Spice Up The Bedroom With CBD Pleasure Gel

Hemp Bombs Pleasure Gel to spice up the bedroom

If you aren’t using CBD for all your everyday activities, then you may need to catch up. From post-workout soreness to potential hangover remedy, CBD can positively impact multiple areas of your life –possibly even your sex life. Hemp Bombs After Hours Pleasure Gel has the potential to spice up the bedroom for you and your partner in a major way.

Why Do I Need Pleasure Gel?

During intimacy, your body should naturally produce lubrication. However, some people struggle to create enough moisture which can be extremely uncomfortable and stressful for both parties. Even more, excessive dryness causes friction which can increase the risk of STIs and the likelihood of broken condoms. The rubbing can also lead to pain and fissures, or tears in the lining of intimate cavities that cause bleeding and discomfort. Anatomical differences and lifestyle choices can all affect your ability to produce sufficient lubrication:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Peri- or Post-menopause
  • Medications (antihistamines, birth control, chemotherapy, ADHD medication)
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of arousal

Any of these factors can contribute to dryness in private regions, and you may need a little help to make intimacy more comfortable and enjoyable.


*Enter Hemp Bombs Pleasure Gel*

What Is Hemp Bombs After Hours Pleasure Gel?

Hemp Bombs Pleasure Gel is a CBD-infused, long-lasting gel that can help you achieve maximum pleasure with your partner. We could list all the reasons that you should be adding this to your intimate nights, and we will:

Water-Based - This water-based product mimics your body’s chemistry for a more natural feeling. The formula doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue like other intimate products.

Thick, Long-Lasting Formula - The thick formula reduces friction to increase endurance so that you and your partner can spice up the bedroom for longer, late night fun. Added moisture during intimacy allows for proper stretching and maintains the elasticity of intimate areas.

Safe - Unlike typical products that increase lubrication, our pleasure gel does not contain harmful chemicals or parabens. You don’t have to worry about glycerin in our products which makes you more susceptible for yeast infections, not to mention you may have to stop and reapply sooner.

Therapeutic Properties - CBD, or Cannabidiol, has many health and wellness properties that may help both during and after sex.

It can be hard to find new ways to spice up the bedroom with your significant other. Pleasure Gel can potentially raise sexual arousal and stimulate blood flow to intimate regions. Don’t let dryness and irritation ruin your time with your partner, shop our Pleasure Gel and experience the difference.


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