Tips for Finding the Best CBD Affiliate Programs

Perhaps you have browsed our website and seen our affiliate program or heard of affiliate marketing through channels like Youtube. However, you might only have a basic understanding of affiliate marketing or may be having some difficulty finding the best CBD affiliate program to work with. In this article, we’ll provide some criteria to help you find the best CBD affiliate program.

Potential Earnings

We’re not going to pretend like money isn’t the reason you’re interested in the world of affiliate marketing. Typically, the main way to evaluate an affiliate program is by its commission rate. The commission rate is the percentage of a sale the affiliate earns. For example, the Hemp Bombs CBD Affiliate Program has a competitive commission rate of 25%, with room to grow. As a Hemp Bombs affiliate, you would earn $25 for every $100 in sales.

While commission rate is important, it’s not the only consideration when you’re trying to find highest potential earnings and the best cbd affiliate program. Hemp Bombs also has a feature where you can receive credit for an affiliates you might refer to us, making an added commission.

In this case, you will receive a cut of all the other affiliates’ earnings that you refer to us, similar to the Multi Level Marketing model. This way, you can cast a much wider net as an affiliate, and take advantage of a wider audience than your own.


When you choose an affiliate program, it’s important to know how in-depth a program is. Is it a basic program where you generate one text link and hope for the best?


Here’s a list of common resources you’ll find in the best affiliate programs:

• Creatives (Banners, Images, etc…)
• Text Links
• Coupons
• Dashboard/Statistics
• Tutorials/ How to videos
• Referral Bonuses, etc..
• Informational Content - Blogs, etc…

With Hemp Bombs’ affiliate program, we provide video tutorials, informational blogs (like this one), and have banners and graphics to use as visual assets as an affiliate.

As we mentioned in the paragraph before, we also have a Multi Level system where affiliates can be rewarded for referring other affiliates. That’s just another example of how our affiliate program has many functionalities.

Cookie Duration

No, not those cookies. We’re talking about the kind that your internet browser uses to keep track of your search history. Think of cookies as “shortcuts” that limit that limit the amount of information your server/page has to load when you visit a website. The more information your browser “remembers,” the less it has to load. These cookies come in handy for affiliate marketing.

Cookies are the tracking devices that allow affiliate marketing programs to credit affiliates with referrals. However, cookies also expire.

For affiliates, you want the longest expiration window possible. Many affiliate managers, like Amazon, have fast cookie expiration. This means that you will only be credited with sales and referrals for a short amount of time.

The best CBD Affiliate Programs, like Hemp Bombs, give their affiliates longer expiration dates (90 days) to receive credit for referred orders.

Inside the Numbers

While there are many statistics that affect affiliates, two of the most important are average order value and conversion rate.

Average order rate is important because it tells an affiliate the average value of each successful referral. Hemp Bombs’ average order is around $80 at the time of writing, which means that an affiliate makes on average of $20 per referral.

Which brings us to our next point, conversion rate. Conversion rate is simply a metric to describe what percentage of referred visitors make purchases. Conversion rate can be found using the following formula:

Number of referred visitors making a purchase / total number of visitors

The higher the conversion rate, the better for the affiliate. In an ideal world, every visitor would make a purchase, with a 100% conversion rate. But we know that won’t be the case.

For reference, an average ecommerce conversion rate is somewhere between 2-3%, which means one out of every fifty or thirty visitors makes a purchase. Anything above 10% would be considered very strong.

Hemp Bombs’ current top affiliate is converting at around 40%, meaning almost ½ of visitors are making a purchase.

If we pair these statistic of average order value and conversion rate, our top affiliate makes $40 for every 5 visitors they send to the Hemp Bombs website.

The Best CBD Affiliate Program

Okay, so we’re a little biased. But we think we have a really great program. According to these real criteria, Hemp Bombs’ CBD Affiliate Program performs really well. When you factor in commission rate, resources, cookies, and data, it’s clear that Hemp Bombs has the best CBD Affiliate Marketing Program. If you’ve been convinced, visit our affiliate sign up page today.