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    I like the product when I can get it. The first time I order it took 10 days to get my order. The second order got lost and I haven’t received it yet. I made an order 12 days ago this time. I am trying my darndest to get off opiates using CBDs. They are expensive but I have been trying but I can’t try when I don’t have them. I have been in so much pain is unbelievable. But like I said you like your product when I can get it. And I would like to try the oils. Everything cost so much.

  2. Brenda M. Reply

    I received my second order of your cbd gummies today, just in time too! I’ve been having problems with lower back pain, especially after a13 hour day at work! Took a couple of the gummies and an hour later the pain was gone!!! Thanks so much for such a helpful product!!!

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