Become a CBD Affiliate


Why Become a Hemp Bombs Affiliate?

As a partner with Hemp Bombs and our top CBD affiliate program, you'll enjoy a number of impressive benefits:

  • Earn Great Commissions (10-20% Starting)
  • Great Eye-Catching Products
  • High Converting Website
  • Trusted By Major Brands
  • Intuitive Affiliate Interface
  • 30-Day Cookies
  • Full-time Affiliate Management



After you apply, our affiliate management team will review your application. They will decide what commission rate to place you at between 10% and 20% depending on factors like traffic and authority. During the onboarding process, affiliates will be informed about their commission rate.

You will be paid through our affiliate platform, Impact Radius, which can be linked to a bank account.

We run our affiliate program through Impact Radius.

This program operates in the same way that other affiliates programs do by placing cookies in visitors’ browsers. Once a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to our website, a cookie is automatically placed in their computer. This cookie can track things like IP Address, Website Duration, and Conversion. For more information on cookies, see this explanation.

As the Publisher, Hemp Bombs has control over cookie expiration. While some companies like Amazon have cookies that expire with 24 hours, we are generously giving a 30 day window to track affiliate conversions. What this means is, if a user clicks on an affiliate link and purchases with Hemp Bombs within 30 days, we pay the Affiliate a commission.

You will receive a notification about your Affiliate status via the email you registered with.

  • High trust and authority websites
  • An active audience
  • Relevance to our product
  • High Traffic
  • Fresh Content

If you need to resize an image to fit your website, you can request one by contacting us with your dimensions and we will create the text code to you for you to place in your website.