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Achieve a nourished and seriously handsome beard with Hemp Bombs signature CBD Beard Bundle. Experience true luxury with our CBD Beard Oil and our CBD Beard Balm, each with 25mg of premium CBD. Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Oil contains a blend of high-quality natural oils, for intense hydration and a silky-smooth finish. Sculpt your beard with our premium CBD Beard Balm, which is specifically formulated to help you groom and shape your beard with ease. Both products are blended with bourbon sandalwood oil for a subtle, masculine scent.

Product Info:
One 1 oz tin of CBD Beard Balm
One 15ml bottle of CBD Beard Oil
Tested by third-party labs:
Beard Oil
Beard Balm

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What are the benefits of Hemp Bombs CBD beard products?

CBD Beard Oil and CBD Beard Balm can provide a wealth of benefits for both the health and appearance of your beard. Benefits may include:

  • Minimized redness
  • Reduced irritation
  • Decreased “itchy” feeling
  • Softer, more nourished hair
  • Control of loose hairs
  • Many compliments on the masculine bourbon sandalwood scent of your beard
  • Managed beard that will not lose shape during manly activities
  • Making new friends because of the healthy and handsome appearance of your beard

What is CBD Beard Oil?

CBD Beard Oil is a handcrafted blend of natural oils, including our premium CBD Oil, designed specifically to promote the health and appearance of beards. This luxurious oil hydrates and maintains facial hair while leaving a silky texture and a masculine scent of bourbon sandalwood. CBD can help target redness, irritation and itchiness you may experience from shaving or beard grooming, so you can feel confident rocking a polished, controlled beard.

How do I use CBD Beard Oil?

Massage Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Oil into your beard immediately after showering or cleansing for maximum results. Use CBD Beard Oil to sculpt your beard and manage loose hairs. For redness or itching from shaving or trimming, rub CBD Beard Oil close to the skin. CBD Beard Oil is for topical use only.

What is CBD Beard Balm?

CBD Beard Balm is an all-in-one premium CBD product designed specifically for beard health and appearance. It allows you to sculpt your beard and control hairs while leaving a silky texture and the subtle, masculine scent of natural bourbon sandalwood. Premium CBD nourishes hair for a genuinely healthy and hydrated appearance, and it may also help minimize itch, discomfort and irritation. Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Balm is formulated with luxurious essential oils for natural nourishment.

How do I use CBD Beard Balm?

After showering or cleansing your beard, apply a small amount of Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Balm to your palms or fingertips. Run your hands through your beard and shape hair to your liking. For potential relief from irritation or redness, massage CBD Beard Balm closer to the skin. CBD Beard Balm is for topical use only.

20 reviews for CBD Beard Bundle

  1. Liam H.

    Christmas gift from my better half. She likes my beard but hates how rough it feels. She says the oil made the hairs feel less prickly. I’ll keep using it.

  2. Mason P.

    Made my beard look (appear) darker. And that’s good – because I’m in my 30s now and some gray is coming in. 🙁

  3. Eric P.

    The smell is light and pleasant in the oil. Using it every day and just ordered more.

  4. Mary A

    Placed an order for this beard oil bundle in hopes in makes it here by Christmas.

  5. Jon B

    No what I expected.

  6. David S

    Love, love Hemp bombs products. Trying this bundle for the first time, I do like the smell and how I can see and feel the softness coming through. Only issue is the oil makes it a little to shiny I feel. Yet, this is the first time I have used it.

  7. Yolanda S

    I got this for my dad and he just loves it, he said it feels so much better. My mother does to for the softness and smell.. ?

  8. Sergio L

    My beard is growing and smells good. Big thanks to olivia for helping me process this order.

  9. Joel F

    My partner and I both really loves it. I like that doesn’t have a strong fragrance. My beard is normally dry but this really moisturizes it. I’ll continue to order this because the price is sensational.

  10. Damion L

    this is perfect for rugged yet silky beards. i get so many compliments from men and women on my beard. i have tried different types of products but this stuff will seriously leave you with a shiny, healthy beard that smells good.

  11. Sav D

    I love the price of this bundle, you can’t beat it

  12. Travis H

    I love growing my beard at the end of summer but I can only take it so far because it gets so dry and itchy. I’m not crazy about oil but i tried this because i buy the capsules all the time. The oil and balm has been helping, it’s not too thick and it smells natural and not overbearing. I shaved my beard off but when i grow it again I’ll buy this bundle again.

  13. Alyson W

    Fast shipping. Awesome customer service. My dad loooves this stuff. Thanks a ton!!!!!!

  14. Noah J

    Truth be told, I’m not one to upkeep my beard but my girlfriend saw when you launched this product on IG so she ordered it for me. I really didn’t have a choice but to use it. I don’t like trying new things but I’m glad I took a chance with this. I like the smell, a bit strong for me but that’s because I usually don’t like things with smells. Fast shipping, I ordered Tuesday morning and got it by Friday. You guys rock!

  15. Isla O

    I bought this for an early birthday present for my uncle from your Labor Day sale. My uncle talks nonstop about this company so I wanted to buy something he didn’t try yet. So far this bundle has been taming the wild beast on his face. I’m sure he’ll continue to buy this bundle. ✌?✌?

  16. Arnold K.

    10/10 my beard has never felt better and it doesn’t irritate me throughout the day anymore.

  17. David Z.

    Brilliant products. I use the oil and balm every single day on my beard

  18. Jacob G.

    It does everything it said it would do. And smells good…not too strong… overall very happy with this.

  19. Arnold J.

    I like my CBD oil and I’m a fan of a quality beard oil. Excited to see hemp bombs now has CBD beard care.

  20. Felicia M.

    I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband. I’m not sure who loves it more – him or me! It really does make his beard look so healthy and good. I love the smell and how it makes his beard soft. 🙂

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