CBD Wholesale Hemp Bombs

In-house Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing
Hemp Bombs has complete control over manufacturing and can meet the distributor’s needs in a timely fashion. Distributors don’t have to over order - we will provide you with product as you need it.

FASTFree Shipping


To add more value for our distributors, we include free shipping on all distributor orders. Our shipping team has a quick turnaround time and prioritizes getting packages to you ASAP. You can expect no lag times for product shipment.
Distributor Support

Distributor Support

Hemp Bombs has strong relationships with its distributors, with full in-house teams dedicated to customer service, product marketing, and product shipment and fulfillment. 
Fully Lab Tested
Fully tested by third party laboratories
All Hemp Bombs products are certified by third-party lab tested professionals. Our CBD is sourced from Industrial Hemp and contains less than 0.3 percent THC.
Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

All of Hemp Bombs product come with a satisfaction guarantee. If our products don’t meet the expectations of our distributors, we’ll take them back.
Large Consumer Market

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Hemp Bombs is a well-known brand in the CBD industry, giving you an advantage when selling to retailers. Our high-quality and effective products will keep your audience coming back.
Building Your Territory
Hemp Bombs regularly provides local leads from store owners, gas stations, and other retailers to our network of distributors. Hemp Bombs protects distributor territories against saturation. Hemp Bombs products have proven successful in different storefronts - convenient stores, smokes shops, novelty stores, and more.