or the amazing customer service their company has! (I’m especially looking at you, Kathy!) I honestly think if everyone in the world took this 100% legal product that we could end a lot of violence and misery in the world. I left this message on their Facebook page as well. I have been diagnosed with a myriad of serious health conditions, and hemp bombs not only help me get by, but they enable me to focus and enjoy life, which I was previously unable to do. Do yourself a favor and try these…even my doctor approves of me taking them. They are completely legal and safe!

  8. Larry Carvell Reply

    I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Depression for almost 10 years. Chronic pain from all over my body, chronic fatigue, flu-like symptoms every minute of every day. I dreaded waking up in the morning. Life was difficult, empty, and hopeless. I tried every horrible chemical that the doctors and pharmaceutical companies had to offer, and nothing worked. Three weeks ago, a new doctor suggested CBD, so I tried some gummies. They helped me sleep better, and I didn’t have to take Ambien anymore. When I told my doctor, he advised me to try the oil because it was more potent. I was skeptical, but I tried some Hemp Bombs CBD Oil. I WAS STUNNED. My pain and my depression went away within half an hour. I didn’t even know how to act without pain coming from all over my body. I have been taking the oil for about 3 weeks. All the symptoms of my illness are gone. I am extremely angry at the medical/pharmaceutical industry for giving me dangerous, expensive drugs all these years. I could have been living a more normal life by using a simple, inexpensive remedy from nature. I tried some other CBD products, but Hemp Bombs has worked the best for me. I thank God every day that I found CBD. -Larry Carvell Dickson, TN

  9. Trish Reply

    Just got my hemp bombs vape vanilla cupcake in the mail yesterday. I struggle with anxiety and insomnia.. Wow! Not only did it relieve my anxiety but it relaxed the hell out of me! Vaped it before bedtime, actually dozed off into a sleep like a normal sleeper… I love this product and the taste is delicious and I’ve tried other brands.. Just got yourselves a new loyal customer.. Thank you!

  10. Mary T Reply

    I would like to try CBD oil as I live with chronic pain. However, it is an investment. Wondering if you have a trial coupon for first time purchase? I’m interested in the 1000-2000mg oil. Thank you.

  11. hotcinnamon007 Reply

    This is a natural, beautiful option for us that deal with anxiety and depression, plus pain relief… Vaping on Exotic Watermelon Kush as I type ????…

    Thank you Hemp Bombs

    Done with the anti-anxiety and pain meds????

  12. LIsa R. Reply

    Wish the capsules weren’t so expensive. I wouldn’t have tried it if you didn’t have the coupon.

  13. Jonathon Reply

    I am trying the watermelon vape liquid. It tastes great. Not sure that it makes me feel any different than regular vapes yet, but I just started. Will definitely keep you posted!

  14. Donna K Reply

    I was having trouble with depression and didn’t want to take the anti depressants with all the side effects. So I thought I would just try this. Within a week I was feeling more relaxed. I don’t feel so wound up. I really think this is gonna be the ticket.

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