Become a CBD Affiliate

Why Become a Hemp Bombs Affiliate?

• Earn Great Commissions (25%)
• Great Eye-Catching Products
• Get into a Fast Growing Industry
• 90 day cookies
• Intuitive Affiliate Interface
• Quick Payouts
• Responsive Support
• Paypal Compatibility


1) Apply

Read this page and click the login/register button at the bottom. You will be redirected to our "Affiliate Area" where you can fill out a form with your personal information, website, and payment information (Paypal email).

2) Review

Once you have applied, Hemp Bombs will review your application to see if it is a good fit for our company.

3) Notification

If Hemp Bombs approves your application, you will receive a custom email sent to the email listed in your application notifying you of the approval. A link will be included in your email directing you to the affiliate area where you can use your affiliate credentials (username/password) to login to your affiliate account.

4) Affiliate aREA

After using your credentials to log into your affiliate account, you will have access to the affiliate area, where you will see:

  • Statistics
  • Graphs
  • Referrals
  • Payouts
  • Visits
  • Creatives (Banner Ads, etc...)

The affiliate area is where you will have access to all the information you need as a Hemp Bombs affiliate. This area will be where you can track visits, sales, and payouts that your affiliate links generate.

5) Referral URL Generator 

In the affiliate area, you will see a section labelled "Referral URL Generator," with two boxes, "Page URL" and "Campaign Name." This is the section where you will generate your unique affiliate links to place on your website to send traffic to Hemp Bombs. You can "Generate URL's" and link to any page on the Hemp Bombs website, although we recommend to the home page or shop pages. 

6) Tracking 

Once you have generated links or have selected banners from the "Creatives" section of the affiliate area and placed them on your website, cookies will be placed in the browsers of referral traffic for up to 90 days to track activity. That means, if a person visits Hemp Bombs through one of your links or banners, you will receive commission for any purchases that occur within 90 days of their first visit. 

7) Payment 

At this time, Hemp Bombs' Affiliate Program only offers payment through PayPal emails. Make sure if your contact email is separate from your PayPal payment email, you specify that during the application process. You will be able to monitor your payments in the affiliate area. 

Hemp Bombs will issue all payments to PayPal accounts every Friday by 12 noon EST. 



What is CBD Affiliate Marketing?

 1) Make easy money 

As an affiliate marketer, you leverage your personal audience - on YouTube, social media, website or blog - to send traffic to Hemp Bombs and collect commissions. If any of your audience members visit Hemp Bombs through your affiliate links, you will collect 25% on any purchases they make. 

2) be hands-off

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you're only responsible for maximizing the relevant traffic you send to Hemp Bombs. We'll take care of the manufacturing, shipping, and customer service. 

3) focus on your audience 

As an affiliate marketer, the way you earn the most money is by sending over traffic with high volume and relevancy. By that, we mean you should send as many people to your affiliate partner as possible that would likely be interested in the product being sold. Good affiliate marketers know this and make good money by focusing on their audience. 



Introducing "Your Affiliates" and Tier Payments


As an affiliate of Hemp Bombs, you can not only get paid for your own referrals but also the referrals created within your "network." Your network is the group of affiliates that sign up with Hemp Bombs though your affiliate links. 

 2) tiered payments 

If affiliates sign up through your links, you will receive "tiered" payments for all of the sales they generate. Right now, affiliates receive a 25% commission for direct sales through their links and and 5% through sales from their referred affiliates. 

 3) sources of income

This creates more potential sources of income for affiliates working with Hemp Bombs. As an affiliate, you can focus on building your own audience and "network" of affiliates at the same time. 

Affiliate Resources