Vape of the Month

CBD E-Juice by Month

Each month has unique holidays and celebrations, and you probably have a favorite. Your cherished time of the year coming to an end can leave you in a slump. Hemp Bombs currently has 13 unique CBD E-Juice flavors to choose from. Have you ever wondered which of our vape liquids best represent your favorite month? Read below to find out which CBD Vape Juice flavor that perfectly embodies your favorite month of the year.

Bomb logo icon January - Arctic Spearmint Blast

Ringing in a new year gives you a fresh start to take on new adventures and focus on different opportunities. Refresh your year with Arctic Spearmint Blast which leaves you feeling ready to take on the world.

Bomb logo icon February - Farm Fresh Strawberry Milk

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this CBD E-juice when it comes to the month of love. Be reminded of the chocolate covered strawberries and sweetness of that special someone with Farm Fresh Strawberry Milk.

Bomb logo icon March - Sweet Mango Seduction

Spring has sprung. Enjoy a warm, spring day with our Sweet Mango Seduction vape juice which will remind you of a refreshing fruit smoothie.

Bomb logo icon April - Crisp Honeydew Melon

Crisp Honeydew Melon is like a fresh, April shower. This light flavor makes the cool Spring days feel even calmer.

Bomb logo icon May - Wild Blueberry Jam

April showers bring May wildflowers. Wild Blueberry Jam tastes like an afternoon spent picking blueberries in the fields with your family.

Bomb logo icon June - Crushed Pineapple Paradise

It may be summer, but chances are you’re not on vacation. Crushed Pineapple Paradise CBD E-Juice takes you to your own tropical utopia, reducing your stress and helping you relax.

Bomb logo icon July - Exotic Watermelon Kush

Hot summer days filled with cookouts and fireworks stay on your mind, so this one’s for you. Experience the fun times all over again with Exotic Watermelon Kush – it’s just like a picnic but without the sticky fingers.

Bomb logo icon August - Glazed Chocolate Donut

The vacation is over, and you’re headed back to the office. Start your day right with Glazed Chocolate Donut vape juice. This flavor allows you to revel in those last moments of summer while buckling down with your morning routine.

Bomb logo icon September - Vanilla Cupcake Swirl

September is a classic month marked by the start of a time-honored sport – football. The timeless Vanilla Cupcake Swirl flavor will make watching the game so much sweeter.

Bomb logo icon October - Whipped Marshmallow Dream

The crackling of bonfires and crunching of fallen leaves signals the start of this spooky month. Hang on to the season of s’mores and more with our Whipped Marshmallow Dream CBD E-juice.

Bomb logo icon November - Roasted Colombian Coffee

Sharing the holidays over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate warms you up during the fall. But when you need a reminder of spending time with your family during Thanksgiving, one puff of Roasted Colombian Coffee CBD E-juice is there to jog your memory.

Bomb logo icon December - Sugar Cookie Kryptonite

Nothing compares to closing out the year by baking cookies and watching holiday movies with friends and family. Sugar Cookie Kryptonite CBD E-juice makes it feel like December year-round.

Regardless of the season, Hemp Bombs CBD E-Juice delivers delicious flavor with maximum cloud production, and we’re always working on new vape flavors for you to enjoy. Each vape juice is packed with a serving of CBD which encourages complete relaxation and anxiety relief. Buy CBD Vape in your favorite flavor today and start puffing your way to supreme relaxation. Do you prefer a different flavor during your favorite month? Join our Facebook community and let us know.

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