Payment Terms

As a leading CBD affiliate program, we are fully committed to our partners and to the continued improvement of our program. From our first referral to the last, the affiliate program has continued to be tweaked and added to for the benefit of all stakeholders. As a part of this evolution, we have become much stricter about who we accept as affiliates, regulation, and payments. We have had to deactivate affiliates for their violation of our Terms and Conditions, something we take very seriously.

The purpose of this statement is to reinforce the importance of compliance with our terms and conditions, and to inform affiliates about a new payment model that we are implementing. Currently, our standard terms are 20% commissions and 30 day cookies unless a separate arrangement has been made. In these terms, we reward all affiliate practices in the same way. While this policy worked for our program in the beginning, it is no longer in our best interest to maintain this policy moving forward. Our new payment model will award payment depending on promotional method.

This new policy affects coupon sites most. In our new model, all websites who practice coupon-first affiliate marketing will be paid 10% commissions on all referrals, instead of 20%. Of course, any affiliates who are performing pay-per-click advertising with branded terms - “Hemp Bombs coupons, etc…” must cease activity immediately or be deactivated (outstanding payments will not be paid). This policy applies to any website, not just coupon aggregation websites.

If we determine that your referrals are coming from a coupon page (even if you are a blog or other website), we reserve the right to drop your commissions to 10%. To clarify, take a look at the graphic for more information on payments below.

payment terms graphic pyramid

As we stated earlier, we believe this policy is best for all stakeholders involved in the Hemp Bombs Affiliate Program. Our hope is to reward different affiliate activities based on the value they create to the consumer. Now, hard-earned referral traffic that provide consumers real value will be compensated with the highest commissions.