CBD Oil for Cats


Keep your feline friend happy and healthy with Perfect Paws Hemp™ CBD Oil for cats. Formulated with natural salmon oil, this CBD Oil offers a hearty serving of essential omega-3 fatty acids and 200mg of premium CBD to support their overall wellness.

Product Info

• 30ml bottle of Salmon CBD Oil for Cats
• 200mg of CBD per bottle
• Specially formulated for cats
• Less than 0.3% THC
Third-Party Lab Tested
• Made in America – Visit Our CBD Facility

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CBD Oil for Cats

Serving Size: See Serving Guide for specific dosing instructions
Servings Per Bottle:
60 (based on ½ a dropper serving size)

Ingredients: Corn Oil, MCT Oil, Pure CBD, Salmon Oil, Salmon Flavor

What is CBD Oil for Cats?

CBD Oil for cats is specially crafted to deliver the wellness benefits of CBD to your feline friends. Each bottle of salmon-flavored oil features 200mg of premium CBD and essential omega-3 fatty acids from natural salmon oil. If you want to learn more, read our blog, “CBD Oil Guide for Cats.”

Why is CBD Oil good for my cat?

Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Oil may deliver a wealth of benefits to your cat, ranging from reduced stress to greater overall health. CBD Oil works with your cat’s Endocannabinoid System – a network comprised of endocannabinoids, receptors and enzymes that regulate appetite, mood, stress levels, sleep cycle, immune response and more. Adding CBD Oil to your cat’s daily routine may support the proper functioning of your cat’s ECS to improve their comfort, boost their well-being and encourage relaxation.

How much Cat CBD Oil should I give to my cat?

Our comprehensive serving guide gives you an educated recommendation based on your feline companion’s weight. Other factors that play a role in how fast and effective CBD will work for your cat include their age, metabolism and discomfort level. We recommend starting with a small serving size and gradually giving your feline friend more once they are comfortable with CBD Oil’s effects.

How do I administer CBD Oil for cats?

Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Cat Oil comes with an easy-to-use dropper that you can dispense under your cat’s tongue. If you have a hard time administering our CBD Oil to your cat sublingually, you can also add the desired amount to your pet’s food or water. Keep in mind that your pet may not finish their water or meal in one sitting which will impact their CBD intake.

Will CBD Oil get my cat high?

No, Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Cat Oil will not get your feline friend high. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and will not cause your companion to feel intoxicated. Instead, CBD carries calming properties that may encourage more comfort and an overall sense of calmness. All our CBD products for pets contain CBD extracted from American-grown Industrial Hemp with less than 0.3% THC – the federal legal limit for Hemp-derived products.

Why should I choose Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Cat Oil?

Perfect Paws Hemp for pets, the sister brand of Hemp Bombs®, is dedicated to providing your feline friend with the highest-quality CBD Oil for cats. In addition to our CBD OilCBD Gummies and other high-quality human CBD products, we’ve specially crafted a CBD Oil that caters to your cat’s health and wellness needs. Using natural ingredients, we formulate our CBD Oil for cats in-house in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure a safe and consistent product. We carefully lab test each batch of CBD Cat Oil in-house and through an ISO-certified third-party laboratory to certify the potency and ingredients meet our standards. We publish these results online for complete transparency. Providing your cat with safe, effective and reliable CBD Oil is our mission so that you have more time for wet kisses and playtime with your companion.